Council Meeting: January 15, 2015

Council minutes Thursday 1/15/15


Committee Reports:

Choir update: Great first meeting. Gonna do 2 groups, now open to 1-4 grade.

Summer programming: Meeting on the 29

Conroy if interested. Looking to do summer programming last 2 weeks of June.

Community group: Great parent nights. 1-2 is the last to have an event. Contact

Kim Poplowski if interested. Meets Friday mornings. 830-9:30.

Revisioning COUNCIL: Orion – What is COUNCIL – parents/faculty/staff – Decision

making body. Responsibilities listed in Bylaws. – belief/mission statements, school

goals, fundraising., elect board of directors.

-Council is NOT where curriculum decisions are made, these are made by

teachers. NOT school management.

– Council decides what happens at council.

Ideas brought by Orion; Council should…

Inform community

Answer questions from community

Learn about budget

Actively discuss goals mission direction

Motivate support for school

Teachers present short updates on curriculum topics

Inform how are council funds used, ie. Chromebooks/active rec etc.

Council to become more self-organizing/self directed

Practical/logistical tweaks – maybe not meet monthly; allow for teachers to

set up rotation by teams; push out to community more (council is parent

responsibility); offer different times; record meeting and make it available to those

not hear (not just minutes)

Council on council

– love monthly; support other ways to broadcast it out to greater community; shift in

language about expectations of community (council is an expectation)

– having more meeting material/more rich content garners interest; updates are

valuable but looking for more

– Big priority- getting more people engaged. How?

– parents speaking up makes it feel more meaningful; more parent direct

involvement in what happens at council

– monthly themes can be more appealing and word spreads; want to hear more from


– extra broadcasting of council agenda; potential email list

th at 3. Contact Phil Taylor or Danny

– perhaps switching up days of the week

– variety of parent vs teacher topics

– create discussion board with clear topics of discussion; allow people to input in

more ways what is discussed here.

– any way to get parents involved more; attendance is not the goal in itself

– idea of council was not communicated to new parents; still wondering what the

point of council is; purpose?

– gratitude that the forum is available; meatier topics for shared learning

experiences for all

– great opportunity to look forward at how to better ourselves

– mutual learning opportunity for all

– Who owns this body? Great if ownership could be spread out

– committee to put topics together; content should drive attendance; child care paid

by horizons to get kids jazzed about being = more parents coming

– really appreciate this type of communication

– parents that choose not to come may be trusting in the process and those that are


– alternating months; experiential council followed by informational council; more

opportunity to actually get to know the folks that are hear, not just names and kids’

grades; small group opportunities to allow for more folks to speak up

– parents want have more of a voice to organize topics at council

– everybody should feel empowered to direct/set the agenda

– council is all about relationships; “ask milky white” box put to use for people to

suggest topics; faculty team representation so that not all have to come

– more interactive; What does is mean that this is the “governance” piece of the


– great forum for gathering/sharing info; super valuable; doesn’t seem like that

many (maybe only 1) have been made

– parents are willing to help direct/build topics

– sacred circle type connections help shift the feel; reduce the pressure on teachers

– does relationship bring people to council or does council build relationships; want

to see why parents aren’t coming; suggestion box for parents

– parents want to know how they can contribute; how to make it comfortable; make

it a place of dialogue when your opinion is different

– interested in meeting parents’ needs; common reading for all – not just teachers

presenting to take pressure off of teacher presentation idea.

– desire for shared learning experiences; can we accomplish all of these things in this

format? –

– Culture of Horizons – this experience gives parents an understanding of the

environment that their kids are in

– What are the results of the survey that was already put out?

– more sharing of what the purpose of certain Horizons’ aspects are; Spanish at

elementary vs middle level/active rec/

– GO TO SURVEY to share your input

– What are the ACTION ITEMS from here…?

– Kim will pass on parent needs from community group

Proposal: Orion chairs committee that will begin to look at what is next for council;

lots of folks are willing to help (Peter/John/Sharon K/Erica

Student presentation of NEW LOGO

– feedback over the years was that LOGO should be revisited

Student group really looked into the values of the school to incorporate into LOGO;

surveyed different classrooms; 75% in favor of new logo – Banner carried the old

LOGO forward; infinite circle = life long learning (more than just academics) green –

green star school – black and white = Holsteins –

Proposal made by students to adopt new logo came to concordance. Woohoo!

Motion to close early – seconded

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