Council Minutes: January 18, 2018

Council Meeting Notes 01/18/18

(taken by Lynn)

  • Introductions (6:50)
  • Open Forum:
    • Pancake BF 1/26/17 (sign up online at )
    • Choir Performance at Pancake BF and Star Spangled Banner 1/28 (2:00) at CU Gals BB game (discounted BB tickets for sale – see Skylines)
    • Family Game Night 2/9 6:30-8:00PM (½ & 3/4 grade and siblings)
    • ⅚ Performance on T 2/13 6:30-8:00PM
    • Charter School Day at the Capital (MS+) 3/13
    • Wed. 1/24 Vaping Info Meeting at Fairview (health effects; how to recognize; how to access; impact of using in school; JUULs; it’s illegal to have a tobacco device like this at BVSD schools – suspendable offense; raise awareness)
      • ⅚ talking with students
      • ⅞ teachers and SRO to talk with students
      • Part of health curriculum
      • Lauren to send home articles and FHS night info
  • Overview of bond process including master planning (7:12)
    • We are in Phase 3 of bond that was approved by voters in 2016
      • $1.1 million to take care of deferred maintenance (HVAC, updating materials on floor, etc.)
      • Innovations
      • We will get between $400,000-600,000 for interior renovation to shift instruction and learning environments
        • Open learning communities
        • Teachers don’t have a discreet classroom
        • How do we adapt our learning environment to better serve our students
      • Some survey work to look at other schools; looking for a few more volunteers (board; staff tours; a few additional parents)
        • Manhattan
        • Meadowlark (?)
        • 2 more
      • Climate and Culture space observations of the spaces we already have
        • How does it feel in this space?
        • How are people interacting?
        • Common spaces
        • Jan.
      • Feb-March we will engage in master planning with architect
        • Three phase approach
        • In order to be “shovel ready”
        • District is paying for this by rolling into our bond
        • Community engagement here
      • Strategic planning of shift in environment
      • Dream -> Action Design Advisory Team
      • Charter renewal preparation December 2019
      • June 2019 Construction will happen for this bond
  • CU Boulder Climate and Culture Survey
  • Results of Open Enrollment Preference Committee Survey and Next Steps (7:40)

Frank and Aron reporting

  • Returning student preference
  • Wanted a more holistic preference
  • Ranking of preferences
    • Solicited people’s ideas
    • 79/224 families responded (may not be representative of the school) About ⅓ of families
      • 38% stay the same
      • 24% need more info
      • 24% preference changed
      • 11% no preference
    • Suggestions made
      • Championing preferences – how does this process work?
        • How can we give space to listen to these cases- Aron spoke with everyone who had a proposal to see if they would be willing to champion
        • Now we’re down to 2
          • Intention to increase socio and ethnic diversity (FRD + geographic preferences) sponsored by Diversity Committee
          • “Horizons Family” preference (sponsored by Tiffany and Hope)
          • These presentations will happen in February? Costs/benefits of each proposal? How do we initiate each of the proposals? Information will need to be presented prior to decisions being made.
      • Questions/Discussion:
          • What about the 38% who asked for the preference not to change?
          • What are the opportunities that we are missing by discussing something that seems important to a small number of people?
          • All information needs to be available to consider the proposals (costs, etc.)
          • How do we programmatically serve our community?

Proposal: Lauren made a proposal to hold a special council meeting for those who would like further to discuss this issue (allow champions to speak to their proposals).

Frank added to the motion that proposals be made with content so decisions can be educated.

Revised Proposal by Frank: Are we going to continue this discussion or table it?

** We didn’t work through proposals – the conversations stopped at 8:35PM and we moved onto budget


  • Committee Reports
  • Development (Kelly and Julie)
  • District accountability Council (Alice Hartman)
  • Diversity and Inclusion (Erica)
  • District Parent Council (Mary Gaylord)
  • Finance Review Committee (8:35PM)
  • Approval of Council Budget
  • Greatest needs based off staff discussions:


          • SEL/Counselor
          • Staff collaboration time
          • Middle level interventionist
          • TOSA v AP
          • Innovation coordinator + service/music/movement K-8
          • Increase specialist time
          • Capital improvements
          • Reduce class size by 1 student
          • Middle level sports offerings
          • Para support for ⅞
          • Playground improvements
        • Budget Review (see handout)

Proposal Move to approve FY18 Revised Council Budget made by Frank: APPROVED by everyone


  • Green team (Teran)
  • Board Report (Frank)
  • Current Faculty Work (Lauren)


Proposal made by Lauren to suspend committee reports to end report at 8:46PM:  APPROVED

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