Council Minutes: May 19, 2016

Horizons K-8 Council

May 19, 2016


Hospitality provided by:  Office Team and Micah Schwalb and Tracy Heiman

Child care is provided by:  TBD


Facilitators:  Andrea Foote and John McCluskey

6:30 Introductions/Check in

6:40 Council agreements/procedures/concordance/minutes

6:45 Open Forum/Announcements

Several gratitude and celebrations were offered.

6:55 Horizons K-8 Website presentation

Denise gave the community an overview of our website.

7:05 Committee reports as needed

  • Board Update

Discussion of 8th grade trip.

    • Development Committee Update

Banner fundraising year. Thank you to the Horizons K-8 community.

    • Hiring Update

1-2 position has reopened and has been posted. 5-8 math position has been vacated. Faculty and John are working on next steps with this position.

  • Community Group:  Brooke Bell
  • Summer Camp update:  Xandra Coombs
  • Diversity Committee: Erica Baruch

Erica gave a report on the recent work of the committee

  • Green Team:  Marti Matsch, Aaron Johnson

Marti gave report of goals for next year.

  • District Advisory Committee:  Denise Washburn
  • Parent Advisory Committee: Micah Schwalb

Micah updated the community regarding BVSD parent advisory committee

7:30 Board candidate voting


Council approved Frank Bruno, Kelly Garrison and Jill Siegel-Stone as our three new board members.


7:45 Council 2016-17 Proposed budget presentation and concordance


Board Decisions included in 16-17 budget:


  1. 1% increase across the salary schedules for:




-Lead Custodian



2)  Reserve 4.5% Variable Pay payout for all salaried employees.  


-This payout is divided evenly among all salaried employee categories


3)  Adjust teacher salary schedule for the first four years to remain competitive with local districts


1st year:   4% increase

2nd year:   3% increase

3rd year:   2% increase

All subsequent years:   1% increase


Cost:  (in 16-17, depends on who hits these levels annually) $5,300


4)  Increase hourly salary schedule for annual cost of living increase at 1.5%


Additional pieces that have been approved by the Board:


-Increase in evening custodial hours

-Additional day of team collaboration time:  

-Increase in Art Teacher time from .5 to .6 FTE:  

-Increase in Literacy Specialists time .72 to .80:  

-8th Grade Trip and Travel fund

-Clinic/Office Aide


Other points of interest:


Per pupil operating revenue increase of:  $118 per pupil at 332.9 students:   $39,000

CDE Capital Construction for 16-17   $40,000

BVSD Central Services annual increase $10,000

Able to meet 20% reserve with TABOR and BEST Reserves included

Fund 11portion of 20% reserve:    $364,972

Council portion of 20% reserve:    $366,981

Total Restricted Reserve:   $731,952


Council Reserve:  $150,135


Decision Points:


-Suspend auction effort for one year  COUNCIL APPROVED

-Add $20,000 to reduce costs to parents for experiential learning activities  COUNCIL APPROVED

-Increase KH donation amount?  COUNCIL APPROVED INCREASE TO $6500

-Build curriculum planning day into PD.  Sustain at $22,000 for FY 17 COUNCIL APPROVED

-Increase Tech reserve by 10K and spend in FY17 COUNCIL APPROVED




8:30 Close


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