Council Minutes: May 25, 2017

Last council for 16-17 school year

Council Notes – 05/25/17


Council Next Year:


  • Reviewed themes for next year for Council. The aim is to balance business with the themes/focus areas.
  • Concord on open enrollment preference for family leave (Julie’s proposal). What was suggested last Council was to gather a group to prepare for November Council to discuss open enrollment.
  • Julie was asked to provider her proposal at this Council. She restated her proposal. She explained history that a family was leaving to prepare for travel and made a request to have preference for enrollment. Julie’s main question: “Is there a way to help support families when they leave the school for some reason and would like to return? Is there a way to give preference for open enrollment in a way that embraces our values.
    • The “returning student” would be put at the bottom of the list of established preferences (e.g., faculty full time, part time faculty here for 2 years, siblings) but before “in district” and “out of district” that family would have preference over other families.


Some concerns that have been raised by others is that this proposal is only applicable to affluent families that go away to travel. There may be many other reasons they leave the school (job, family illness). Another concern was that it opens the door for a family to “go shopping” to learn about other schools. Often there isn’t a spot open. Is it a “family preference” or a “student preference”.

Hope asked about families that have one student already at Horizons K8 and they are trying to open enroll their other child. Should they not have a preference similar to this one? Our open enrollment process for charter school says something about the values of the school? Is it “the child” or “the family” we are giving preference to?

There were questions and open discussion. There was verbiage offered and discussed to make a motion.

I move that Horizons K8 give open enrollment preference to a student who has attended Horizons previously. This preference should be secondary to the list of previously established preference (other than the in-BVSD preference).

Sought concordance through a vote. The majority showed thumbs up. Some had concerns. Those who were not in concordance shared their concerns gave rationale:

committee ought to be convened to look at this issue more closely and we want to avoid perceived “elitism” of Horizons K8. The counter: stress the community of council be the process for determining this.

In November, we could entertain other “open enrollment” possibilities and proposals people have.

Committee would help us gather information, what information would community like to make this decision. The other idea of committee would be coming up with a process for Council to use to make these decisions.

I don’t think that having a “committee” vet everything make sense. We have set expectation if you want to have a voice and concordance decision making process come to Council.

Who wants to participate in a group: Erin, Jill, Hope, Erica, Katie, Sushma, Beth, Peter, Mary – John’s list; this group goes to non concordance on this study.

Core of 15-20.

Moving board voting up on the agenda


Introductions of Board Nominees. Vote for 3 people or less, but don’t vote for one person 3 times!

Monica Fitzgerald

Paul Ramer

Todd Cassan

Julie Dye

Jaime Schlomberg

HIring Update:

  • Lauren Tracey, new Principal announcement- discussed that John and Lauren have been spending time together to make the transition smooth.
  • Elizabeth Miller – Julie gave description:  100 applicants screened. She was our #1. She was a Horizon’s student (Julie Cohen was her teacher).
  • Anne Blankenship – Lynn gave description:  Large number of applicants. She skyped her lesson and was in town last week and spent thursday and friday with us and came to team meeting.
  • Traci Bushnell – Lauren gave description: Traci has been here before as a 1st/2nd grade teacher and we are thrilled to welcome her as a Kinder teacher next year. She and her husband started 2 schools and has been offering the compassionate communication courses at Horizons over past years in the Hub.

Budget review – Frank

  • Professional development (PD) was described and celebrated. Discussed the “long view” fund. The aim is to have 5,000 placeholder and set that goal for next goal to support PD. There has been benefit from having funds to support professionals in the community to run the music/movement activities.

A parent indicated desire for Horizons K8 to move toward equitable experience with art/movement for 8th graders. We want to show vibrant experience from K through 8 grades.

Bill levy helps and has big impact to improve the program. Over 100,000 added to budget and is steady, reliable source of funding.

Bringing forward budget and encouraging

Finance review to the board to the council.

  • Made motion for budget to be approved. All approved.

Gratitudes were given by John for Board Members who are stepping off



Andrea (co-chair)

The results of Board Election:

Board Members





Frank Bruno – Co-Chair

Monica Fitzgerald – Vice Chair

There were some questions about the board

Board is comprised of…

  • 6 teachers
  • 6 parents
  • 2 at large positions (can be filled by anyone from the community)

Please see Bylaws for more details about how specific jobs on board are filled.


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