Council Minutes: Oct 17, 2019

Council Notes October 17, 2019


Explanation of Horizons Communication Agreements. Peter

Announcements regarding the Charter Renewal – Lucas – 19 sections.  Have the 1996 application that Lucas is looking at to incorporate the language.  Teachers will be asked to help fill in gaps. Charter Renewal Committee made up of board members will be held October 22nd.  Ideally finalized version will be ready at the next Board Meeting. It is due to the district on December 1. The district will look at it and let us know about our renewal.  A 5 year renewal is expected. Negotiations will begin in February. Council has a job to concord on the final contract, sometime in April or May.  

Superintendent and two board members came and were highly impressed with the school and everything they saw.  Very positive feedback. 

Explanation/discussion of Concordance- Edgar Papke –  Historical perspective.  How does the group define concordance? Several perspectives were offered. Difference between consensus and concordance.  Concordance allows for a discussion – bring a difference of opinion into the spoken realm. If you disagree, it is your responsibility to speak up and allow discussion.  Intentionally begs the conversation. Consensus demands that you agree to go along. In concordance, you do not need to agree to move things along.  

“And” not “But”. 

Over time those who are dissatisfied will opt out of the community.  It isn’t about convincing anyone. Encourages it to be looked at and discussed.  What is in the best interest of the community? The students? 

Three basic needs of humanity:  

To feel a sense of connection- To be Heard.    A sense of mutual respect. First you must listen before you can know and understand.

To be Competent – to hone skills and be good at things.  This is why we teach kids. The pursuit of knowledge. 

To feel Love.  Acceptance as a human being.  Openness. Not rejection. Vulnerability.  

Making concordance a natural fit.  The true intention- Student centered.  The learner is the focus. Tackle any issue and open dialogue about it.  To bring everything to council would be difficult but necessary.  

They set up the board after the council.  If there was a difficulty getting concordance, they would bring it to the board.  They created solutions and those were brought back to council.  

If one person didn’t agree it opened the door to seeing a new way of looking at things.  

Let’s problem solve.  Innovate.  

In order to exercise concordance, we need to truly understand it and discuss it each time.  Redefine the intention. How do we achieve what we achieve?

Process vs. Practice

Perhaps we will find that concordance will no longer serve this community.

We bring our experience with us to the discussion. 

Our needs will always be part our view of the situation. 

Question:  How will we educate those who were not here tonight about concordance?  We need to explain it in the beginning of the meeting.

Levels of power.  Some things could not be solved by concordance. (ex. slvery)

Do we all agree on what is in the best interest of the community and students?  What is the optimal? 

What is in alignment with our values?

Thank you to Edgar.

DAC Update- Committee was doing some brainstorming.  There was a board report regarding prop. CC.  

Diversity and Inclusion – First Learning Lunch was Rachel from OASOS.  Discussed pronouns and gender expression. Report of how that went and that she will return to support our Allys group.

2nd Learning Lunch will be a speaker with Autism to give students perspective on what it is like to grow up with Autism.  

The hope is to have a lunch once a month.

Letter being sent to schools to invite diverse populations to the OE nights.

Diversity reading opportunities around MLK Day.

HOS report – Decision Making Matrix.  Committees that faculty are working on.  

Board agreements, signed by all members.

Board approved 5 employees who were below .5 to being 0.5 so that they are eligible to receive benefits.  

Honoring last step of salary scale for teachers.  

Finance Review –  5 year budget projection with different scenarios to see how we would fund specific priorities.  

Horizon Project Committee – Callie – Recipe exchange.  

Fall Dance – still needs a DJ.

All grades, please come!  Costumes and families encouraged!

Open Forum – 

Kinder mini-field trip with naturalists came to take the kids to Burke Lake.  

Climate Change Walk Out was huge and families were impressed, proud that their kids were part of it.  

Scott Medina – spoke to ⅚ team about homelessness in Boulder.  Kids will be volunteering to serve food at the Ready to Work shelter.  

Question about sending the letters to the Pre -Schools.  The parent is pleased that we are reaching out to schools.

Shout out to Allyson for volunteering to make a video about HK8!

Closing – Lucas – Stay in touch.  Stay engaged! Thank you again, Edgar!



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