Council Notes- Nov 19, 2020

Horizons K-8 Council Meeting
6:00 PM by Zoom

Meeting is called to order at 6:00 by Lucas Ketzer, Head of School.  Tyler Currie, Board Co-Chair invites members to introduce themselves.

From 6:10- 6:35 Lucas present a Head of School report, covering topics that include:
• partnership and staff anti-bias training with Western Equity Assistance Center
• work underway on 5-year budget planning including a new faculty committee
• Charter renewal / contract timeline
• discussion of policy for when to open/close school based on various criteria
• Lucas / Tyler will meet with several parents in early December to discuss opening/closing criteria, as we ran short on time before the conversation was exhausted

From 6:35-6:45 Adam Brink from the 3-4 team presents an overview of that team’s classroom activities.

From 6:45 – to 6:50 various committees report on activities, including the District Accountability Committee, the School Accountability Committee, the Diversity Equity and Belonging Committee.

At 6:55 Hope Nelson-Roohr elicits a lovely round of Thanksgiving.  Members express gratitude in the chat box.

The meeting adjourns at 7:00.
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