Council Minutes: Dec 19, 2019

Council Minutes December 2019


Artastic – A huge success.  Over 45 vendors. Lynn’s class took on the bake sale and the organization that got the money.  Gross $15K. HK8 got about 25%.

Joyful solidarity and fundraising!

Thanks to Committee and all those who helped make it happen!  A well oiled machine.  

Committee:  5 people who always help including Hope.



Charter Renewal:  Application is being renewed.  

Meeting with other Charter schools to get new information about the 2005 Mill Levy. Most likely will not be able to get that money this year.  About $83K. About 2% of our budget.

We will see if any of our expenses fit the requirements.  District will let us know.

Currently our budget has this money in it, we may be asked to remove that line item.

Other charters are looking at the impact of that money.  Others might be in a different situation than us and they might choose to litigate against the BVSD Board of Education. 

Could we find ways to use this money to fit the requirement?  EcoPasses? Bus?

Either way it eliminates the money from our bottom line.

Negotiations will begin in February.

  • Head of School Evaluation Report: 
    Teachers did the survey.

Community has been asked to as well.

  • School Climate Survey Data:  

Overall Sense of the data

Can we link the info?  

Overall the responses seem positive and “better” than the overall district response.

There still seems to be a desire/need/lack of sports in our school.  How could we fulfill this? Is there a desire for this? Could we compete?  Could we go through the YMCA? We had Ultimate. Could we do others? Can we get this question written differently to separate club v. sports? 
Can we look at this as being ok that we don’t do these things.  It is the only point we are that low on. Can we ask the community?

Parent or Mo do the coordination and YMCA does the coaching?

Would need to start asking now and prep it this summer in order to make it work next year.

Next Steps would be to reach out to the Y and see what needs to be done.  Lynn has the name of the old coaches. We will have to hire a “night supervisor guy”.

Hope will look at the calendar and announce the SAC meetings in Skylines to help encourage participation in the committee. 

There will be a Horizons Parent Survey and Karen will let us know if there is a BVSD one coming out.

  • Diversity and Inclusion:

Learning Lunch – Sam Goes to School video.  About a child with special needs and his journey trying to get to school.

The timing of ⅚ and ⅞ lunches is hard as they no longer are the same time.  They are looking for more speakers for these. Tomorrow the Artastic board will be re-decorated by Diversity and Inclusion advertising their up-coming events.

Pop-Up Library with books that are about Diversity.  $125 per team for books that celebrate diversity. Reading to End Racism  January 23rd. 

Coffee Connections – February will focus on Black History or MLK.  They are looking for speakers.  

White Fragility Book Club.  Discussion went well. Next book might be on the New Jim Crow.  

  • Finance Review:

Annual Audit is completed.  Clean audit of last year’s books.  Online if you are interested. 5 year budget is in place.  Budget looks good and solid. Thanks to Lucas. Contract Negotiation – we will discuss connections with district.  What are we buying and is it fiscally ideal to do so?  

  • Board:

Signed Bylaws.  Concorded on. These are official and meet legal requirements and will be submitted to BVSD.  HK8 is a 501C3. Minutes are posted online. Decision Making Matrix is still being worked on. PD calendar is completed and approved. 

Head of School Evaluation and the desire to go into the year with a HOS.  Cannot make any plans until all of the surveys are in. Decide after we determine what the community feels.  

  • Community Group:

Coffee Connections December – Sanitas High School came and spoke.  They will be meeting with BVSD to see if they can get a building to house the new school.  They will get a draft of their contract tomorrow.

No CC in January.  They would like a diversity speaker in February.  

Book Club.  THey would like to keep doing those.  Alternate mornings and evenings? No date set yet.

Project Workshop tomorrow – blueberry scones for helping!

  • Open Forum : 

Pancake Breakfast!  How will we get everyone seated to eat?  Janessa Bergram is in charge. You can sign up to help on Help At School.

No school for a couple of weeks…. Happy Holidays.

Closed at 8:15.


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