Council Notes- May 21, 2020

Council Meeting Notes 5/21/20

631 pm


Last council meeting

Review Communication Agreements – Jim

Review Agenda:

Council Elections

Return to Fall- what it MAY look like

Budget – different scenarios


Three open seats

Candidates Speak about their qualifications

Link will be posted 

Paras who are parents can vote.

Rachel, Paul, Michael

Parent Chair: Voting members elect the Board President

Lucas would still be Chair

Geary suggests we vote tonight as that is in out ByLaws

Lucas: unique year, we may have to make decisions in July so having a co-chair is helpful

Tyler moves to wait until the first council of the next year

No second

Paul and Tyler offer to be co-chair

Paul withdraws

Does Tyler have a conflict of interest with a spouse as staff?

He will recuse himself when necessary

Tyler as co-chair is concorded on.

Lucas shares slide show about possible scenarios for school next year.

Teachers will reflect on home learning so we can continue to improve

Looking at new normal

Educators going to trainings in July. What kind of interventions for kids falling behind? 

Phase approach, currently in Phase 1

Staff is identifying prioritized groups- who will benefit most from in-person learning

Phase 2- small groups

Phase 3- blended approach, staggered start, half kids will be in school half of the time, and also home learning, what does the building look like- custodial, etc.

Phase 4 – In all phases we need to offer home learning; we will need to move in between phases.

More guidance will be forthcoming; avoid analysis paralysis.  

Teachers working with individual families. 


Will Deaver: How much flexibility do we have as a charter?

Our schedule is flexible, we have flexibility with prioritized groups but we want to err on the side of caution

Parents have kids in other schools so synching up schedules is a good idea

Is there an expected timeline from BVSD?

Next meeting is first week in June- more guidance then

We should have better ideas mid July

Paul: Board will meet after we get BVSD guidance and maybe call a council meeting mid summer.

Communication strategies to keep parents up to date

Rachel- send the message that everyone is going to have to be flexible; it is not going to be normal

Allison- will there be some sort of testing to see what kids are behind?

Faculty is working on that; perhaps online assessment, district may guide.

Karen- BVSD looking for assessments.  Assessing reading is difficult to do online. 

Nina- how to we assess our capacity and comfort to implement stages?

We are guided by BVSD and CDH. And we will need to work with individual families.

Michael Ashmore: Can we consider temperature on entry through to COVID tests? Can we ask parents to take temperatures so we proactively reduce risk ourselves. 

Lucas- email with questions


State projects 3.3m shortfall (25%).  We get 75% PPR (per pupil revenue).  We were told to plan for flat funding. But then we heard 1-10% less for PPR. 

Flat funding model projected deficits as we were expecting increase in PPR.

Faculty surveyed on cuts; trying not to cut positions (one year stop gap measures)

Lucas shows doc showing cuts.

From Council:

Cut arts/music/movement as part of curriculum. 

Cut Experiential learning

Cut PD

Staff will freeze salaries

Cut supply line items

Cut outdoor ed and winter sports

Cut annual leave payout

Learning materials ( we would keep subscriptions) but could not buy a new classroom set of curriculum.  Does not include teacher budgets for classroom supplies

PE was cut from FT to PT (.5)

Not adding GT para & ⅞ para

These cuts get us to flat funding.

Faculty also provided input on FTE cuts if we have to make 5-10% cuts; will be presented to faculty tomorrow and Board on Wednesday. Phase 2- 5% Phase 3 -10%

Tyler- a lot of uncertainty from state as to how we are going to be funded; district CFO says cuts will be less due to federal dollars…waiting game

Safe to assume there will be cuts

Paul M- asking council to approve these Phase 1 one year cuts

Julie- how will PPR will be impacted by in person learning. 

Parents can move to Boulder Universal and we would need to fill those spots. But even if we were 100% home learning we get to count the PPR. Kids who enroll in Boulder Universal will lose seat at Horizons. Families may make this decision if they know their student will not be attending all year.

Tyler presents & explains Council budget

Two funds

Fund 11- public money – @$4M

Council Fund- fundraised dollars

Shortfall due to cancel paddle raiser and less Moolah raised

Rather than earmark funds to Arts, Music, MOvement, Experiential, PD – put in general fund to make up for shortfall.

Will – are we at risk of not meeting operating budget?

Tyler- we could meet it at the expense of other allocations for a year

Will- can we consider additional fundraising? 

Tyler – Fundraising is 2% of our budget and cant really touch the shortfall from the state

Rachel- agrees that more fundraising is a good idea for extra programming, tech, classroom needs

Tyler- Development Committee will look at it

Paul M- sensitivity toward peoples finances right now.

Tyler- we elected not to ask for additional dollars from parents

Karla- was there a large reserve and we were advised to spend it

Tyler- reserve is on operating side- $1.2 M.  Absent any funding cuts from state, we were at a deficit, and since state cuts are certain, we will be operating at a deficit and will be paid for by reserve draw downs.

Tyler moves to approve this school year 21 council budget as presented 

Paul R second


Important for council to earmark the $ they raise going forward.

Lucas – gratitude expressed

Teran- graduation next Thursday


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