Council Minutes: April 20, 2017

Council Minutes




Thanks to all who coordinated bike to school week! Success!

Spring parking lot – quick drop off, no lingering, walk in/bike in if possible

Thanks and gratitude from John to Horizons community surrounding his leaving 🙂

Reminder/celebration of communication agreements and opportunity to reinforce those during this time of uncertainty  — many thanks!

Upcoming dates:

May 18 – business council meeting to review budget for year 17-18

Voting Board Members

Principal hiring update:

Process and details can be viewed here:

20 applications came in, only 12 were complete

6 were chosen for interviews

2 were chosen for on site assessment

Parent questions:

Q: How does Horizons principal salary compare to BVSD principal?

A: It is comparable/on par with BVSD salary

Q: Are we going through this hiring process too quickly? Was our process as thorough and far reaching as it should be?

A: Hiring committee knew that if they did not feel we had any right fit we would abandon timeline and keep looking until the right person is found. Process has been thorough and applicants have been worthy


3rd/4th grade hiring update:

  • Screened 96 applicants for a 1 year position
  • Hiring committee all screened and all came up with identical lists for top 8
  • 6 were interviewed on Monday
  • We will see sample lessons from 3 this week
  • Goal is to have decision sometime next week

5th/6th grade hiring update:

  • 70-80 applicants
  • Hiring Committee screened and all top lists were similar
  • 6 were chosen for interview
  • 3 will do sample lessons this upcoming week

Note: All hiring committees are working with this common perspective

  • We are not choosing the best of “who we have right now” we are looking for the best for Horizons K-8

⅝ Special Ed update — this position has changed to a full time FTE position which is why it is being posted this year.


Meet the Board Member Nominees

Responsibilities for board are financial, and the board reflects Horizons values

Are we spending our money in a responsible way?

Parent Question: How do we differentiate a board decision vs a council decision? What is the process?

A: Regarding personnel, it is a board decision

One of the big differences between bylaws and council decisions is the charter contract that says we will adhere to all things the district does except (list of things) So there are some policies we have to abide by due to our BVSD contract, especially if we did not put them in our own bylaws– we defer to district.

Co-chair board responsibilities

  • Important relationship with school and principal
  • Principal and co-chair spend a lot of time together
  • Co-chair is in charge of Evaluation of Principal, what does it mean to evaluate a principal if I have never been an educator? They “deliver the evaluation” which is a collection of feedback and input from the staff/teachers and community. Following due process / no opinions or agendas.


  • Co-chair needs to be someone who knows how significant their role is. Community also needs to support this relationship.
  • Rotation serves this support by having a co-chair and co-chair outgoing, so there is a year of training/support


Open enrollment recap:

  • Open enrollment preference for returning Horizons families?
  • “Do we give priorities to returning families or new families?
  • Distinction between a returning “child” and a returning “family”
  • How do our open enrollment policies reflect Horizons values/mission?
  • How do our open enrollment preferences reflect our values?

Brings up a broader/bigger discussion on open enrollment policy

Can we bring this discussion to the forefront of council agenda when there is enough time to dive in and discuss thoroughly

Need to create a timeline

Form an informed committee that will prepare and present to community at council

Proposal for 2018-2019 school year  

Tabled until staff can talk about it

Establish timeline and make decisions

Who is the empowered body to take this on?

Proposal to start an open enrollment committee to look at process??

Council in May will discuss!


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