Horizons K-8 School AfterCare Program

Due to COVID, the After=Care Program CANNOT accept walk-ins.  All students need to be pre-registered. Please email jeanne.kipke@bvsd.org  with questions.

The After-Care Program is for Horizons’ students, Kindergarten through grade 8.  Although AfterCare is a fee-based program, we are happy to make financial arrangements when requested.


The mission of our AfterCare program is to provide a safe and caring environment for students
to enjoy various choice-based activities, projects and play aligned with safety guidelines. It is a
program that enhances social skills, encourages friendships, and supports student-directed
learning, choice and exploration.


AfterCare includes opportunities that are both core (developing specific skills and abilities) and extracurricular (enrichment activities). Core opportunities involve inside and outside play-based skills. Enrichment opportunities enhance students’ interests, skills or abilities outside of regular curriculum offerings.

Provide a safe Environment for Kids

• AC providers are properly trained and prepared for possible emergency situations
according to state regulations
• Guidelines, rules and procedures will be posted and communication maintained
between home and family
• Kids will at all times be under adult supervision
• Attendance procedures and sign-in/out logs will be maintained every day

Provide Enrichment Opportunities

  • Provide enrichment opportunities that enhance fine motor skills in art, crafts, and construction
  • Provide opportunities for gross motor skills with outside (and inside)movement and play
  • Offer a variety of opportunities that develop Emotional Intelligence, including social/emotional skills, cooperation skills, and community building

Provide School Support

  •  Build communication and social interaction skills
  • Provide homework support for students as needed

Active Recreation

  • Concepts such as sportsmanship, sharing, teamwork and cooperative action/support
  • Outdoor play and exploration
  • Construction/deconstruction and imaginative play integrating rocks, trees, plants, sand,
    picnic tables and/or garden
  • Outdoor play on and with climbing structures, swings, outer fields, basketball and more
  • Indoor play and exploration in the gym with scooters, jump-ropes, a variety of balls,
    building buckets and more


Computers/personal Chromebooks, laptops, and/or iPads must be provided by students to work
on classroom assignments. Students will be reminded of safe internet use as needed. AC does
not provide computers to students. Occasionally, AC may visit internet sites with students as part
of our programming, such as gonoodle (music/movement) and “how-to” videos (for drawing,
folding origami…). We also may offer an optional G or PG movie on Fridays and full
“Adventure” days with parent permission.

Arts & Crafts

AC provides materials for a variety of art crafts, such as colored paper, crayons, markers,
collage, watercolor painting, and more. We offer special craft activities on most Fridays and all
full-day “Adventure Days”

Friday & Adventure Days 

Please note that hot lunch is not served on Fridays or Adventure Days. Parents must provide a generous lunch, snack, and water bottle for these longer days. 

On Fridays and Adventure Days, special Arts & Crafts may include Clay Creations with kiln-firing clay, Model Magic, Sculpty, Fuse-Beads, painting, themed art projects, sewing, and more.


It is the student’s responsibility to let staff know when they have homework and any support
needed. AC staff can provide support within our ability and availability.

Adventure Days

Adventure Days are full-days of AfterCare offered during both fall and spring conferences as well as assessment days. Adventure Days are often theme-based, offering a variety of games, art projects, and activities. Because these are long days, we also usually will have a movie option after lunch. We always have outside and/or gym options throughout most of the day so that students who stay the entire day have opportunities to run and play between (and instead of) seated activities. 

Adventure Days run 8:15 am -6:00 pm and charged by the hour. Students may join us before and after conferences, however, if we are on a field trip, parents must arrange for pick-up and/or drop off at our location.

Music and Other Classes/Activities

There are no other classes/activities scheduled in the building at this time. However, if Lifetime
Learning (through BVSD) or afterschool sports resume, students may attend with parent
permission and registration to that program.

Horizons K8 Hours:

Monday – Thursday 3:30 pm – 6:00 pm

Fridays 12:45 pm – 6:00 pm

Adventure Days (offered during K-6 Conferences) – 8:15 am – 6:00 pm

AfterCare Registration