The mission of our AfterCare program is to provide a safe and caring environment for students to enjoy themselves, learn new skills and build community together. It is also a place for support for school, including a time when homework that would otherwise be done at home can be completed or started. Finally, it is an enrichment program designed to enhance skills, talents, crafts or hobbies that are extensions to the regular school curriculum.


AfterCare programs will include opportunities and classes that are both core and extracurricular. Core programs will be chosen and designed to involve inside and outside play-based skills. Enrichment programs will enhance students’ interests, skills, or abilities outside of regular curriculum offerings.

Provide a safe Environment for Kids

  • AfterCare providers will be properly trained and prepared for possible emergency situations according to state regulations.
  • Guidelines, rules and procedures will be posted and communication maintained between home and family
  • Kids will at all times be under adult supervision
  • Attendance procedures and sign-in/out logs will be maintained every day.

Provide Daily Enrichment Programs

  • Enrichment programs are designed to enhance student skills in art, crafts, physical exercise, music appreciation, etc.
  • Offer a variety of programs to develop multiple skills, including social/emotional skills, cooperation skills and community building.

Provide School Support

  • Tutoring/homework support for students each day.
  • Offer interactive activities/games that will develop basic learning skills.


School age children are permitted to attend the AfterCare program. Registration forms are available on our website or by request. Each child must have a complete file prior to participating. The file consists of:

  • Completed AfterCare Registration Form
  • Medical Authorization for the current school year
  • Off-site Permissions for emergencies or local field trips
  • Activity and movie permissions
  • Current record of Immunization

We take your child’s safety very seriously. Please complete a registration form before your child attends our program. On your child’s registration form, please include any person you authorize to pick your child up from AfterCare, and any special diet or health instructions that may come up. Hard copies of registration forms may be returned to Horizons’ Main Office, faxed, scanned and emailed, or mailed by postal service ATTN: AfterCare.

AfterCare Parent Handbook

AfterCare Registration Forms 18-19

Drop In Care

Drop in care is offered on a first come, first served basis up to the limit of a State Licensure requirement of eight children per one adult. Ideally, parents sign up ahead of time to reserve their child’s place. It is important that you call ahead to reserve a drop-in space 24 hours in advance so that we have the appropriate extra staff if needed.


After 4:00PM, all unmonitored doors to the school will be locked. Parents will use a two-way radio at the entrance to the school to announce their arrival to the AfterCare staff. Children may not leave the program without the presence of a parent/guardian or other individual(s) with written documentation to pick up a child, please provide details on the AfterCare enrollment form. A note from a parent/guardian or a personal phone call can be accepted in special cases, such as children leaving with friends.

When filling out registration forms, please include anyone that may pick your child. Any unrecognized persons will be asked for photo identification to verify identity. All children must be signed out of our program daily. At arrival, the parent/guardian will be asked to write the time and sign or initial next to the child’s name on the Sign-In/Sign-Out form. If a situation arises where unauthorized individuals attempt to retrieve a child, parent/guardians, emergency contacts, and/or proper authorities may be reached to ensure the safety of the child and AfterCare program. In the case of an emergency, please notify staff if you are going to be late by calling ahead.

Late Pick-Up

Children are expected to be signed out and picked up by 5:30PM. If there is no prior arrangement and a child is still present after 5:30PM, parents/guardians will be contacted. If parents/guardians cannot be reached, Emergency contacts listed on the Child’s registration form will be contacted next. In the case that no listed contact has been reached by 6:00PM, local police will be contacted to request any additional services to the child before staff may leave for the day. Additional late Rates of $20 per hour may apply when parents do not arrive by 5:30PM.


Adventure Days

Adventure Days are days of all-day childcare at school. These are offered for enrolled students during Horizons K-8 conference days and teacher work days. Adventure Days are billed in full and half day sessions as well as hourly. Costs, updates and reminders about Adventure Days will be included in the Skylines newsletter. PLEASE NOTE:  Due to staffing limitations, we are only able to enroll 30 students on our Adventure Days.  Please register before hand.  No drop in’s will be allowed on these days. Registration forms will be available two weeks prior to adventure days.

Arts and Crafts

Students are encouraged to be creative in many modes of arts and crafts. Providers will model activities in drawing, playing with clay, painting, etc. General instruction on a predetermined art concept will be given at the beginning of each class after which kids will be released to simply be creative.


Students will have the opportunity to learn to cook simple, healthy food items. In addition to learning how to cook, kids will learn the basics of kitchen safety.

Story Time

Depending on the age of the group, this class will involve reading comprehension. For the older students, read alouds will enable themed discussions, drawing or coloring in response to a story, or drama activities.

Indoor Activities

Team-based games, board games and various other indoor games will provide skill building in listening, cooperation, group functioning and rule-following.

Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities include outdoor recreation, such as sports previously mentioned, and play structure playtime.

Field Trips

Local Field Trips sometimes may be offered during Adventure Days. These are completely optional for enrolled children, and will require a signed field trip form that is specific to the date and itinerary of the planned event. Staff is responsible to ensure forms are collected, and to maintain program procedures before, during, and after the field trip.

Snacks, Health, and Safety

Meals and Snacks

Children will be provided time(s) to eat/drink individual snacks brought to the AfterCare Program each day. Meals and Snacks will not be provided to children by the AfterCare Program. It is up to parents to provide a healthy snack for their child and a lunch on Fridays since BVSD lunch is not served on Fridays. Please send your child with extra snacks. Children will have access to water fountains during attendance (and coolers if necessary).


Staff may apply topical preparations (sunscreen, ointments, bug spray, etc.) as well as over-the-counter medications with written consent from a parent/guardian. An additional written order(s) from a practitioner/prescriptive authority is required to apply topical substances to open wounds or broken skin, and/or for medications that require a prescription. Children may carry their own inhaler or EPI-PEN if written parental consent and authorization of the prescribing practitioner is provided. AfterCare Staff will not administer medication without proper paperwork on file. Approved medications will be locked on site in the health room, and emergency medication will be kept out of reach of children.


Sunscreen is not regularly provided for children. Individual children may provide their own sunscreen in a container labeled with their First and Last name. Application of sunscreen prior to outdoor activities will be supervised by staff, unless parents/guardians provide notice they have applied sunscreen themselves.

Valuables and money should not be brought to the AfterCare Program.

Hygiene, Sanitation, and Discipline

Communicable Illness

If a child exhibits signs of severe or communicable illness, said child will be provided a bed/mat and blanket within hearing of a staff person. Parent/guardian(s) will be notified, and a doctor or medical facility will be consulted as needed.
When children have been diagnosed with a communicable illness, the center must immediately notify the local state or department of health, all staff members, and all parents/guardians of children in care. Confidentiality will be maintained.

Toilet Facilities

Boys and Girls will have access to separate, clearly identified toilet facilities with toilets separated by partitions.
A minimum of 1 toilet / 30 children AND 1 sink / 30 children will be available.


If a child sustains an injury/illness/accident while at the AfterCare Program, First Aid and/or other medical care may be provided when necessary. Parent/guardians will be notified by letter home with the child, or an email. Follow-up by phone or email may be necessary to keep track of the child’s status.


AfterCare providers will provide clear agreements, developed in conjunction with students, for behaviors and norms. Redirection and problem solving processes will follow school-based programs/language, such as NonViolent Communication, Giraffe Talk and Horizons K-8 Communication Agreements. AfterCare providers commit to staying in clear and open communication with families to help solve problems and reinforce respect for rules. AfterCare staff will communicate with parents when a disciplinary action is taken. Rules will be reviewed with students once they begin attendance. A discipline letter/email will be sent home if a misbehavior occurs in the AfterCare program. The first offense will result in a warning letter, while the second, third, and fourth offense will involve a program director. Offenses can result in a suspension from the program. Repeat offenses may result in expulsion from the program.

Billing and Fees

Billing is done at the end of each month (or as close as possible) via email. The cost is $9 per hour for AfterCare, $70 for a full day of Adventure Day and hourly for a half day of Adventure Day. Sibling discount is 15% off of full hourly rate($7.65/per hour/per child). Please contact us for additional details as needed. Parent/Guardian information on income and/or government aid may be requested in order to qualify for discounts (CCAP).

Free Lunch Family Rate: 70% reduction: $2.70/per hour/per child.

Reduced Lunch Family Rate: 50% reduction:$4.50/per hour/per child.

Additional Late Rates of $20 per hour may apply when parents do not arrive by 5:30PM.
Please make out a check to Horizons K-8 School and deliver to the program coordinator.


Regular Program Hours

PLEASE NOTE: AfterCare begins when School ends at 3:30PM Monday-Thursday. Fridays it begins at 12:45PM. Children are expected to arrive promptly after dismissal. Adventure Day is a full day of care that begins at 8:30AM . Children may be picked up at any time before the end time at 5:30PM.

Contact Us

Jeanne Kipke, the Aftercare Coordinator, is a former Kindergarten and Grade 1/2 teacher at Horizons. Rani Kumar,  is currently a K-6 Spanish teacher at Horizons.Main Phone Numbers
Mon. – Fri. 8:30AM-4:00PM
Horizons Office 720-561-3600
Mon. – Friday. 3:45PM-5:30PMjeanne.kipke@bvsd.orgProgram Address:
4545 Sioux Drive
Boulder, CO 80303

Day of Week K-Enrichment AfterCare
Monday 12:00PM-3:30PM 3:30PM-5:30PM
Tuesday 12:00PM-3:30PM 3:30PM-5:30PM
Wednesday 12:00PM-3:30PM 3:30PM-5:30PM
Thursday 12:00PM-3:30PM 3:30PM-5:30PM
Friday NONE 12:45PM-5:30PM
Adventure Day NONE 8:30AM-5:30PM