Council Minutes: October 27, 2016

October 27, 2016

Hospitality provided by:  Catriona Dowling, David Ashton and the ½ Team

Child care is provided by: Irene Leary

Minutes:  TBD

Facilitators:  Andrea Foote and John McCluskey

6:30 Introductions/Check in

6:40 Council agreements/procedures/concordance/minutes

6:45 Open Forum/Announcements

6:55  Committee reports as needed

  • Board Update

    • Development Committee Update

  • Community Group: Kim Obert, Jaimie Schlomberg, Callie Gartner

  • Diversity Committee: Erica Baruch

  • Green Team:  Marti Matsch, Aaron Johnson

  • District Advisory Committee: Orrie Gartner

  • District Parent Council:  Maitreya Rich

7:30 Business

  • CDE School Performance Framework Update

  • Unified Improvement Plan Update and Climate Survey Data in January

  • School-wide goals for 2016-17

    • K-8 Curriculum Mapping in all content areas including SEL

    • Portfolios K-8

    • Instructional Rounds

    • Book Study on Formative Assesment

  • Open Enrollment updates and events

  • Council Budget update

8:00  Workshop

Why is Council important to the functioning of our school?  Come learn about the parent role in the governance of our school.  And how faculty and board interface with Council.

8:30 Coming in October:  Unified Improvement Plan


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