Council Notes- Oct 15, 2020

Council Minutes, 10/15/2

Reopening Update

  • Lucas explains the complexity of reopening plans and how concordance plays a role in that. It was a team effort
  • Lucas shares Phase Three Table. Explains factors that helped drive K-8 plans for reopening. 
  • Shelly Miller gives an overview of recommendations to Horizons in terms of minimizing COVID transmission and maintaining healthy air quality. Transmission outside is very low. Reduce occupancy for older children.
  • Lucas explains reasons for cohorting and reducing occupancy
  • Parents ask questions which prompt team members how we are keeping students who are at home and making sure there is equity and equal opportunity

Committee Reports

  • Diversity, Equity, Belonging and Inclusion
    • How students are incorporating this into our curriculum. Traci speaks about how ½ is doing this through an intentional curriculum. This year their theme is how we are always connected–Ubuntu. I am seeing you and I am seen.
    • So You Want to Talk about Race Book Club, contact Erica Baruch
    • WEAAC Online Anti-Bias Course Discussion on November 2 and with Vernon on November 17
  • FRC
    • Projected deficit of $175,000 on Fund 11
    • $45,000 fund raised for tents in council budget
  • Board Meeting
    • K-2 Reopening Plan
    • ⅞ Reopening Plan
    • Head of School Evaluation Process and Timeline
    • Strategic Plan


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