Council Minutes: May 17, 2018

Council Meeting Notes
Thursday, May 17, 2018

6:30 Welcome – Loss and community – Monica
15 people in attendance, begin at 6:38
Personal loss
Factors that contribute to resilience in our community
Our ability to maintain rhythms, rituals, and routines of our community
The routine of school and home lives is important for the grieving process
Balance of personal healing and rhythm of school life
That helps kids move through the loss
Build intentional safe responsive school environments
Timing is critical
Be responsive to kids questions
The trust in letting the healing happen as we maintain our relationships

6:35 Welcome and introductions

6:45 council agreements, procedures, concordance
Peter shares slides about the role and responsibility of council
Share slide about concordance

6:50 open forum
Julie Dye, communication question still coming
Kudos to 3/4 and 5/6 teams for dream homework and learning without walls
Bella Benson and Ainsley Dye earned high award for GIrl Scouts for Pine RIdge Project
Come Out and Play event on Saturday

7:00 staff updates and new employees
Board approved hiring for 2018-2019 school
Able to allocate $600,000 of our reserves for four new positions
Three month project to determine needs, at team, K-8, and institutional needs
Lauren met with each team
Intentional groups met and made proposals at faculty meeting
Four proposals were brought to the faculty board
Faculty board decided to hire four individuals to assist taking our school to the next level
Assistant principal, MTSS/Interventionist, STEAM/Innovation Coordinator, Counselor
Share titles and job descriptions (listed on slide)
300 applications
Thrilled at what these people will bring and can bring our school to the next level
Also mention 6-8 special ed teacher
Show slides about new hires

7:10 house bill 1375 – mill levies and budget – Frank
In last year’s legislation this bill was voted
In place next school year
Bill will provide for school districts around the state to provide 95% of mill levy funding to innovation schools and charter schools vs 100% to district school
District is planning on implementing HB1375 as it is written
Question about the intention
Reality is the opportunity to fund charters to 95% of mill levy
We do not contract for ELD services, we stand to lose $1,100
Other charter schools are also working on this
Wanting to make a decision on sending a letter to BVSD about funding at less than 100% of the complement
Vote at district June 12 meeting
Frank and Kelly Garrison are signed up to speak at the meeting next Tuesday night
Not fair to take a school that has been funded at 100% of the complement to now fund 95% because they can
Charters innovate and have been approved by the district
Could be a potential political move against charter schools or innovation schools
Summit and Peak to Peak risk losing much more
They can create a plan that indicates how the money will be reallocated to other schools
Unless they hear something very compelling, this is the direction that they are going
Need to hear the the charter schools are awake, are aligned, and are paying attention
Frank makes a motion to send the letter, show up, show support for charters, and voice opposition to this pathway
Parent (Erica B) raises concern about equity
Horizons has a much higher level of sped needs, we don’t take the same “hit’ as Summit or Peak to Peak, equity definition includes sped
A lot of innovation occurs at the charter level
Question — how does BVSD intend to reallocate the funds
District enrollment is down
Study session is where they formulate their pathway
7:20 budget updates and council budget – Jaime
Horizons has had a conservative approach to budgeting over the past few years
Recent audit
CDE, BVSD, best practice recommendation is a maximum reserve of no more than 15%
.5 million, not 1.4 million
We decided to take about $600,000 over three years to fund these four new position
Hope that the district will then be able to fund the positions
We’ve been looking at our budget process, looking at how we do our budget, mindful, proper, let’s do this right
Don’t have the council budget ready for approval
Still trying to clarify inconsistencies (example of custodian)
Not transfering funds at this time
No action tonight
Revisit in September
Erica asks about committees requesting funding

7:30 board elections – Frank and Monica
Three positions and three candidates
We’d like to announce that Frank, Cory, and Paul are our new board members

7:45 committee reports – DAC, diversity and inclusion, green team
Green team
Rachel is a sponsor
Try to integrate more next year, pollution, transportation, etc.
DAC: UIP was discussed, concerns about superintendent search, mill levy discussion
Development: made about $46,000 at the auction
Signed up for Etown again next year
Moolah is at $60,000 for the year
Diversity: learning lunches, mostly 5/6 students, predominantly girls, students asking great questions, RER, coordinated with I Have a Dream students, continue and build on this more, kindness day in April, a plan that would supplement and complement our charter renewal with consideration for diversity and inclusion, brainstorming meeting on Tuesday at 3:45

*typically the board members meet
*Frank may be able to call a board meeting and get some more guidance before Tuesday night

8:00 adjourn and happy summer

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