Council Minutes: March 31, 2016

Council Notes 3/31/16

68 people attending



Open Forum

Committee Reports:

  • Development
  • Hiring: narrowed to 12 candidates from 48, starting interview next week, bring recommendations to the board 4/14
  • Community Group
  • Summer Camp: deadline 4/31
  • Diversity: Learning lunches update (living lives of meaning), reading to end racism
  • Green Team: trip tracker (carpooling) encouraging participation, focus on the garden project and community friendly entry
  • Community Garden: held a community meeting with neighbors for an eligible pathway to help draw neighbors into the community garden
  • District Advisory Committee: each school came together to talk about funding, discussion that the largest priority district wide is needing funding for SEL

Horizons k8 Looking Ahead:

  • Strategic planning: best practice is to determine critical paths and review yearly as a community
  • Funding: How do we thoughtfully spend $250k over the next few years
  • How does Horizons develop students as self-directed learners and community contributors?
  • We have held the pillars of our foundation over 25 years for SDL and CC (teachers are planning through the scope of SDL/ CC how can we connect to this foundation and build upon it)
  • Why, How, What: Why some organizations are able to inspire
  • Examine our k8 alignment
  • Why: Our core principles drive our school
  • How: do we implement and connect SDL/ CC
  • Noticing the observables of the why/how
  • Wanting parent participation and feedback: world cafe activity
    • SDL: What do you hope will continue at HK8
    • What additional skills and experiences do you hope our students will have during their educational career at HK8?  
  • How are we facilitating these experiences for students
  • What do we want to do next?
  • Discussed our current practices
  • Where do we want to go to foster this part of our program (what is a SD learner? What does it mean to be a CC currently and in the future)
  • Parent asked for feedback from others regarding how HS students fare after their experience in HK8
  • Jim provided personal feedback from his children: students learn self advocacy, how to do well and push himself even though school was hard, became strong successful adults because SEL  and individualizing is so strong
  • What kinds of experience do kids want more of: outdoor activity, projects, developing relationships
  • How are we preparing kids for the future and the 21st century
  • 7:45-8:20 (group activity and share out with whole group)
    • Finding commonalities
    • Taking risks
    • Mentors
    • Involving parents more
    • Technology
    • Connections with outside organizations
    • Building connections with more groups in our immediate area
    • Have the students drive/ create the projects
    • Collaboration with other schools
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