Council Minutes: January 21, 2016

Horizons Council Meeting Minutes – Th. 1/21/16

Open Forum:
Next month’s council focus – all things garden (John)
⅚ Performance #1: Friday 1/22/16 11:45-12:30PM @ gym (Lynn)

Celebrations from board:
One time 4.5% variable pay for our licensed staff
to help ease the reality of Horizons not following the BVSD salary schedule
Long View Fund has begun with $10K donation
asking families to make a long term donation to school
$5K stipend for Auction Chair

FY16 Revised Council Budget for approval Proposal:
To meet our 20% Reserve goal (10K)
We have over 70K (one time surplus) to spend in FY16 (see John’s talking notes) – faculty based decisions on how this is spent
Decisions: Reserve and changes to council line items for FY16

Amount of funding for A&S/Art/Music/Movement
Could it be higher for the Art/Music/Movement?
Could we consider choir and instrumental music into program?
What is the net surplus of $247K being saved for?
Having a cushion is a good thing to have if we were to run into trouble
If there comes another grant that school needs to pay out (like the GOCO building grant) where we need to grant match
5 year vision – where do we want to be? How does the effect how we want to budget monetary funds? Clarity on the first can bring us clarity on the second. (i.e.: We want to be a school that contributes to the community. To do this, we can use the funds for ….”). Can we be more strategic.
Having this information before April would help with budget approval in spring (bring talking points to council in March)
We have been able to maintain our fund raising despite economic challenges
Let’s figure out our plan for long view so we can spend it well
How do we make sure we’re soliciting all voices from all parents? “If Horizons can excel in any one area, …” (at future council meeting; well publicized; )
Is there money that needs to be spent to help this visioning to happen?
We ask our families for a lot of money, and what is it being paid for?

#1: (Council) Increase professional development from $6K to $20K APPROVED
This includes both a day of curriculum mapping for faculty as well as attending conferences and guest speakers for all-faculty meeting
Sub coverage can come from this money

#2: (Denise) Increase by team $1000 per team plus $500 for K ($4,500) to support creative endeavors like art, music and movement APPROVED

#3: (Ron) Increase fund raising events from $25,500 to $30,500 APPROVED
Increase garden funds from $20,000 to $42,000 which puts (move greenhouse and whole foods) APPROVED
Move K-Enrichment reserves to fund 11 out of council APPROVED

#4: (John) Hold $101K in reserve to meet 20% reserve target APPROVED

Further Discussion:
Unified Improvement Plan (UIP)
Develop curriculum maps at each grade level in Mathematics by the end of 2015-16 school year
Create and implement a plan for teacher led “instructional rounds” to observe and share common practices
By the end of 16-17 year, Horizons K-8 will have an agreed upon progress communication process that will be clearly articulated to families that is in support of our current student led conferences process

Unified Improvement Plan (UIP) Goal Update post November Council

Travel-based Open Enrollment Preference Proposal for Horizons K-8
District willing to offer an waiver to let us go over the cap in the event that members of the Horizons community are taking a “leave of absence”. Is this something we are willing to do? It wouldn’t cost us a thing however our class sizes could increase. This wouldn’t affect us this year, but for next year’s open enrollment period.
District has added a “form” that tell neighborhood schools, “thou shalt take this kid back” after their travel.
Why is this so narrowly focused on travel?
Why not jobs?
Medical leave? (we hold open spot)
Exchange student
What happens when you’ve lost your spot for traveling and you have also lost your neighborhood school spot?
The “form” asks families to delineate how their child’s education will be provided for during this travel.
Proposal: Do we want to go over the cap? We’ll have to come back to another proposal…

Committee Reports:
Board Update
Community Group
Summer Camp Committee Update
Diversity Committee
District Parent Committee
District Advisory Committee
Green Team: Bike to school next Wed.

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