Council Minutes: Jan 16, 2020

Council Meeting Minutes

Jan 16, 2020

6:30 PM – 8:00 PM

Welcome and introduction (Paul Martin)

Discussion of communication agreements (Lucas Ketzer, Head of School)

Charter contract update (Lucas Ketzer)

  • Have received District scoring of the charter renewal application in 18 areas.
  • Expecting to begin review of contract drafts within 2-3 weeks
  • Discussion of 2005 mill levy funding and provision transportation
  • Discussion of special education funding

Climate Survey and Extracurricular Survey (Lucas Ketzer)

  • Discussion of analysis of school climate survey
  • Forthcoming parent survey concerning extracurricular activities
  • Discussion of extracurricular activities

District Accountability Committee Report – DAC (Karla Scornavacco)

  • Report recaps most recent meeting with BVSD leaders and committee members
  • Function of DAC
  • Superintendent discussed revamping of District budget process
  • Interested in “ROI”

Diversity and Inclusion Committee Report (Erica Baruch)

  • Discussion of the committee sponsored library in school entry area
  • Discussion of upcoming Reading to End Racism presentations
  • Discussion of upcoming Learning Lunch speakers

Finance Review Committee (Tyler Currie)

  • Noted approval of revised FY 2020 budget
  • Revised plan minimal variance to original budget at the bottom line
  • New hire in business office for payroll and accounting functions
  • Preparing for contract negotiations

Council Revised Budget (Paul Martin / Lucas Ketzer)

  • Quorum met for voting purposes
  • Discussion of revised budget
  • Little variance at bottom line compared to the prior working budget

Steve Wozniak: Motion to accept revised FY 2020 Council budget

  1. Maitreya Rich: 2nd

Concordance achieved

Motion carries

Board Report (Paul Martin)

Board has publicly noticed an intent to hire Lucas Ketzer as the permanent Head of School.

Open Forum

Hope Nelson-Roohr offers an update on open enrollment for school year 2020-2021.

Adjournment 8:00


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