As per BVSD policy listed below, Horizons K-8 School does not offer private tours or visits. If you missed the opportunity to attend an open enrollment event, please refer to the resources on our website for further information on our school’s mission and vision, and programming.  To refer to the Open Enrollment policy, please look here.

The dates for applying through the Open Enrollment process are Nov 1, 2022 to Jan 4, 2023 at 4pm sharp. Any applications submitted after the on-time deadline (beginning on January 5, 2022 at 4:01p.m. MST) through August 31, 2022 (4:00p.m. MST) are considered late applications where no preferences are applied (such as previously attended a school, sibling attends or child of a BVSD employee) and applicants are added to any existing waitlist(s) at the selected school(s)/grade based on the date/time submitted.

Shadowing: Horizons does not offer shadowing at this time.

Horizons Open Enrollment Events (In-person)

November 9th at 9am
December 6 at 6pm

If you need translation services for this event, please reach out to

Open Enrollment Policy for Horizons 

During the open enrollment period, preference will be given to students who meet the following criteria:

    1. Children of Faculty (licensed, non-temporary employee) employed in a licensed Faculty position of .25 F.T.E. or greater, whether they reside inside or outside the BVSD boundaries.
    2. Sibling of a student who is attending and will be attending Horizons the following year. Different from a sibling who has been assigned for the first time to the school.
    3. Equal preference with: Children of Faculty employed in a licensed temporary full-time, temporary part-time or temporary job-share Faculty position, with a one year contract of 0.25 F.T.E or greater (whether they reside inside or outside the BVSD boundaries). Sibling of a student who is assigned in the current year.
    4. Children of non-licensed Staff in their 2nd consecutive year (at time of Open Enrollment), or subsequent, of employment at 25% or greater (ie 10± hours/week), whether they reside inside or outside the BVSD boundaries
    5. All students that were enrolled in Horizons for the 20-21 school year and, due to extenuating circumstances, unenrolled for the 21-22 school year and wish to re-enroll in Horizons for the 22-23 school year.
    6. Family Income Preference: In-district applicants who submit an optional current year Family Economic Data Survey (submitting the survey is optional) as part of their online open enrollment application and qualify as low-income, until 25% of the total open enrollment slots are filled with low-income students. 
    7. Other community preferences as already stated in BVSD Policy JECC-R.