Council Notes: April 23. 2020

Horizons Council Meeting 4/23/20 6 PM Zoom

Need 20 for a quorum. 37 present

Communication Agreements:  Jim Speak from Heart, NVC


  • Received correspondence from BVSD – will allow all students to keep Chromebooks over summer; anticipation that we may not be back in Fall
  • Working to coordinate pick-up of kid’s belongings at Horizons week of May 18; stagger times by teacher
  • Working w/ BVSD & CLCS (Tyler, Paul) to come up with budget forecasts; will discuss with faculty this and next week
  • Three Board openings, elections in Council meeting in May; bio to Lucas by April 30
  • Last day of school for Horizons is May 28; Lucas will talk with faculty about options
  • If we end a week early, Board has to approve; will try and inform sooner rather than later

Charter Renewal/Contract

  • While in negotiations and ironing out final details, school closed
  • BVSD recommends we extend contract for one year; they passed it 4/14/20
  • Our Board passed resolution on 4/16/20
  • Here is a link to the resolution we will be discussing this evening:
  • Council needs to concord on Horizons resolution
  • Ultimately we would like a longer-term contract with long term stability but had we accepted the contract where we left it, it would not have been in our best financial interests.
  • Motion to approve- Tyler; Lucas second; concorded

Home-Learning Discussion

  • We need to be prepared to not come back in the Fall; possible second wave; continuing to extend school closures
    • Possible staggered grades; hybrid of in-person and home learning
    • Tech refresh scheduled for next year
    • Also need to look at budgets
  • Appreciation to teachers expressed
  • Lots of extra time taken by teachers
  • Julie shared story of Oregon Trail learning
  • Home learning cannot replace touch
  • Extend thanks to student support team
  • Other opportunities: Breakfast Club, Lunch Bunch
  • Let teachers know if students need extra attention
  • Commend parents & teachers for flexibility- some parents want more work, some want less- teachers accommodating
  • Parents wanting to know how we are handling end of year transitions and events
  • Fri, May 1 faculty will be planning end of year traditions
  • Allyson adding home learning pages to yearbook

Question- if at end of year if there is no growth, how do they catch up?

Karen & Lucas: this will be every kid in the US, this will be figured out as we come in; how will we spend first few weeks of school, every educator is thinking about this.  We will have to collect data when we return.  Kids will come in lower when they return but parents have to strike a balance now. In the grand scheme, we will make up any deficits.

Teran: have you heard direct evidence that HS and other schools are also looking at flexibility for incoming students?  Karen: not just us.  Lucas- BVSD has not shared concrete plans to address this

Home Learning is an equity issue.  We will see disparities play out. Be mindful; work together. Encourage communication.

Council Meeting May 21

  • Elections- will need to come up with a way to vote.  Received interest from 6 people
  • Budget conversation
  • Bylaws state voting members elect parent board chair. Interested parties can indicate what positions they might wish to have on the Board. A new board member can be the parent co-chair. 
  • Allison: second year member should probably be board co-chair. Paul M agrees.


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