As per BVSD policy listed below, Horizons K-8 School does not offer private tours or visits. If you missed the opportunity to attend an open enrollment event, please refer to the resources on our website for further information on our school’s mission and vision and programming.  To refer to Open Enrollment policy, please look here.  The dates for applying through the Open Enrollment process are Nov 1-2020 to Jan 6, 2021.


Shadowing is impactful to student attendance and instructional time. Shadowing is defined as a visiting student sharing some portion of a school day with a student already in attendance. Elementary Schools and Middle Schools have agreed not to conduct shadowing days, instead of relying on parent visits, family tours, showcase nights, or Principal Coffees that are intended to inform parents as well as students about what a school is like. 

If a Middle School wants to schedule evening events that will not impact instruction, those can occur on any evening during the Open Enrollment window. Middle Schools will work with elementary feeders to inform them of the selected date or dates for these daytime school visits. Middle Schools agree not to host BVSD elementary students on any other days outside of these windows. Middle Schools agree not to provide private family tours/visits to any current BVSD students.

Horizons Open Enrollment Events and Announcements

Questions?  Call our Registrar Hope Nelson-Roohr (720) 561-3600 or email