Council Minutes: September 19, 2019

Council Notes September 19, 2019


Explanation of Horizons Communication Agreements and Concordance.


Hiring Update: Shanda- Nurse para, Tali – 1/2, Karen AHOS, Dante- ¾, Chris- ⅞, Imogene – Spanish, Carol – STEAM, Mo-PE, Alice – Music,, Amelia -SpEd MS.

School Accountability Committee (SAC): Staff/Parents, help school drive improvement efforts.  UIP and Charter Renewal. Looking for 2-3 parents and 2-3 faculty.  Schedule will be determined by the members. Email Lucas.

Charter Renewal – BVSD contract.

  • In 2010 HK8 was given a 10-year renewal.  It ends in Spring 2020. Looks at all aspects of the school.
  • Margaret Crespo – SW Area Superintendent.  No longer granting 10-year charters. 5 year is more likely.
  • We are in the process of what evaluation system and rubric we will be using.  There has been a re-org at the district level that has made this a little confusing but Karen and Lucas are working diligently to work with BVSD to get the documentation together and submit the application.  Finances – BVSD is looking for us to figure out a sustainable draw-down.
  • We are working with other district Charters to tap their expertise.
  •  Lucas is looking for a strong team to help with this work.  We will keep the community in the loop as the process moves forward.
  • Questions were asked regarding due dates and possibilities of having the charter not renewed.  However, we have heard nothing but positives from those we have spoken to. There will be rounds of suggestions, etc.
  • The process is intended to be transparent to the community as well.  Families and Community are welcome to attend District Board meetings, reach out to SuperIntendents, attend Council, contact Lucas, etc.

Finance Review:

  • Five-year budget projections.  These are being worked on by Denise and Joan.  Gathering data and information from the district as well.
  • What is sustainable?
  • The district does not want us keeping a large sum in reserves that is intended for current students. It is an equity issue.  We have been more conservative than necessary.
  • First step is working with faculty to begin that process.
  • Suggestion for how to spend the funds?  Shade structures in front of school? Rather than to idle in their cars.

Arts/Music/Movement Budget:

  • Historically used by teachers to bring in programming that would allow for this type of work.  This year, we have teachers who are on staff serving these needs and offering programming for all students on a daily basis.
  • The new model offers more collaboration time for teachers. Offers a set schedule rather than varied.  Able to work with the specials teachers and collaborate for them as well. Integrated with classroom work.
  • Parent asked if Alice would like some support or help in the class and/or with programming, etc  Hope will ask teachers what they would like help with.

Discussion: Could money we need to spend down go to these programs?  The concern is that it is not recurring money. Library? The books are in the classroom library.  This was intentional years ago, to allow for kids to have them in their rooms and constantly available.

Voting:  A staff who is a parent as well, needs to vote as a faculty, not parent.

Action Item:

M&S: Approval of Board President/ Co-Chair. Paul Martin. Passed

M&S: Approval of Parent Member of Board.  Allison Akhnoukh Passed.

Announced:  Alex and Paul M. as Vice Co-Chair, Geary as Secretary, Tyler as Treasurer

M&S:  Approval of Faculty Committee:  Carol, Emmy, Sherry, Julie, Lynn, Ryan, Natalie.  Passed.


District Accountability Committee (DAC) Report:

  • Representative that comes once a month to the school.
  • District is unsure of how the renewal will work.  School Board did approve renewal decision will be shared in February.  December 1st that it all has to be in. SuperIntendent is a fan of data and we have a low participation rate.  (about 77% on CMAS).
  • BVSD has the largest achievement gap in the state.

District Parent Committee (DPC) Report:

  • Representative from each school to meet with Sup.  We were in the top tier, but have dropped one level.
  • Scores are high.  Participation grew.
  • Strategic plan was discussed:  Scope and sequence.
  • Common and aligned instructional systems.  Monitor the work that has been done so far with initiatives, etc.

Diversity Committee:

  • MLK inclusion library in the school.  Books to supplement diversity collections that could be accessed by kids and parents.
  • Lunch and Learn – 5-8th.  Speakers to discuss. Sherry is working with this group as well.  Rachel Geller – speaker.
  • Charter Renewal- accountability.  Inclusion was an issue for Summit, so we can be proactive about it.
  • Concern about the school mascot – Milky White.  Name-based on the cow from Into the Woods. 2nd graders were concerned that this was not an inclusive name.  Perhaps the name and not the mascot could be changed.
  • There is a history at HK8 of trying to attract a more diverse population.  However, the lack of buses and requested monies makes this hard.
  • The school is open to ideas of how to attract more diverse families.  Idea of sponsors to help families who want to come and may not be able to afford.

Board Report:

  • Single draft of our by-laws.  Voted to adopt officially the BVSD draft.
  • The difference was that the AP was on the board in the one that we chose.
  • Will focus on the renewal then focus on the by-laws, etc.
  • Legal issues that we need to check in on.  School accountability committee needs to be created for example.
  • Electronic marquee – we are trying to get a bid that will allow us to order one.
  • Policy around compensation for part-time teachers and those who have been at the school, leave, and return.  The part-time teachers are held right below threshold for benefits.
  • Changes to by-laws that have to be concorded at council are anything that has to do with voting rights.

Open Forum:  

  • Discussion about Climate Change Strike on Friday, September 20.  This was student-led.
  • Gratitude for a great council meeting expressed by many.



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