Council Meeting: September 18, 2014

Horizons K­8 Council

Facilitators: Danny Conroy and John McCluskey

Minutes: Lauren Tracey

I> Bruce Messinger and Diedre Pilch to share on BVSD Bond Initiative 3A on ballot

● 3 schools will be replaced;

● pre­K­8 school in Erie. Projecting 1000 students will attend.

● Will improve physical condition of schools ­maintenance, boilers, etc.

● Special Ed centralization current students from Halcyon school.

● Will have CBOT: Citizen Bond Oversight Committee

● Pre­school commitment is strong and geared toward highly impacted populations.

● 576 million will be spent and boosts economy, via jobs.

● Boulder County has a great voting record approving bond issues, while others fail in rest

of the state.

● Technology included; currently 1:1 Pilot initiative @ Centaurus. Part of 3A will provide

internet to some affordable housing projects.

● This is a six year plan and the timeline has not yet been drafted. 3 phases over 6 years.

? Horizons is slated to receive 1 million; Peak to Peak 4 million; Summit has 8 million in this

bond. Question­ why the disparity? Also, we had no oversight committee to determine needs.

BM says because we have recent upgrades. Community member points out that BVSD will be

making a 4 million dollar investment in a building that BVSD does not own. BM says BVSD legal

dept. is involved in the proposal for Peak to Peak.

Question was askede regarding the timing for full day kindergarten ­ need to also have funding

for teacher salaries.BM replies If salary funding is approved this session by legislature, most of

our facilities could not accomodate 3­4 year olds right now anyway.

Question was asked; is it possible to have initiatives for higher teacher pay or smaller class

sizes? BM ­ separate funding structure. Bonds are limited to physical facilities

All under discussion per, TABOR is a factor, State worries about equity issues in terms of local

voting opportunities that fund things like class size and teacher salary.


Council procedures; communication procedures

open forum:

● our school is full for October count

● Thanks for everyone who attended BOCO grant & new playground celebration.

III>Teams report on reconfiguration and outdoor ed

● Kinder team: Council does the insect dance to the tune of “heads, shoulders, knees and


Trip to Children’s Peace Garden & saw bees; rained out of trip to Sunflower Garden in


Outdoor Ed: invitation to view this as a K­8 experience and integral part of Horizons education

● 1­2 ­ Keystone science school; 1 night overnight; came home around 3pm; focus was

rocks, minerals and mining; slideshow

● 3­4 ­ 3 days exploring geological history of Boulder County ­ Lessons in field; meals in

dining hall; kids made sandwiches in the field; lots of valuable geology & great


● 5­6 100 Elk ­ stepping out of comfort zone focus; slideshow

● 7­8 ­ great configuration; feels good & exciting; OE was at Rainbow trail in So. Colorado

in Sangre de Christo mtns. focus on developing kids & bonding; high ropes course is 35

feet in air, have to be 7th grade or older to go on. Ropes course with advisory group ­

focus on how to do what you never thought you could do. Had a hike with a 5000

elevation grade.

● Teachers report comfort and ease with configurations

? ­ should we consider no school on Monday following Outdoor Ed in next year’s calendar.

Reminder that many grades aren’t gone for an entire week anyway.

Mention about Nature Deficit Disorder as discussed in Last Child in the Woods, and

congratulates teachers and parents on valuing children’s experiences in nature.

VI> Strategic Plan as developed by Big Picture Team was distributed

link here Community invited to send John or classroom teacher feedback

V>Board report ­ has met twice: highlights ­ had 2 guests, approved financial controls

document which is posted on the website. Reviewed strategic plan and inquired about how we

might track progress. Motion to approve aftercare position. Board treasurer is now Phil Taylor

(interim right now)

Let council know that Ron W. has stepped down as treasurer. Thank you for all his work. Board

is crafting job description for treasurer. Board officer position.

VI> Committee reports

Development Committee: Kathy Hagen reports.

● Looking for members.

● Currently working on MOOLA campaign.

● Right now need help with Payback books ­ are already in office. Needs help stuffing

books in envelopes and delivering to classrooms. Two volunteers step up!

● Auction committee planning begins in December, looking for co­chair.

Thank you to Kathy, who stepped down last year and has come back. Thank you to Danny &

Kevin Holst for participating in back to school night. Working on letter for MOOLA campaign to

help people understand where money goes from fundraising. Also working with rev­track ­

automated payment system.

Kevin Holst: Early money is really important because it helps in planning allocation of resources

and salary.

Community Group:

● Has had 2 coffees so far this year & hosted a lounge @ back to school night.

● Pizza program starts tomorrow. Money goes into council budget and is discretionary.

Abo’s prices have gone up; slice price goes up to $2.50 via proposal and thumbs up.

Diversity/Inclusion committee:

● looking at ways to bring multi­cultural resources to school including speakers, library,


● Will have a monthly multicultural corner in Skylines.

● Policy and practice assessment in 2015 with about 15 stakeholders. Next meeting is

October 14, Tuesday, all are invited.

DAC interim representative Kevin Holst.

● Good place to learn about district wide initiatives. First Tuesday of every month. If anyone

is interested in DAC, contact Kevin.


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