Council Meeting: May 15, 2014

6:30 Welcome and Introductions

Council Procedures – Concordance, Council Board, Communication Agreements

Facilitators: Danny Conroy and John McCluskey

Minutes: Liz Meador

53 people present, 25 parents not on board or employees, 21 employees, 5 parent board


Open Forum/Announcements:

Carnival and Picnic sponsored by Community Group ­ about 200 in attendance

K­1 DVDs are ready to be distributed ­ Contact Rosemary McKinght

Divisional Sport Climbing Championships last weekend ­ Horizons school was well represented.

Aperture night was a success ­ Next year, all parents are invited to attend and see the inspiring

projects and presentations that Horizons 8th graders are responsible for.

6:50 Faculty update regarding 14­15 School Year

1­2 Planning to move all 1­2 classrooms to same hall, outdoor ed will be at Keystone Science

Center, but may be only one night so that 1st graders are comfortable (Elizabeth, Aubrey,

Nichole, Jeanne)

3­4 Planning their outdoor ed week, took a day together to plan next year, Nel may move her

classroom to be near the other team members(Sally, Nel, Adam, Julie)

5­6 Thank you for allowing us to go out and dream! We have been investigating what a 5­6

curriculum should be like, what the day the week and the year will look like. Day will start with a

2 hour homeroom/Language Arts block, followed by a math block. Commitment to Spanish,

social emotional curriculum. Outdoor ed will be at Hundred Elk.

7­8 Looking at a more project based approach, bringing more community members in and going

out into the community. Using “E­week” (explore week) every six weeks to focus on the arts,

winter sports, performances. Opportunity to go more in depth while also really pushing the

academic rigor. Outdoor ed in Southern Colorado to Rainbow Hills. (Katie, Sarah, Lance, Pat,


7:15 Presentation of Council Budget for 14­15 School Year

● New items to council budget ­ John/Liz and Faculty

Request to reallocate active rec and music funds to go to teams to use for contractors.

Examples include yoga, dance, music to support performances. Some funds will be used

to support a para to lead games at recess. This is based on a philosophical choice to not

have specialist teachers who pull out kids for arts, music and PE. Rather, the philosophy is

to integrate these into the curriculum and to develop choice based opportunities through


Questions: Will there be an accountability report on how this works? How will frequency of

use be measured? Where else does music, art and physical activity happen?

Professional Development line has been added to budget ($5,000) for teacher trainings,

workshops, conferences, courses.

Questions: Is that enough? Can the faculty come back to council for more money if that is

not enough? Will individuals share their knowledge when they return from workshops, etc?

● Diversity Committee Charter approval

Erica Baruch presents the charter and goals of the diversity committee and describes the

way the committee would use the $1000 in funding that they have requested (details in

packet distributed at meeting).

● Budget presentation ­ Ron

Questions: Will the art program remain the same and receive the same funding? (Yes)

Do we owe money to the district? The remaining amount was forgiven!

● Questions/discussion and voting ­ All

Motion to approve the budget as proposed for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2014 and

ending June 30, 2015. Approved by Concordance

Motion to approve the following schedule to be appropriated for the fiscal year beginning

July 1, 2014 and ending June 30, 2015.

Total appropriated $337,428 Approved by Concordance

8:00 14­15 Board Membership Concordance

Parents concord on parent membership to board

Faculty concord on faculty membership to board

Thank you to out­going Board Members, Cheri, Rosemary, Nichole


○ Danny Conroy, Co­Chair

○ Laurie Braunstein

○ Ron Wawryznek

○ Kevin Holst

○ Orion Poplawski


○ Phil Taylor

● Jim Freund

● Nel Nelson­Woller

● Beth Coleman

● Pat Smalley

● Liz Meador

● John McCluskey

8:10 Committee Reports

● Board Report: Danny Conroy

● District Parent Comm. (DPC): Shannon Hassan thank you and welcome Aaron Johnson

● Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC): Judy Florian and Sarah Garrison

● Community Group: Kim P., Brooke B update

● Garden Committee: Adam Brink

8:30 Close

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