Council Minutes: Feb 20, 2020


Communication agreements/Concordance explanation


Winter sports update

  • ⅚ Eldora highlights- only one day due to weather, unable to reschedule. Snow Science research trip at Mud Lake with CU scientists this week. Some ⅚ get to ice skate with their ½ buddies as well
  • ¾ and ⅞ buddies trip to estes: buddies for tubing, meals together, sing along together (secret handshakes for buddies)
  • Kindergarten 3 days of ice skating at Sports Stable
  • THANK YOU to volunteers who help make it all happen

Calendar update-

  • Number of minutes differs by grade level. Horizons tries to keep close to BVSD calendar. 

Calendar proposals brought to faculty to decide. This calendar was concorded on by faculty. 

See Skylines for details

Biggest change is start time change for grades 5-8 from 8:25 (this year) to 8:20 next year. Students in grades 5-8 will be marked tardy if arriving after 8:20. All others start at 8:25. Reasoning is that grades 5-8 can be ready to start quicker than younger students and this helps to make hours compliant without adding extra days for  grades 5-8. It also allows for more conference days for grades 5-8.

Charter Contract Update-

Council must approve final Charter Contract. Hope to have this in April.

Charter Application was officially approved by BVSD. (Kathleen Sullivan is BVSD legal council). BVSD wants feedback on what Horizons wants to see changed. Horizons is looking at:

  • Purchased Services from BVSD (such as payroll, IT, Insurance, Finance services)
  • Clean up language to make sure contract is clear
  • Update contract to address new statutory requirements and State requirements since last charter contract 10 years ago

Next steps: March 10 meeting wiht BVSD to go over changes step by step (transportation mill levy, keeping our Special Education model in particular)

Also looking at State waivers- Some are automatic and Horizons will request others. Main waivers are 

  • teacher evaluation flexibilty while still being in compliance. Horizons is looking at three established frameworks and will pilot an evaluation tool. 
  • Employee hiring waiver

BVSD would like to have contract to present to BVSD Board of Education by end of March. So Horizons Council will be presented with draft of contract for approval in March?

Survey went to families to get feedback regarding extracurricular activities, specials, etc. WIll go to School Accountability Committee (SAC) for next steps. Feedback was discussed with Specials teachers to determine direction of Specials in the future. All are welcome to the SAC meeting in March (see Skylines for date and time).

Conclusion: We’re in a great spot. Negotiations will happen but all looks good.

Committee Reports


DPC was cancelled due to weather. No report

Diversity and Inclusion – 

  • Learning lunch: 12 year cancer survivor lessons. In March Attention Homes. 
  • Pop up library in February. A book shelf will be set up in the office for others to borrow. Books can be available for classrooms.
  • Book club had good turn out. 
  • Knowing that transportation can be a barrier for diverse populations to attend Horizons, and in the event that BVSD says we can only use that money for transportation, D&I would like to use Mill levy money for transportation. Will create a committee to gather information to use the monies.

FRC discussions about paying for central services and what Horizons might want to waive in the charter contract. Tyler is doing research about hiring outside service. This could save costs and be more efficient for Horizons.

Board- last meeting discussed charter negotiations and waivers. Next Board meeting will review contract for Council approval

Community Group- 

  • Coffee connections 8:30 March 6 about
  • Game night 6-8 March 6, grades 1-6

Open Forum:

Development committee looking for a good paddle raiser. Moolah campaign is up and running. March 19 Pizza night at California Pizza Kitchen. Horizons gets 20%. Have pizza then come to council. Breakfast bags are available for $1.75 at drop off.

Can we start Council meetings next year at 6:00?

Enjoyment of ¾ poetry night and the integration of art and music.

Next Council meeting is on conference day. ⅚ teachers may not be able to attend. 

Meeting adjourned 8:07

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