Council Meeting: September 20, 2012

Horizons Council 6:30

Introductions of participants and Board

Council Procedures – Concordance, Council Board, Communication Policy

Open Forum – Council members may share up to two minutes of information relevant to our community

● Hope = Some cases of lice in school; when we find a case, we check the heads of the kids in the class and ask

the parents to do some “homework” as well; there is a professional nit picking service available; see Hope for

details and questions

● Martha = Please don’t forget box top fundraiser; cartridges for kids (cell phones, cartridges, etc.) easy way to earn

money for the school

● John = Target Red Card use means you save 5% and school gets 5% of every Target purchase

● Gina = There are still parenting programs through PEN; check out website or Skylines for details; high

performance parenting by Adam Felds in October; working on having PEN have a bigger presence at Horizons;

all interested parents invited to come and begin conversation about connecting our own parent/new parents at

Horizons; look for future email from Gina

● John = Next Friday’s Coffee and Conversation can be dedicated to this parent connecting topic 9/28

● Peter = Tomorrow at 12:15 4-5 team will be showing slideshow about 100 Elk; come if you’re able — all invited

Experiential Education activity and “Deeper Learning”

● What is instructional approach for outdoor ed? If you can think between the ages of 8 and 18; think about

something you learned that still sits with you today; think about what were the circumstances in that learning

experience; what was emotional engagement? Who was involved? (Pair share)

● Was there a particular emotional component? Connection, no matter who you are, you are important/special,

● How emotions Affect Learning: Emotion -> Attention -> Memory -> Learning (Robert Sylwester, University of ?)

If you’re not emotionally engaged, you’re not learning

● Try not to ask the question, “How are you doing?” Try “How are you learning?” “What are you learning?” “Are

you having fun?” Boredom is an emotion — what are you going to do about that?

Outdoor Education highlights from faculty

● K (Elizabeth/Beth) Stayed local — playground/pond; community garden in NBo (Children’s PeaceGarden); bees;

naturalists from Boulder Open Space; Wendy and the 1st graders had Bugmobile; Ecocycle visit

● 1st (Jeanne/Wendy) Overnight in building; not much sleep, and wonderful; bugmobile; farm visit postponed until

October; started with hiking at Chatauqua; beautiful community potluck; parents brought food; ate; and then

helped kids set up sleeping bags for the night; mini muffins and welcome to 2-3 students

● 2-3 (Adam/Julie) went to Keystone Science School; combo of curriculum and community building; earth science

and early Colorado history (mining effect on CO); kids went to 3 different mines (gold mining; sluice; and Country

Boy mine); community connecting; supporting each other; many different kids taking leadership roles

● 4-5 (Nel/Lauren) 100 Elk outside of Buena Vista; focus is learning what you’re capable of doin physically through

fear; setting goals/reaching goals/going beyond that; gaining confidence; purposefully mix homerooms in activity

groups and cabins; learning how to support each other/put others first; “Stairway to heaven” really cool way to see

kids work together in paris to reach top

● MS Fruita (Janice/Lance) Connecting w/nature; star talks; council each night; hiking in Colorado Plateau; putting

tent together; eating outside; Keystone Science School guided trip/activities; connecting with each other; geology/

human history; kids making connections with geological time; native Americans; kids taking care of each other

● MS Glacier View (Tracy/Jim) Focus on wilderness survival skills; had help of teachers from GV; orienteering,

wilderness first aid, making fires, frisbee golf, high ropes course, canoeing in the pool, etc. “Competition” to

support each other finding everyone’s strengths to support all the pieces necessary; being together in community

was a really nice part of it; great support on the high ropes course; have fun and support each other

● MS Alamosa (Pat/Lynn) worked with La Puente, a service organization in Alamosa (kid care, food bank, clothing

stores, thrift stores, shelter, etc.) Three rotations = La Puente (cooking in shelter, Pals, food bank, etc.); SAnd

Dunes/Zapata Falls (goal of getting somewhere); Farming Group (Americorps volunteer/Farm Bureau) to learn

about agriculture of the area and harvest crops

● Hope/Kelly/Cece/John = were in a variety of geographic areas due to lack of AC/too much AC in office!

● Feeling in building is different than what was in building previously (less nervousness, etc.)

● Gratitude for parents for support, kids for taking on challenges, teachers for prep/work done already at this point

in year


● SAC (School Accountability Committee) come as results of Fed. Law NCLB; each school should have group that

has relevancy and holds school accountable = Horizons Council; students are welcome; community members not

directly related to Horizons; looking for 2 or so people outside the Horizons community (business owner/neighbor,

alumni, etc. Please let Cece/John know if you have folks who might be interested — Topics to include = school

goals; council budget; transition; what role does Horizons want to have in education in Boulder county etc.

● UIP (Unified Improvement Program formally known as TIES/SIT) State has given us a template; take a look at

data from one measure (TCAP) and come up with a growth/improvement plan for school; how do we want to

improve; it’s a public document accessible via CDE

● TCAP = some celebrations … (John, can you add the data into notes?)

– Growth scores are strong

– Elementary math shows 80% growth; best in district

– We haven’t made TCAP our everything and we’re keeping the wholistic piece alive as well

– Might be good to compare to other BVSD schools (all online)

– We are able to achieve these scores without compromising our educational plans

– Small population = 1-5 students have a large effect in our data (each kiddo at Horizons = 3-4%)

● If anyone is really interested in UIP meetings, please include in emails (or maybe even announce it in Skylines)

● Ellen and Sally W. meeting in Sally’s room Monday after school — anyone’s welcome to come and sit in on


● As teachers, we look at what went well and how to keep that going in addition to looking at areas of need

● If parents want to participate, committing to the whole process is important to its effetiveness

● CDE site has lots of data Horizons specific — parents/teachers encouraged to check out the data

8:00 -8:30

Committee Reports

Fundraising Kathy Hagen/Caren

● Auction is on April 13th,

● Annual fund Campaign

○ Saturday at the Avalon Ballroom

○ Volunteers welcome who want to help with effort

○ Working towards 100% participating (whatever you can afford, even if it’s not the whole amount)

○ Look for emailing coming soon

○ If we hit 100%, we’ll have very exciting things happening

Finance Review – Council Budget and District budgets

● Melinda – Council Budget (more to come next month — no paper copies at this time)

● Ron – District Budget

○ Last year we raised more money than we’d ever raised, but because there was the Best grant we also

spent more than we ever spent; cost of services went up; we dipped into our reserves; reserves are now

smaller; district had to pay for some things that we had hoped to use coucil money for; amazing amount

of money we’re able to raise as a school our size; we need to talk about what we need to do to stay on a

sustainable track = this will come next month

○ Numbers we have are from last May

○ We added 8 students last spring to help with some of the budget cuts

○ All expenses went up (services, salaries, Best grant $49K payment, etc.)

○ We will get updated numbers from BVSD before end of Sept. when they have a better idea of this district


○ Looks like we’ll have a deficit this year which will need to be funded out of Council budget

○ We need to look at the budgets long term

● John

○ Last year we basically broke even ($224)

○ State budget numbers begin to come out in January

○ Last year we didn’t know what we were getting until the school year was over

District Accountability Committee (DAC) Kevin Holst

● Which projects to be selected for this year

○ Math curriculum

○ Teacher screener

○ Climate assessment

○ Literacy plan

○ TCAP and math curriculum seem like bigger issues to discuss

○ PARCC (next change at state level TCAP -> PARCC)

■ Online assessment

■ Common core standards

■ Immediate feedback

■ Coalition of states going together with PARCC (broader sense of data to compare)

■ Research PARCC if interested

○ Other schools are asking Kevin about how we do math

District Parent Committee (DPC) Shannon Hassan

● Update on district calendar (to be set for the next 2 years) email coming to give feedback

● Two meetings in October about earlier/later start

● Impact of Education Grants online 10/1-10/22

● Revamped hiring process for teachers for BVSD + screening process

● (email if you have feedback/topics to suggest)

Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) Judy Florian & Sarah

● No report

By-Laws Update by John

● A committee has been meeting over the summer to take a look at particular bylaw language that pertain to

decisions up and coming

● “Conflict of interest” language

● BVSD transitional pay schedule

● Whose decisions are these to make

● What would be “best Practice “ for us to have thoughtful conversations as we move forward

● Announce in Skylines for those who are interested, can get involved

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