Council Notes- May 20, 2021

Horizons K-8 School

Council Meeting Notes

May 20, 2021

6:00 PM by Zoom

In Attendance: Geary Layne, Julie Layne, Hope Roohr, Beth Coleman, Karen Wolfer, Christy Shoemaker, Nina Rogins, Kate Bechtel, Rachel Clionsky, Andora, Lucas Ketzer, Teran Sittner, Rachel Buckley, Mitrea Rich, Allyson DeSart, Greta, Jess Hogan, Julie Cohen, Meredith Croft, David Ren, Olive Glosbland, Joy Pieper, Cory Munger, Peter Hegelbach, Lynn Dobransky, Lisa Leftakes, Sarah Arabian, Nicletta Simon, Erica Baruch, Suzanne Tadros, Tyler Currie, others also in attendance.

Minimum 20 member quorum established

Tyler Currie, Note take and time keeper

  1. Beth Coleman reviews communication agreements
  2. Rachel Clionsky from the 5-6 team presents “suitcase projects” inspired by Renee Watson novel Some Places More than Others
  3. Lucas Ketzer gives Head of School Updates
    1. Strategic planning
      1. Thanks to community members who attended World Cafe event
      2. Faculty to synthesize ideas from World Cafe
    2. Tyler provides updates on Charter contract
      1. Likelihood of targeted transportation program due to changes in funding
      2. Other changes to funding – no anticipated visible impact on program 
    3. Lucas recognizes outgoing board members: Teran, Julie, Beth, Tyler, Geary, and Alex
  4. New board elections
    1. Intros by Jess Hogan, Allyson DeSart, Stacy (not present, bio read by Lucas)
    2. Vote by Google Form
  5. Council budget presentation postponed until special June meeting. Tyler discussed tent reimbursement to council from capital construction funds.  Lucas/Tyler to send letter tent donors to see if anyone wants (partial) refund of tent donations.
  6. Committee Reports
    1. Equity, Diversity, and Belonging –  Erica Baruch gives overview of year’s activities
    2. Finance Review – Lucas gives budget update and reports return to “normal” budget next year
    3. Board of Directors – Tyler summarizes board meeting of May 13
  7. Open Enrollment
    1. Review and discussion of proposal for adding low income open enrollment
    2. Following several amendments to the initial proposal, such a preference is added to the school’s policy by a vote where concordance is reached.  See here.

Tentative date for final council meeting set for June 10th at 6:00.  Watch Skylines for possible changes.

Meeting adjourned at 8:10.


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