Council Minutes: September 22, 2016

September 22, 2016
1. Intros
2. Council Agreements
3. Open Forum-Principal of Fairview will present about new graduation requirements
beginning class of 2021
4. OE Presentations
5. Operation Mill Levy-School districts can ask for mill levy money for operations. For us, it
could be used to pay for our custodians.
6. Board Co-Chair-Andrea Foote has agreed to continue in this position. “A role that
requires you to understand systems.” Motion to approve Andrea Foote as board co-chair
for 16-17 school year passed with a “thumbs up.”
7. Open enrollment and part time students discussion. No decision was made and tabled
for the year. See how conversation evolves district-wide. Conversation should be had
among teachers about impact of part-time students and the effect on the classroom.
8. Board Committee Reports
a. Moolah campaign-letter has been written and will be sent out soon. No auction
this year so this will be the major fundraising opportunity. Encourage to pay on
Rev Track each month. Applied to Colorado Gives.
b. Community Group-Purpose-bring everyone together (parents, teachers, kids),
coffee connections, project meeting to support upcoming events, pizza Fridays,
bulletin board, on school website, e-mail list. August and September-swim party,
tables at Back to School night, meet the mentor event (at coffee connections),
help support and hold the Carnival. Next coffee connections October 2-Giraffe
talk and “I” message. PEN talk-October 24 “Raising Resilient Kids…”
c. Diversity: Planning the Reading to End Racism. Learning Lunch Speakers.
People who are community contributors is theme of the year.
d. Green Team-Trip Tracker starts October 1. Re-Invigor Green Star School.
Encourage students to walk to school. Limit emissions in front of school

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