Council Meeting: January 17, 2013

● first one in the Hub!

6:30 Introductions

● Council Procedures (communication agreements, concordance…)

● Open Forum (<2 min)

○ John – celebrate getting through open enrollment season and telling people what choice is like

at Horizons. At moments when we got to tell them about what things are like here, when we got

to tell what the council night is like, I thought this is unique and special, and meaningful, and

something that I enjoyed sharing about. Showing up to Council will continue to influence the

school in important and wonderful ways.

○ John – poem from Eowyn Poplawski

■ Tree (get a copy here)

○ Sally – from Hope sign up for hospitality and attendance

○ Sally – from Kim P, remind 4-5 parents of night out at Carelli’s on Jan 24th

○ Carin – last fall at Nov mtg, we had presentation on capital campaign. from latest info from

john we are in need of substantial fundraising, so it’s back on after winter break. at this point,

i’d love to invite board members to be part of brainstorming session plus others who are

interested. we’ll find a date soon, and find ways to raise substantial funds for the school. it will

also involve thinking about direction for the school. if you’re interested get in touch with Carin

( )

○ Camera missing – please bring it in to Hope if found: Canon Rebel SLR.

○ Lynn – Middle School Arts Festival is coming Feb 13 and 14, 6:30 pm, come to see Rock Band,

Photography, Film, Visual Art, Alice In Wonderland Play. More info to come in Skylines. Dress

rehearsals will also happen in mornings and afternoons during school. Janice says it’s the most

exciting Valentine’s Day you will ever have!

○ Rosemary – Cyclocross Nationals, 3 of our students, plus 3 of our alums. Rode their hearts out.

○ Cheri Felix. Assist coach of BHS for mtn bike team. IF you want to know more, please find me.

○ Carin – noticed cars are idling at dropoff and pickup. Wants to remind others to please cut

off your engines when you’re waiting. Aaron – right before construction we did project with

American Lung Association who provided “No Idling” signs – we need to find those again. John

knows right where they are, but we have a few too many signs in the parking lot right now. Once

we can reduce some of the less needed signs we can get those ones back up. (Interesting:

Idling in a school zone is illegal and carries the same penalty as smoking in a school zone.

Some suggested a fundraiser?!)

6:50 Subcommittee Reports

● Finance Review

○ Council Budget – Melinda

■ Horizons Council Budget – 01/17/13 (link to scanned document)

■ Approved budget in May

■ We will get fancy charter audit now, will need approval now of May council budget,

■ New format: pass-thru revenue and expense are over on the right and should net out at

■ Other income and expenses are the stuff on the left

■ YTD net income is because we haven’t paid for everyone yet; that is done quarterly

because of putting in a new charter reserve that wasn’t in there.

the end of the year

● we raise money and pay for these things

■ ~$46k Moolah is in there so far – thanks

■ we will have auction; $4600 is mainly from art fair in fundraising

■ if we want to continue to buy computers every 3 years and have all the extra people

doing all that they do, we will probably have to pump our budget up

● maybe through some other ways to raise money

● but don’t have lots of reserves, etc to get this money from

● we need ways to make the income bigger

● this is why Carin made pitch to get more funds

■ approve budget so that we can submit to district by end of month for our audit

■ Questions?

● change is Technology Reserve line item in middle of left side

● if we don’t raise all the money, how do we decide what doesn’t get paid?

● cattle drive? this only shows what is in so far

● at what point do we decide if we are getting our “bang for the buck”?

○ we bring it back to council to decide (Rosemary)

○ typically in April/May when budget is decided

○ could be good to review? suggestion for presentation of curriculum and

what is going on and decision on what it is “worth”

● Where is Active Rec? District budget

● Where are scholarships? Council budget fees

● Discussion of K Enrichment Capital Improvement

■ PROPOSAL: Approve the budget as presented by Melinda


○ District Budget – Ron

■ Horizons District Budget 1/17/13 (link to scanned document)

■ reason we are approving budgets now: because of new state statute, charters have to

■ Horizons District FY13 Budget – 1/17/13 (link to scanned document)

■ see notes on powerpoint in document above for

be audited independently of the district now, so we need this approval for our audit

● major income changes

● major expense changes

● expense percent of budget

● projected net operating loss

● restricted reserves

○ not sustainable for the future

○ but no big surprises in tracking the budget

○ a little more than a month’s operating expenses in reserves

○ ideally we’d like a little more than 2 months, so we are still a little

underfunded at the moment (but this is still subjective)

■ mill levy override from Boulder has “saved our lunch” (>$300K)

■ other side shows actuals and forecast

■ One more year of adding students? Yes this is our last year – this discussion is coming

■ Where do we stand on money we need to pay back to district? Need to pay back $49k a


year for 7 more years. John: Starting to figure out how to be strategic about this “asking

for forgiveness” piece. Rosemary: encourage anyone who has any ideas of why we

should ask for debt forgiveness to get in touch with Rosemary or John.

■ PROPOSAL: Approve the budget as presented by Ron (this is a faculty vote)

■ Technically, Sunshine Law applies anytime we vote on public funds, so anyone is

welcome to come see us vote on this at the beginning of the 1/27 faculty meeting.

■ We are starting to get into the budget phase for next year also, which will ultimately get

voted on and approved in April/May.

■ Good news from the state is probably coming with more per pupil funding next year (it

looks like). Hopefully we will get at least what Hickenlooper proposed and maybe some

more. On the other had our expenses keep going up too…

● we still need more revenue in any case for any long term outlook, especially

because we cannot continue to increase students

○ Salary Schedule decision and next steps – John

■ BVSD moved Jan 1 to transitional pay schedule

■ as a charter we have traditionally followed the bvsd pay schedule

■ but we decided that we cannot afford this new schedule and decided to create our own

salary schedule

■ faculty is deciding what do we value

■ finance review committee is meeting and working on options

■ for some teachers this is a significant difference and important to keep holding this in our

minds and our hearts

■ we are the only charter that had continued to follow their schedule

■ BVSD payscale is a union negotiation at the district level

■ this is what we are in the middle of

■ this is the good news that because we are a Charter school, we can do what best aligns

with our values

● Bylaws Committee, Legal Status and Pro Bono work underway – Rosemary

○ continued to meet diligently and early to see the sunrises

○ finished up all of our work and came to conclusions on all of our recommendations for

○ now handing over to resident lawyer Kevin Holst who is “un-bloating” them

○ his company is doing pro-bono work on the by-laws and making sure we are staying true to

○ if it’s done by next month, we will bring to council meeting

○ we want a cleaned up document to work from

○ Kevin: law firm Sherman and Howard will provide $20-25k services to review existing by-laws,

amendments to by-laws

state statutes

○ John: by-laws is important because once we all understand how decisions are made we can get

and 501c(3) determination/formation. Other charter schools in district have these non-profit

entities for fund-raising. By-laws will go pretty fast, but non-profit may take a few months.

stuff done (editor’s paraphrase), and 501(c)(3) is actually something that BVSD has asked us to


But you can get EIN right away.

○ Ron: Q: once we file for 501(c)(3), sometimes it can take from 3 weeks to 4 months from IRS.

○ Thanks for Sherman and Howard

● DAC, District Advisory Committee – Kevin

○ on budget review sub-committee (review and make comments)

○ Superintendent update: school start date most likely will be AUg 22 for BVSD

○ Legislators will introduce bills for schools that will result in votes in 2014 about taxes for schools

○ Capital bond initiative, need additional on top of ‘06 bond money, looking at assessments now,

○ School UIPs looking at changing climate surveys. Everyone agrees that they are bad, but no

looking at 2014 for bonds

one agrees on how to change them. There is a sub-committee looking into it.

● DPC, District Parent Committee – Shannon (via John)

● SEAC, Special Education Advisory Committee – Judy

● Fundraising – Carin

● Council Board Parent Vacancy

○ John: Superintendent is very involved in school finance law, especially rural finance, and it’s to

our advantage that he’s on it.

○ Bond in 2014 – one possible strategy for us is debt forgiveness via the bond.

○ learn about SB 191 teacher and administrator evaluation coming next year

○ will track that for us, just at beginning of conversation

○ Aug 22 opening date and impact on “hot” schools in district and keeping doors closed in


○ encourage parents of kids on IEPs to go to the meetings because they are a great support from

the district

○ went over what to expect from district

○ have a lot of programs within the district, including Special Olympics, they are all written up

under EXPAND

○ there are social events too that anyone can go to

○ presentation by parent and high school student who have been in IEP process “forever” and it

was great to see responsibility that the student has for his IEP accommodations

○ meetings are open to children too

○ annual fund drive – MooLah campaign

○ still have 100% goal & JOHN and CECE will dye their hair GREEN!!!

○ Contribute any amount

○ Auction is on, and goal is to raise $60k

■ April 13 right around tax day

■ will have online bid availability too for people who can’t come

○ looking for volunteers, and it’s personally rewarding, great way to get involved, and it’s great,

and it’s really great!!!

○ Ellen Moeller has to step down

○ Will vote for opening next month

○ Laurie Braunstein has expressed interest and submitted a bio

○ If any other parent is interested, submit a bio to John and Rosemary by February 14

■ You need to have been a parent at the school for at least 2 years

● think about those out of town people who might want to bid!

8:00 Announcements/Information Items

● Enrollment increase – mentioned in Finance Review section. Final increase of 8 students this year

● Active Rec Update – Quinn

○ just went through state inspection for After Care and K Enrichment and it was great

○ possibilities for summer camp exist

○ went from starting with 8 classes, and now it is at 12 (only Adam’s class is missing because

they are moving all the time with “embedded” active rec)

○ goal was to involve middle school more this year, now we have at least 30 middle schoolers

when we do dodge ball in the gym with more than 5 girls!

● Playground update (will be sent in Skylines)

○ gearing up for next phase

○ submitting grant to GoCo

○ more playground stuff is coming, with community build, sand river, mound building, tree planting

when we get closer to spring

○ city collaboration continues – they are looking 2 years out with multi-phase project

8:20 Discussion Items

● Open enrollment policy change ideas – Sally & Cece

○ comes from faculty discussion

○ if you look at the current open enrollment policy (
R.pdf), it states:

“Preferences for Horizons K‐8 Charter: 1. Children of employees at Horizons K‐8, whether they reside

inside or outside of the BVSD boundaries. 2. Sibling preferences ……..”

○ faculty decided to look more closely at getting more clarity at what it meant to be an employee

for getting this preference in open enrollment

○ Here is what faculty landed at after much discussion on this topic:

■ in order to be eligible for this preference faculty suggests

■ employee needs to be either a:

● licensed faculty member in their first year of employment or later, or

● benefit eligible employee working more than 20 hours per week (eg paras, office

staff etc) in their second or later year of employment

○ Sally gave some background on where this has been in the past.

○ Rosemary – reminded Council that since the Open Enrollment policy is a BVSD policy, it is part

of our Horizons Charter. Changes to this are discussed and voted on by Council. Due to time

constraints, let’s continue this discussion at Council next month.

● 8:30 Adjourn

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