Council Meeting: October 17, 2013

Open Forum

­Sally: Girl Rising, the film, will be showed here on Wednesday November 13th as part of a Make a Difference

Class. There may be bake sales to help fund it as well. Anybody can come.

­Sherry Felix: Thanksgiving project, match donors with low income Boulder families.

great for families, book clubs, classes. Look for more information in Skylines (with new BVSD policies, maybe

this will not be in Skylines).

­Kateri: Fundraising committee is putting together a K8 Collective party at Shine on Nov 17 (Sun?). $15 per

ticket. Nov 8,9,10 Once Upon a Mattress at New Vista with some Horizons kids in it.

­Jeanie: NVC training (?)

­John: Lauren’s class has poems in the Daily Camera

­Rosemary: School dance this Friday(Oct 18). Get in touch with Debbie Stewart if you want to help set up or

take down. Family friendly costumes.

­John: BVSD site go to Contact Manager and make sure the school has the most up to date contact information

for you.

­John: GOCO Grant ­ flood has put us way back on the priority list. Construction starting in the spring…

Unified Improvement Plan for Horizons.

State of CO created for schools to show where they are at based on TCAP scores.

Horizon’s Council is Horizons Accountability Committee

The committee interacts with this information… as a school we are looking at our 5 year plan. How do we keep

the heart and founding practices of our school alive in a state level micro managed system. We have not

changed our pedagogy to still meet these measures.

Our accreditation is based on our report card, which is made public though BVSD website.

Powerpoint… with Horizons practices and philosophies,

2013 SPF (last year): went from ‘Performing’ to ‘Improvement’ due to 8th grade scores not counting (these

count as zero because test were mis­administered. The same score if a student opted not to take TCAP). We

went down because we did not meet our 95% participation rate ­ this is a risk every year as a small school if too

many students opted out…

[Performance, Improvement, Priority Improvement, Turnaround]

We don’t want to go below ‘Improvement’

100% on our three year Academic Achievement

Number one scoring school in BVSD for students with IEP’s

­Higher percentage of students with IEP’s, fewer resources.

Last years goals included mechanics & grammar, three aspects of number (quantitative, verbal, symbolic),

PLC for school culture and common language.

Does the data indicate whether these goals were met? The staff will spend time on Friday to work on

interpreting the data.

Next Steps: Staff will look at data across team levels, Data folders for looking at trends, Staff will determine

goals, UIP committee will write plan for 2013­2014, Committee will present plan at next Council meeting.

What level of parent participation is wanted/needed? We would love parent input.

Does the District expect/require teacher input? What we are doing tonight is what the District would like us to


Five Year Vision/Plan

Shared themes that were generated at last month’s council meeting.

Next Steps…

Strategic Planning Roles…

Class size is a shared value (and ‘protected’ in our charter). We have increased class size, would we even

consider lowering them again?

How do class sizes relate to the TCAP score we looked at?

Senate Bill 66 claims to increase funds to decrease class size

Important to examine as a school what factors lead most to our success, so that we can share these things

Is it Socio­economic, class size, para support, practices, teacher effectiveness, multi age, adult:student ratio?

TCAP is only one measure/tool, so we should also be looking at other measures…

Can we get data on how Horizons graduates do? In high school and beyond are students prepared? Is there

hard data besides anecdotal?

­HOPE survey ­ a belonginess, Grit, happiness survey…

­College to Work Readiness assessment

­ACT and SAT scores are not an indicator of college retention

­We could make a call to Jonathan Dings (BVSD data guy)

­How do we measure what we are about? What are our goals?

­On of the core values of Horizons is Authentic Assessment, how do we use our other assessment



K­students will play math games while teachers explain/narrate

1­similar to K, also share goals


4/5­ Half the time looking at where they are, half the time looking at where students are headed

ML­ Students visit all content teachers for about 10 minutes each, followed by time with community teachers.

Portfolios are sent home 1 week prior for students to share work with parents before conferences. Talk about

goals, reflection of self as a learner, service (students complete 36 hours a year for family, school, and


What you are learning vs. how you are doing.

Conferences are an important part of who we are and what we do

Committee Reports

Development­ K8 Collective is playing on 17th. Moolah drive kicks off to help fund our programming. We have a

crowd funded website as well (to share with relatives etc.). You can expect a link in your email. Please share.

Thanks to Jeannie for the artwork.

It’s a tough time (post flood) to be asking for money from our community, but there is still a real need here.

Finance Review­ We have completed Q1. Some programs that used to be council now exist in Fund11. During

Q1 there is always a surplus in the District Budget. Minimal activity in Council budget.

Amendment 66: would be implemented in 15/16. Increases aid to districts with the highest concentrations of

at­risk students and english language learners. BVSD would see less fund increases than other districts in the

state. As a school we may see little change (or less funding in some areas) due to our demographics as a

school. Nothing in the bill will actually mandate class sizes… thought that could be an outcome. Will help fund

full day K.

District Parent Meeting ­ last nights meeting was all about Amendment 66. D

Special Education Advisory Committee ­ Enrich, the new software for IEP’s. More intuitive for teachers. No

changes for parents. There is now a student snapshot for principals and general ed teachers to look at. Goals

have to be connected to specific state standards.


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