Council Notes- Dec. 17, 2020

Council Notes 12/17/20

Begin @ 602 PM

Tyler welcomes


6:08 Tyler reiterates agenda

6:09 Lucas: Charter renewal contract update

  • Explains history
  • We’re negotiating when pandemic hit
  • BVSD working on draft (deadline 2/1/21)
  • Proposed purchased services , ie Human resources, IT, payroll (we would like more autonomy).
  • BVSD says we are ineligible for 2005 mill levy transportation (meant for allowable transportation)
  • BVSD Proposes we opt into SpEd Insurance model (we’ve been autonomous) – pay lump sum, reimbursed based on # of SpEd students
  • Board members & our lawyers will comment when we receive contract
  • Council will be updated; will need to concord

Katie S:  How long is the renewal for?

5 years

Hope:  Explain more about SpEd Insurance model & # of students

We are reimbursed depending on how many SpEd kids in the whole district (cost sharing $250-300K gross expense line additional)

Tyler- we will be getting quotes for liability insurance, etc. as we consider purchased services.  If anyone has experience, let Tyler/Lucas know.

Reopening- Lucas

  • Faculty concorded on returning on hybrid model on 1/19 (unable to open ⅕ due to logistics)
  • Grade level teams looking at how to accommodate in person and on line learning
  • Anticipate families may change preferences and to stick with it till Spring break
  • Need parents to let Hope know if they are changing their preference 
  • Schedule will be what it was previously
  • Acknowledges not starting on 1/5 may not be convenient
  • Continue to get guidance from CDE & BVPE – change guidelines -if a student was probable or confirmed that cohort would quarantine, now only students within 6 feet of probable case for more than 15 minutes.
  • 14 day quarantine is now 10-14 day quarantine, and possibly 7 day quarantine with a negative test
  • Teachers may not need to quarantine if there is a case in class and they have a mask and face shield

Will tents be up?


Parent volunteers?

BVSD given go ahead for classroom monitors used in the case a teacher and small group needed to quarantine to allow in person to continue. Parent volunteers will be in classrooms to keep kids in school.

Lucas looking at compensation and process for onboarding.

BVSD also looking for contact tracing volunteers; calling families letting them know their kid is exposed.

Plans to make it work for at home learners and in-person learners (high flex leads to burnout)?

Equity issues between home and in person in terms of total instructional time.

  • We tried to keep kids with their teachers for home learning. Some successes. But hard to manage.  
  • Might be better to devote someone at each grade level for home learners.  Teams are exploring this.
  • Need to balance.
  • Teachers dedicated to maintain Horizons qualities. Teachers feeling out what works. Maybe integrating in person and on line is not the best.. 

Mia Seymour- ¾ classroom teacher

Science rotation ending; writing postcards from planets

Sherry- stress tips over break

Discusses our Health Curriculum

Colies Closet: Emotions are intense

Kara has open studio, five students joined debrief

Sherry meditating on lotus flower (flower grows out of mud)

5 fingers- 5 go-to people; 5 fingers- 5 strategies

Committee Reports

Erica- E, D & B – 

WEEAC Update – working on whiteness, privilege at Horizons, working with Darlene Sampson (Jan 11)

Feb session for parents, staff & faculty

Board voted to remove Milky White as name of mascot. Faculty is weighing in and then proposing to board how we can revise mascot. Use this to raise awareness.

Sub-committee to look at open enrollment preference; looking at what other schools do. For 22-23 school year. 

Revitalize book club offerings (January)

Open Forum

Jess Hogan: hope is concentrated effort for youngest in school full time; have we really plumbed the depths? Could new people be on a task force? K-4 needs to be in school FT.

Lucas: YES! That is our goal. Faculty figuring out solutions. Challenges are operational. Limited staff, not able to shuffle teachers between buildings. 

Decision making model at Horizons is teacher led.  Hears desires to have kids back and hears faculty discuss challenges.

Julie-invites parents to offer an organizational model that we may not have thought of

Sherry –  brought to faculty how hard PT is for parents but faculty was concerned about lunch; eating and classrooms, masks off. Teachers had elevated concerns. 

Alex Rose: part of frustration is that teachers are meeting and weighing options but process has been so opaque for parents.  Parents deserve to input more. Parents need a more inclusive seat at the table.

Leontyne: lets hire subs to help when its needed

Kids with subs and monitors will not get a quality education

Will we be using any metric at all or just looking at personnel?

Mitigation strategies are the most important metric. 

Is testing part of the mitigation strategies? NO!

What are the mitigation strategies?

Cohorting, masks, air filtration, social distancing, contact tracing, outdoor time (15 minutes out every hour), CO2 monitors, tents, passive screening, extra cleaning, providing masks

Contact tracing is the hardest

Katie suggests community agreement for pandemic responsibility- we agree to follow public health orders

Chara R – nothing is gonna make us happy right now. Its messy. We are in a pandemic.

Lucas does not need to make everybody happy.  Just extend grace and trust the teachers.


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