Council Minutes: February 15, 2018

February 15, 2018 Council Meeting


6:30 Introductions:

Monica Fitzgerald, co-facilitating, introduces a “check-in” (RISE) to council members


6:40 Council agreements/procedures/concordance/minutes


6:50 Open Forum:

-Raising issue of unvaccinated children in light of whooping cough and infectious diseases

-⅚ girls — would like to encourage more social-emotional learning and strategies around  issues of bystander training, working on collaborative teams, etc.

-Hope was in an accident and recovering at home. May be in next week.

-Proposal for proposals introduced by Julie Dye

-two part application process:  first part is “surface items,” second is deeper level

-application on one page (Limit of 1-2 pages so that significant work is not done, only to be turned down)

-add how much time required to make proposal at a Council meeting

-add: what evidence supports your idea? How will you educate the community? Are there any BVSD restrictions?

Council approved proposal as policy as a process to bring council agenda items forward, trial through end of school year and will reevaluate


7:05 Committee Reports

Development-Auction is progressing, encouraging more community projects to bring us together.

District Advisory Council-Alice Hartman representing us at DAC tonight to review Summit HS proposal;

Diversity & Inclusion-Continuing discussion around bringing more socio-economic diversity to the school ;

District Parent Council;

Finance Review Committee: Lauren leading faculty in ideas for potential spending items

Green Team;

Board report-board engaging in book study and discussing proposal for proposal as well as


7:45 – A window into progressive education models and innovative learning strategies & helping our school build a 3 year vision for growth.


Lauren leads discussion  three year vision for growth as well as master plan, innovation funds, instructional leadership teams


Four big shifts for deeper learning + 1

McLeod & Shareski, Different Schools for a Different World, 2018)


8:30     Close


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