Council Minutes: January 19, 2017

Council Meeting


5 mins:  Background

  • Council is School Accountability Committee
  • We do an annual Unified Improvement Plan
  • We need want your input for this plan
  • Continuing from 2015-16, our 2016-17 Priorities currently include:


      • K-8 focus on reading growth (vocabulary, comprehension, etc.)
      • Curriculum alignment in all content areas and SEL (SDL and CC below)
      • Instructional rounds


  • Climate goal regarding desire for clear communication regarding academic progress of students
  • Portfolios/Academic progress



7:05 Interactive work session to get parent input on priority areas in bold/italics above


World Cafe Rotations:  Using Padlet there will be a table host and 5 groups will rotate.  5 minutes per round.   QR CODE will be posted at each table for cell phone use.  


  1. Overall strengths and growth opportunities at Horizons K-8 to help inform future work.

  1. Art, Music, Movement, Enrichment/Experiential monies…other ideas/feedback? (70K)

  1. Other opportunities for Self Directed Learning and Community Contribution.  

  1. Academic progress communication.  Ideas, More of?  Less of? How often?  

  1. Student led conferences: Ideas, needs, strengths, feedback

7:30 Last rotation:  Table host shares all rounds thinking and task is to come up with two to three goals/priorities/action items.


7:55  All group: Share out of action items from each topic.      


Materials Needed:

  • 5 round tables
  • 5 chromebooks as needed
  • Table hosts will log into chromebooks and type padlet link into address line, as needed
  • QR code sheets
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