Council Meeting: May 21, 2015

Open Forum/Announcements :

*Horizons is full for the 15­16 school year!

*Thanks to the Community Group for the Carnival!

*”Nonviolent Action IS Action” 7/8 afternoon next Wed., 1:15­3 pm

*furniture thank­you to the Paddle Raisers from the Auction

Discussion items:

­­ Celebration: we raised $85,984 in the Moolah campaign!

­­ there will be a drawing for an Apple product next week

­­Budget Report:­­Please see proposed 15­16 Council budget via the Horizons Website

Staff update for 15­16

­­ Lance Leonard (7⁄8 math) will be taking a position with Everitt Middle School in Wheat Ridge

­­ Jim Freund will be moving to the 7/8 math position

­­ We’re looking for a 5/6 position, as well as the three­day/week AP position

­­ Looking for people who want to be on the hiring committee. Please contact John

Board report and three­year review

Presentation on accomplishments in the last three years. Please see powerpoint on our


Board candidate introductions and vote

Six candidates ran for three open positions. Introductions and voting took place.

15­16 Board Members as a result of the voting:

Andrea Foote­Co­Chair, John McCluskey­Co­Chair, Kevin Holst­Vice Chair, Ron Wawrzynek,

Orion Poplawski, Anne Hudson, Shannon Hassan, Nichole Houser, Nel Woller, Peter

Hegelbach, Jim Fruend,

Committee reports

­­ Community Group (Kim Poplawski and Brooke Bell)

­­ did two charitable drives

­­ brought in two guest speakers

­­ lots of fun social events, including pool party in August, fall picnic, October dance,

Artastic Fair in December, Spring Carnival, etc.

­­ coffee connections, with John as speaker

­­ selling pizza (lots of dedication on Sharon’s part)­­ has become a lucrative


­­ plan for next year: more help planning social events, charitable events and guest


­­ request for next year: $2500 (same as last year)

­­ goal is to engage the community of parents

­­ Summer Camp Committee update (Anne Hudson)

­­ in 5 weeks, they pulled together instructors, classes, registration

­­ 63 registrations at close

­­ Diversity Committee (Erica Baruch)

­­ has results of the diversity survey, which was done with staff/faculty, families and 7/8


­­ did some comparison across all three groups

­­Please see survey results on our website staff/faculty, families, 7/8, comparisons

­­ Erica shared interpretations of this data

­­ the Diversity Committee would like $1500 for next year, but they are okay with

$1000 (would bring in guest speakers, development of resource library, translation of

some information to Spanish, Open Enrollment outreach)

­­ Green Team (Marti Matsch)

­­ Have had a few meetings, have come up with mission statement, goals, budget

­­ Plan to:

1) reinvigorate Trip Tracker program

2) refresh the GreenStar program

3) organize and promote Walk/Bike to School Day

4) support current efforts to provide healthy school lunches

5) partner with other community groups to achieve these goals

­­ requesting $1000 from the Council Budget (biggest cost is Trip Tracker

school program ­­ our current contribute is a little less than $300; also,

getting promotional tools to help people get some education)

­­ Council reached concordance on Green Team getting $1000

­­ Council reached concordance on proposed budget

­­ Parents reached concordance on Andrea being new co­chair of board

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