Here at Horizons K-8, we creatively work within the confines of our budget to offer enriching programs for students and families without compromising quality.  Each program has a unique focus and is supported by educators and professionals in our community who are passionate about what they do. Over the years as our programs have developed, we have consistently met the changing needs of our community while staying true to our school’s approach.

Adventure Days Programs

Adventure Days Programs are offered on days our school is not in session and other BVSD schools are (e.g. conference week and teacher planning days). These days offer special activities such as going to the East Boulder Recreation Center and the YMCA Ice Rink. This is a fee based program and financial assistance is available.

After Care Program

AfterCare Program

Horizons offers after school activities via our state licensed After Care Program, with choices ranging from art and athletics to computer lab, in a format that encourages choice and allows for small group activities. This service is provided M­Th from 3:30-­5:30, and on Fridays from 12:45-­5:30 at a nominal fee. As with all activities at Horizons K-8, financial assistance available.

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Allies club is focused on creating a community of acceptance in school. We spread anti-bullying messages and encourage people to stand up for those in the minority. An ally is someone who does not necessarily identify as LGBT, but supports this community by standing against bullying and harassment. Allies can be straight or cisgendered, or they can identify as LGBT. Anyone can be an ally! The Horizons Allies Club meets weekly on Wednesdays in Pat’s room.

See the Allies Club website for more information.

Kindergarten Enrichment

Horizons K-8 is state licensed as a Kindergarten Care facility. We offer a fee based Kindergarten Enrichment for current Kindergarten students. Enrichment is offered M­-Th. from 12:00­ 3:30 pm. A separate application form and process is required for Enrichment ­and financial assistance is available.

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At Horizons K-8, we give students an exposure to a variety of movement experiences rather than offering a traditional PE program. Horizons K-8 students begin their year with outdoor education week, followed by a movement focused arts and science session.  Mid-year we organize a winter sports program including instruction in life-long sports such as skiing, tennis, skating, and climbing, at all grade levels.  Throughout the year there are grade-level rotations that often include movement and sports in addition to the arts and science opportunities.  Teachers also integrate movement breaks throughout the day.  Our students have three recesses per day K-6 and two for 7th and 8th graders.  We also, when available, offer more traditional sports such as basketball and running in after school programs and active recreation in our gym before school for 5th-8th graders.


At Horizons, we give students an exposure to a variety of musical experiences rather than offering a more traditional model of music programing. Students have opportunities to: sing and act in performances, learn to play an instrument as a project, create a dance and learn choreography, and more. Musical instruction is delivered as part of our arts and science program, curriculum, and performances. When available, we incorporate the assistance of professionals, often parents, to enhance our program. Students may also choose to participate in a formal choral or instrumental (band and orchestral) program that takes place after school in a fee-based program.


PeaceJam is an international service and leadership organization that has its roots in Denver. Horizons has had an active chapter since 2004.  PeaceJam works to bring the lessons of Nobel Peace Prize winners to young people through student developed service projects, curricular lessons and leadership conferences.  At Horizons we have a 5th-8th grade PeaceJam club that meets weekly during lunch. Students discuss issues that are important to them, identify needs in the Horizons, local, national and global communities they want to help and then develop service projects to help meet the need to serve and education the broader community. Some projects this group has completed in the past include: Trick or Treat for UNICEF, the Oxfam Hunger Banquet, bicycle and school supply drives for Somali refugees in Boulder as well as numerous family movie night and bake sale fundraisers for Boulder Flood Relief, Hurricane Katrina and Sandy Relief, the Oceanic Preservation Society, and the Haiti Relief Fund. Our 6th-8th grade club members can participate in two leadership conferences – one in the fall (the Slam) and 8th graders are eligible to participate in the spring conference (the Jam) in which they spend the weekend learning directly from a laureate. For our younger students during Making a Difference A&S, Junior PeaceJammer classes are offered. In these classes we focus on studying one Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and their lessons on making a difference in the world.


At the February Council Meeting the Horizons Garden Project was unveiled. The timeline for the project includes finalizing the design and layout in February, a March community meeting and ordering of materials, in April the site will be prepared, May will be filled with volunteer opportunities, and June 1 we’ll have our garden ready to go!

Please check back for volunteer opportunities.

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