Council Minutes: October 19, 2017

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Child care is provided by: Sophia Krauth

Minutes:    Teran Sittner

Facilitators:  Frank Bruno and Lauren Tracey

6:30 Introductions

  • 23 present (9 faculty)

6:40 Council agreements/procedures/concordance/minutes

6:50 How does council fit into our governance model?— council role & responsibility

  • Review of Horizons K-8 Board/Job Descriptions/Bylaws
    • Available on website under financial transparency
    • Coming to the end of a 10-year charter with district
      • Now only granting 5-year charters (renewing in 2019)

7:05 Plans for future communication; community survey

  • Revisit Zoom for Council (Cory & Lauren are going to rock it!)

7:10 Open Forum:  Please come to sign up with any items just before the meeting

        Items for future discussion

    • Sing Along Boulder: Sing along on Saturday on Pearl Street Mall
    • Artastic Market – Dec. 8, 11-2; call for artists
    • Is concordance the right decision making process for this (meaning our current) community?
    • Proposal for the school to form a SPED committee; we will offer an information session for parents; looking for volunteer for SEAC
    • Workshop on how to speak to children about race Nov. 5 led by Jess Ward of CityWow

7:25 Outdoor Ed at Horizons 2017-18:  Slideshow and Teacher debrief

  • We are fortunate to have a K-8 program, when many schools are considering discontinuing because of associated costs.


7:45  OE preparations & reflections – artifacts from our K-8th grade classrooms

7:55  Committee reports

  • Development- Auction preparations for event @ E-Town Hall on 4/14/18
  • District Advisory Council- Discussion regarding new possible mill levies.
  • Diversity & Inclusion – Learning lunches in full swing for grades 5-8
  • District Parent Council – Discussion regarding upcoming election & school board
  • Finance Review Committee – waiting for Audit for Fiscal Year 2017 to conclude
  • Green Team – New student team has been formed!
  • Board report – Board 101 training upcoming; Principal Evaluation team; discussions regarding Bond monies
  • Open Enrollment – Electronic meetings for Horizons’ policy review

8:30     Adjourn

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