Council Meeting: March 19, 2015

6:35 Council agreements/procedures/concordance

6:50 Open Forum/Announcements


Auction: March 13: Short discussion and thank you’s all around

Green Team: talked about Trip Tracker program. Suggestions: more reporting of trips and

encouraging healthy choices like walking/biking to school. Related: Zero Waste/Lunch

Assemblies May 1

Horizons Summer Program: June 22nd­July 3rd see website/Skylines for details

PARRC testing: Discussion ensued. Horizons will continue to administer these and the

CMAS exams according to state law.

7:35 Committee Reports:

Community Group: Event on Monday, April 6: families are invited to gather for hot dogs and

community and then stay for a talk about parenting strategies and child development by

Nancy Buck (childcare ­­ active rec ­­ will be provided by Alex)

Diversity Committee: Diversity survey emailed to all parents in the Horizons community.

7:55 Council budget update and approval of FY15 Revised Budget ­­ Moved and seconded

and concordance reached.

8:05 Council vote to fill vacated Board position ­­ New board member Andrea Foote was

voted in and she will serve as treasurer.

­ Reminder that we are seeking board candidates for 2015­16!

8:10 Closed council and wished everyone a great spring break!

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