Council Meeting: November 19, 2015

Open Forum:

  • The group discussed the idea of showing a movie at an upcoming council meeting. Beyond Measure and Most Likely to Succeed were discussed.
  • The ⅚ team got two grants, one for marimba education, and the second one was for spiro balls to teach kids how to code.

Discussion/Presentation Items:

Unified Improvement Plan Goals for 15-16

We are asked on an annual basis to do this plan, and staff would like to involve the parent community in a conversation about it.

Denise Washburn reported on it from the district advisory committee, emphasizing the  importance that family plays in a student’s success.

John reported on UIP:

UIP due in April to the state, in December to BVSD.

The requirement from the state is that it involves parents, admin, teachers, and ideally students. So the idea would be that we use council for this purpose, which is our SAC, School Accountability Committee.

The question we need to look at is, “What is our continual improvement plan as a school?”

So we are trying to use the process to:

  • Clarify and implement our continuous improvement plan
  • State data changes
  • Give us the freedom to make OUR goals
  • Create an opportunity to align this work with K-8 scope and sequence work.

There is a UIP committee and John reported on their activities:

  • They’ve established two-year goals. We discussed how the goals were developed.
  • How do the UIP goals help us serve students and parents?
    • Research indicates that alignment can improve the overall success of the students, the teachers and the parents.

There was a break-out for small group discussion on a climate plan. The groups discussed the data results of the climate survey and were asked to respond to questions in the following four categories:

  • What?
  • So what?
  • Now what?
  • Student involvement ideas

The groups worked on the above from 7:05 to 8:00 and then the group reported back. Notes were taken on the questions and goals developed by each team. Next Steps: The UIP group will try to absorb the work done in groups to determine how to proceed.

8:15: Committee reports:

  • Board update
    • Development committee update: Motion/proposal: We pay a $5K stipend to a fundraiser (or two, the stipend shared by the two). The stipend would come from the revenue raised. The process would be to agree on that stipend and then put the description out there for hire. It is a huge job with extremely important funds raised for the school. The motion was made and concordance was reached that we should proceed as described.
      • The auction will be held at the St. Julien
    • Council budget update: Technology Ask

Council has put $ in reserves to replace the desktops. The expenses have gone up over the years because of the number and quality of the desktops. More machines have been purchased by paddle raisers, etc. The proposal/motion made was: Can we spend the council money that has been reserved for technology purchases (rather than waiting for two years for the refresh cycle) to spend the money now. We’d like to spend $10,000 now. Discussion ensued. Concordance was reached.

  • Community Group:
    • Speaker series on the 9th went well.
    • Good turn out for ¾ parent night
    • Tomorrow, Friday is a community group project meeting to make snowflakes for artastic fair.
    • Artastic fair still needs volunteers, there’s a board up front and you can sign up online!
    • Scholastic book fair starts the weekend after Thanksgiving, please contact Judy Florian (sp?) if you’re interested in helping
    • Hallway artwork being updated
  • Summer camp Committee update: Please contact Anne Hudson if you have some ideas for course updates. January x? is the deadline.
  • Diversity Committee:
    • Working on ways to to attract diversity for open enrollment, and will be participating in kindergarten info nights at three locations,
      • UCAR
      • CU Family Housing
      • BoCo Headstart
      • Dropping off brochures at places like YWCA and Mapleton Preschool.
    • Working on getting some interesting speakers to come in that bring in different perspectives.
    • Trying to look at ways that people who come from different backgrounds might be attracted to this community. Looking for some suggestions for folks who might bring some different perspectives through Arts and Sciences
  • District Parent Committee: MIcah Schwalb
    • Three main topics of discussion
      • Professional development
      • Bond issue
      • Performance data from PARK (?)
  • Green Team:
    • Still working on ways to improve participation in TT
    • Walk-in Wednesdays – been looking at the safety concerns and how we can get going with those
    • Entrance – looking at other schools to see how they are dealing with issues of safety and exhaust.


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