Council Minutes: February 18, 2016

Announcements/Open Forum: (John)

K play next Thursday 2/28 @6:30PM (Beth and Wendy)

Committee Reports:

Board Update (Nel)

Lee Quinby’s from Colorado Association for Independent SchoolsHe had some ideas about how a board can function and run efficiently. also a Horizons Alum parent



Spring Hiring Committees (John)

2- ¾ positions (Nel and Sally) AND 1-½ position (Elizabeth)

Timeline deadline 3/25/16

Notify John if interested in being on the committee

Committee will be 3-4 days

Positions to be posted 2/22/16

Charter school job fair (3/12) and other postings

Community Groups (Poplawski)

1-4 game night on 2/19

5-8th parent night out 3/8

Summer Camp Update (Anne Hudson)

Site is live and ready for business!

Fliers available for posting if you’re able/willing to hang a few

some social media sites too

Thanks for helping spread the word

Diversity Committee (Erica Baruch)

Working on learning lunches that have been happening

Coming up: Ultimate Peace (ultimate players from Israel and Palestine); self-regulating game; maybe in April

½ local heroes

Reading to End Racism as more than just a one day experience

Job announcements adjustments to appeal to more diverse applicants

Partners in Recruitment

Articles available to share

How community work can be a good mechanism to help kids work together

Woman who won the teacher of the year award

Green Team (Marti Matsch/Aaron Johnson)

Ongoing effort to support Trip Tracker

Alice Sheffield and Trish Gerletz

Funding sources are in flux

Peter Hurst is looking for new sources

Trip Tracker SIlent Auction

Is this the “best” programs for us?

Pick up and drop off concerns

Kids/cars potential near misses

“Near road air pollution” (air pollution outside our front door)

Survey done a few years ago by CU students

Possible a new drop off/pick up (off Pawnee) with new bond money

Watch for announcement in Skylines with additional suggestions

District Parent Committee (Micah Schwalb) No report

District Advisory Committee (Denise Washburn) No report


Horizons Community Garden Planning:  

How we got here: the story of our Garden effort to this point (Adam Brink)

The Five Roots to the Horizons Garden

Compton Family Foundation gave seed money approx. 8 years ago

Needed to be “food to table”

3-A&Ss and Project week class (60 hours of student participation)

Parent meetings as well

Water sources

We looked at the plan

Introduced to Jeff Dillon, City of Boulder, Parks and Rec

Describe the Neighborhood and/or Group (John)

COGO grant awarded was a good start

Neighborhood grant takes it farther

Neighborhood engagement

Will draw people into our space

Community space to enjoy

5013C means that expenses don’t have to be run through district

All “thumbs up” from the district to move forward

$40,000 total in grant funds

Jeff Dillon, Boulder Parks & Rec Department

Creating a balanced environment of school, park, lake

National publicity for thoughtful collaboration of various groups and ages of interested parties (youth, elders, neighbors, school, public)

Park Master Plan Goals

Healthy parks and people through activation and accessibility

Youth engagement through nature play and service

Community development through public engagement, volunteerism, and philanthropy

$120,000 on improvements around Thunderbird Lake and Burke Park

8 raised beds surrounded by 4 lower beds

built with materials that are easy to teach people how to use (ex: blocks instead of wood; bricks on sand for pavers)

With contractor; we’d have enough to pay for ⅓ of project

400-500 hours of volunteer labor; could be kids helping raise awareness and volunteerism (3 weekends in May)

Timeline for Project:

February – Final design and layout

March 9th – Community meeting and order materials

April – prepare the site

May (7th, 14th, 21st) – weekend volunteer effort

7th: Build 4 raised beds

14th: Build 4 raised beds

21st: Lay pavers

Looking for 30-ish volunteers

Specific jobs each weekend

Neighborhood Grant is new and includes database of neighbors/surrounding community

What will need to be bid?

Contractor with a Bobcat/Auger ($3000-5000 effort)

1-2 days to pull gravel away

Survey to make sure site is as level as possible

Materials (less than $10,000 two quotes)



Will kids be here these weekend helping?  Yes

Will there be a sign up for specific jobs?  Yes

Rec on site

First aid on site

How does this work in the summer?

Community sign up program to make sure things are being watered

Crops are spring/fall to be harvested in August 1st-3rd

What is water situation?  Not automatic, but could put in a system per the district additional expense; irrigation turned off in winter

How does this fit into the curriculum?

During school year

During summer camp

Can volunteers besides parents/teachers/community help?  Yes

What about compost?  Yes, there will be an integrated food system with compost/fertilizer/etc.

Is there still a greenhouse component?  Yes, but longer term

District concern about snow load

District is changing their take on this now, so we might see this become a reality later on

Real cost on a greenhouse for our facility = $50,000-60,000

By June 1st or 2nd we’ll have a garden!  🙂

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