Council Minutes: September 20, 2018


Hospitality provided by: Hope, Lauren & Kindergarten team

Childcare provided by: Keren Slepack

Minutes: Teran

Facilitators: Monica Fitzgerald and Lauren Tracey

6:30 Welcome and introductions

6:40 Council agreements, procedures, concordance

  • Mindfulness activity led by Monica
  • Review of Council responsibilities
  • Concordance overview

6:45 Open forum including new proposals and items for future discussion

  • Neighbor suggestions (Millie)
    • History of neighborhood
      • used to have no students in neighborhood/now there are
      • Can there be a priority system for neighborhood kids?
    • Traffic is hard on neighborhood, go through cul de sacs, etc.; blocking driveways
    • Ask to consider open enrollment practices to open to neighbor students
    • Ok to pull through the church parking lot (Jill SS)
      • Lauren will verify – mixed messages
  • Reflections on new start time
    • Hold to getting olders out the door at 3:35 to honor 4pm activity starts
  • Council approval of Board positions, FRC
    • Board members: Monica Fitzgerald – co-chair; Julie Dye as secretary; Jamie Schlomberg – treasurer
      • APPROVED
    • FRC: Jim Freund, Lauren Tracey, Joan Truesdale, Jamie Schlomberg, Paul Martin, Cece Davis, Denise Delarocco
      • APPROVED
    • DAC rep: Carla
      • APPROVED

7:05-   Committee reports – DAC, Finance Review, HCG

  • DAC
    • Last meeting looked at calendar for next three years and budget recommendations
  • FRC
    • Going to change to fund accounting for Council budget to better track spending and increase transparency
  • HCG
    • Looking at combining laisions and HCG to spread resources
    • Serve three functions: social needs; educational needs of parents; school support
  • Development
    • Meeting Tuesday 11am
    • Moolah campaign coming up – largest fundraiser; looking for 100% participation (in personally-meaningful way)
    • Auction committee work – Saturday, April 13, 2019
    • Fall Dance: Oct. 26
  • Diversity Committee
    • Meeting Monday, September 24 @ 3:45pm

7:25-   Call for new committee members SAC and Employee and Family Handbook review

          Commitments and duties

  • SAC
    • Testing data, climate survey data
    • Meets quarterly in evenings starting soon (plan drafted Jan)
  • Review of handbooks
    • Looking for council input due to bylaw requirements
    • Evening meetings

7:35     Beginning of school family rhythms, routines and practices that help support students.

          Monica Fitzgerald, Board Co-Chair and Senior Research Associate, Institute of      Behavioral Science, CU Boulder

  • Monica is open to bringing more of this work to Horizons or smaller group

7:40  Social Emotional Learning and Counseling at Horizons – Introducing a new team member, Sherry Davis, School Counselor

  • Slideshow available

8:00 Adjourn


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