Council Meeting: May 16, 2013

­Review of Council Agreements


Angel Torres, Bilingual Family Medical Programs:

∙ Boulder Cty. Healthy Kids—purpose to sign kids up for low­cost health insurance.

Partnership with district to enroll ALL families in district, as long as kids are BVSD students.

∙ Call if you have interest, even if income limits appear to preclude your entry into program

∙ They want kids IN because lots of sports and camps require insurance

∙ Phone number provided on flyer (handed out)

∙ Flyers are disseminated electronically here at Horizons

∙ Angel: “You can always feel free to email us for any related questions/concerns, etc…

Open Forum:

1. 2­3 team is asking for help on Monday with help taking kids “back in time” to Ellis Island (a

simulation J)

∙ Need help with set­up on Friday (Nicole’s room)

∙ Need flat sheets (plain are preferable, but any is better than none)

∙ Takes a lot of volunteers to run the experience as well

∙ Talk to anyone on 2­3 ASAP

∙ Volunteers need background check (sheet donations do not)

∙ You will get sheets back—won’t be soiled

2. The 4­5 Musical is Tuesday and Wednesday at 6:30. Morning rehearsals are at 9:15.

3. Celebration of 8th graders: next week is 8th grade retreat on Wed­Thurs, graduation on Friday

(next week)

4. Transition for 5th graders on Friday (tomorrow)

5. 1st orchestra concert was tonight, and IT WAS RAD!

6. Mind your manners (and the law) about the parking at drop­off and pick up.

7. Please keep in the back of your mind­­John is looking for other ways of thinking about council


Council Board Elections

Faculty abides by sunshine law, so faculty election will take place under the same scrutiny as

parent elections.

Faculty votes for faculty, and parents vote for parents.

Faculty: there are only as many faculty running as there are spots.


● Rules of votership explained

● Ballots passed out

● Introductions of parent candidates­­I can’t keep up. Pat will totally fill this in later.

● If you don’t make the board, please consider helping with a committee

Committee reports

● DAC ­ Kevin is done. 2 year term is up. Needs to be filled for next year.

● DPC ­ District Parent Committee. Lunch program heard our feedback. Shannon may be

interested depending on how board elections turn out. Percentages (elementary/MS/HS)

are low. Lunch program offering to bring free samples to mtgs.

● Fundraising Committee ­ Kateri is still recovering from auction. Spirit wear is on the way.

Not sure where we’re at with mula drive. John hoping to have green beard soon.

● SEAC ­ Judy ­ encouraged parents to attend mtgs; excellent support group for parents

with special ed children; schedule is upfront; parents with kids with IEPs encouraged;

great way to find out about opportunities and see how things are done at all schools

New parent board members are: Laurie; Danny; Sheri; Kevin; Rosemary; Ron.

Co­chair: Danny gets the community thumbs up!

Council Budget:

● We are pretty much right on target for this year. New bylaws call for a supplementary

budget not council budget; income sources are the same ­ auction; fundraising; kidzart;

grocery coupons (hoping to do better next year with grocery coupons; super easy way to

raise money)

● Is there an opportunity for debt forgiveness from district? We are arguing our case pretty

strong, but thoughts are that district sees us as a school that has the ability to raise

money. Mtg next week with Superintendant; Debbie has a pretty strong letter for why it

should happen. If it superintendant doesn’t grant it, we will go through School Board.

Balance is about 350k

● Council budget proposal for next year…Who’s job is to make sure budget is managed?

New board will re­establish committees; finance review committee will still oversee the

council budget; all council votes. APPROVED!!! Thanks Melinda!

● There will be a finance committee established.

● All new boards go from beginning of fiscal year to end of fiscal year, however, this new

board with start now, but in future, boards will start at end of current fiscal year. How do

we replace Melinda? We can decide in August is we want/need another parent to take


● New board can designate a new hiring committee. The current board does not

necessarily need to be the current hiring committee. Do we want to have the Hiring

Committee only contain 2 actual board members, so that hirings and mtgs regarding

hirings are not open to everybody?

● District budget update ­ showing a little bit of surplus; 173 dollars increase in per pupil

funds; plus 8 more kids; in general budget is very tight; details matter in regards to

staffing; next year could be very tight; not adding money to reserves

● 50k in best grant expenses ­ We used a lot of reserves to take care of these

● Are we mandated to continue paying for district purchased services? YES according to

current charter.

Closing Appreciation Round for 2012­2013 ­ We’re closing with a council practice. No minutes:)

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