Council Notes: Sept 17,2020

Minutes for Council September 17, 2020

Minutes: Karen Wolfer

Facilitators, Lucas Ketzer & Tyler Currie

6:00 Introductions

6:10 Council Agreements/Procedures/Concordance/Minutes – Teran

6:20 Announcements (K-2 Reopening plans, Childcare Update, 3-8 reopening ideas)  

Lucas outlined the plans for re-opening with K-2.  Find them here

Need to have numbers for in person by September 23rd.

Intention of having tents with wifi, tables, and chairs.

Outside learning committee – look for email regarding a fundraiser for this.

Discussion regarding child care, food service, etc.  – Will be run by Jeanne Kipke.  We still need employees for this.  Please look at the job description.

Parents shared concerns regarding return, quarantine, etc.

Opportunities for 3-8 grade level students to come to school for some outdoor learning opportunities.  Families offered to provide driving, etc. 

Logistics were discussed. COVID forms must be filled out before the student gets to school. “COVID form before COFFEE”.

7:00 Committee Reports

DAC –  Karla discussed her meetings with the district and their work on reopening at K-2.  How this is different from what we are doing at HK8. Broke into committees.  There is no district charter renewal policy.  They are working with the Colorado Charter.

DPC – update from Rob Anderson.  Explaining the challenges and decision making so far.  Opening challenges.  20% of teachers are medically exempt and not spread equally.  Unenrollment – 12000 kids.  Reduction of $4-5Million dollar loss.  Good news is that where rules are being followed there has been less transmission.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion – partnership with WEEAC – staff will be doing equity work and participate through classwork at Metro State University. Reminder to teachers that there is funding to purchase books on diversity to be added to classroom libraries.  Update on school mascot being renamed. 

FRC – discussion of expenditures and how this year is different from from years past. Reinstatement of the COLA and Step for teachers and staff.  Need to approve the expenditure for tents.  

Board Report – the majority of board business has been reopening.

HCG – The group is trying to work out a way to have socially distant meetings for families.  Halloween, etc. 

7:20 Action Item: Tent money allocation – Concerns were brought up that tents were a very large expenditure. $85K for 19 tents.  Vote was to ok the use of the council funds rather than use Fund 11 for this expenditure.

Motion was made by Tyler, seconded by Lucas – vote to use Council funds was passed. 

7:30 Action Item: Approval of Faculty Committee (Rachel, Lucas, Ryan, Mia, Stephanie) -Lucas made the motion, Tyler seconded.  Only faculty voted.  Motion passed.

7:35 Open Forum

Amelia Mandell has decided to leave our school and pursue other adventures. We are in the process of hiring for her position. 

Compensation for teachers is lower than the district.  Therefore it is difficult to attract and retain teachers to our school.

Paras have been hired at all positions but one in ⅚.

No school for anyone on Monday, September 21

Community showed gratitude for the hard work of teachers and admin 

8:00 Closing


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