Council Meeting: January 16, 2014

Council Procedures – Concordance, Council Board, Communication Agreements

Rosemary explains what concordance is. Julie explains what communications agreements are.

Facilitators: Danny Conroy and John McCluskey

Minutes: Liz Meador

Open Forum – Council members may share up to two minutes of information relevant to our


Auditions will be held for Footloose at Center Stage

9 News was at Horizons 1/15/14. Link will be in Skylines.

Students from Horizons raced in Cycle­cross Nationals on Sat. at Valmont

MLK Day celebration Monday, Peace jam kids will be handing out burritos. Starts at courthouse

and goes to CU

Kids from Horizons competed in a climbing competition

4⁄5 DVDs out from last year

Basketball teams are playing on Friday nights

Celebrate ranking #1 in Colorado schools, and kids with IEP’s had a lot to contribute to the

growth scores

50% of ranking score was from academic growth

unbelievably awesome teachers! and parents! and paras! and kids!

Story about small class size in Scotland and similar themes from years gone by!


Stand up and introduce yourself, along with how many years you’ve been here.

7:00­7:45 Workshop on Mission, Vision and being a parent at Horizons K­8

Individuals write on notecards their answers to: What are the values? What is the mission?

What is the role of council?

Mission: To guide young people to become self directed learners in a respectful learning


Group discussion regarding role of council ­ various people share their ideas of what the

Horizons Council is. Questions about what the council actually does? Suggestions about how

to increase attendance. People seem to come when the conversation affects them directly.

Survey the parents to find out what they want to hear about.

Post the agenda in the front entry, flesh out the agenda more.

7:45 Committee Reports

● Board Report: Danny Conroy

Board training on roles of board members. Helpful training to understand policy governance and

how to best support the management of the school. We are now a non­profit organization that

needs to abide by the sunshine laws and other legal requirements for a public school.

● Development (Fundraising): Kathy Hagan

Auction April 5th at Avalon. Band will be The Rents, Black Cat will put on the dinner. Looking for

big ticket items, such as vacation homes, etc. Looking for new members for next year to

replace Kathy Hagan as chair and others. How to best recruit new members?

● Finance Review – Approve Council Budget and update on District budget, Ron W.

State statute requires us to approve the revised budget for the year.

Three funds ­ council, activity and Fund 11 (district) all under the Horizons K8 umbrella. Each

fund has revenue, expenses and reserve monies.

Donation/fundraising goal is $122K. Last year’s fundraising income was $150K

Review of budget line by line.

Explanation of KH line ­ money given to district to share with schools that have limited fund

raising capacity. Recommended to give 10% of monies raised for supplemental salaries (art,

music). FRC recommended reduction from 6K to 2K. Discussion about whether or not to

reduce this amount, and how this may appear to the district. Horizons gives more than most

schools, who average about $1500 to $3000.

Recommending to pull $10K into activity fund to deal with cash flow issues based in part on

deposits required in one fiscal year for outdoor ed trips the following year, and also due to

scholarships for outdoor ed.

Council Finance Motions

Discussion about changing KH Line from $2K to $6K ­ approved

Motion 1 ­ to approve the council and activity fund revised budgets for the fiscal year beginning

July 1, 2013 and ending June 30, 2014, with a change on Line KH as reported above ­ approved

Motion 2 ­ to appropriate funds for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2013 and ending June 30,

2014 ­ approved

Motion 3 ­ to approve the budget for program fees revenue and related expenses in fund 11 for

the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2013 and ending June 30, 2014

Tabled until next meeting, reports from the following committees:

● District Accountability Committee (DAC) Sarah Holst

● District Parent Committee (DPC) Shannon Hassan

● Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) Judy F. and Sarah

● Diversity Committee update: Erica B. and Carin C.

● Open Enrollment update: Hope

8:40 Meeting called to an end


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