Council Meeting: February 21, 2013

Pre-Council Topic: Presentation from CU Boulder group who is working with us on our shared playground and

Burke Park space. Drawings of potential installations will be shared with our community.

● Design students from CU presented background studies and work from their class

● Presented pictures of “Outdoor Classroom” ideas that were to be placed between the basketball court

and the pond, that would involve the whole community who now use that area

● Now looking at central space with strands that come from different places that lead into the park.

Strands (walkways) include community garden, wetlands, neighborhood, and biome/eco-systems. All

are connected in a classroom/connected space where all the strands come together.

● Already have feedback that this is too much wood, so they are paring back this idea, and trying not to

lose anything from the original design.

● Parks and Rec will fund materials and irrigation for trees and plants.

● A lot of the ideas came from working with Horizons students, some things that were mentioned

specifically included:

○ multi-generational piece especially came from working with our kids

○ learning areas and desire for trees

○ neighborhood and community garden came from our kid

● website for the design class:


● Council Procedures: Concordance and Communication Policies (Assumed)

(Gina is also assumed to be on the 4-5 team)

Subcommittee Reports (Please limit reports to 5 minutes or less)

● Finance Review

○ Council Budget (from Ron)

■ voted on final budget last month

■ will be getting 15k grocery income soon, which is only main difference from last month

○ District Budget (from Ron)

■ still operating very close to plan

■ big mess up in district payroll last month, but it’s fixed now

■ starting budget process for next year now, need to have budgets approved by May

■ will approve council budget at May meeting

■ in April will talk about prelim budget and approve it in May, but it’s tricky because we

don’t really know CO funding levels until sometime in May.

■ Right now CO funding is looking good. At least it’s going up. Wish it was going up on a

steeper slope, but it is going up. We are also adding 8 students so that will be more

money too. Anticipating still extremely tight budget next year. Please let finance

committee team know if you want to give input on this before the council meetings.

■ John expresses much appreciation for all they do on all these budgets!

○ Salary Schedule update (Jim)

■ In Jan, BVSD teachers started a new salary schedule (called transition schedule that will

be changing over next couple of years). We can’t afford their salary schedule any more.

We decided to get off of it. Together with finance review, we are figuring out new salary

schedule which may be similar to what we’ve been on for the last 23 years, and will

make a new salary schedule for Horizons teachers. In addition, it needs to be with HB

191, that it has something to do with teacher performance measures in someway. We

are working on something that feels good to us and that will work financially.

■ John adds that it’s phenomenal that we can talk about what we value and how we

decide on what we value, and that we can discuss this as a community. Most schools

cannot do this.

■ What will be the difference in average salaries compared to BVSD and other school

districts and will we be competitive? Good question. We are comparing to this, and we

want to be competitive, and it was also brought up that other charter schools do pay

10-15% less than school systems – we probably don’t want to go there, but it’s there.

● Bylaws Committee, Legal Status and Pro Bono work underway (Rosemary)

○ Waiting to hear back from the legal work about by-laws and make sure we aren’t in conflict

legally. Want to bring them to council next month. Goal is to email them out 2 weeks prior to

the meeting with a cover letter so that people can look at them prior, with a small discussion.

● DAC, District Advisory Committee (No report)

● DPC, District Parent Committee (No report)

● SEAC, Special Education Advisory Committee (No report)

● Fundraising (Carin)

○ Auction – buy tickets online. 13 sold so far. You can be 14!

○ Featuring K-8 Collective Band!!!! Featuring a secret member from our faculty!

● UIP Mid-Year report (John)

○ Just sent update in to district

○ Making progress on goals including middle school math, and writing instruction K-8, with

teachers working together looking at ways we work on writing instruction and sharing


○ UIPs are available on CDE website after next week

○ Council should be more involved in these goals and will be next year. Visioning tonight will also

be another part of council goal process.

Open Forum/Announcements/Information Items

● Open Forum

○ Hope – Open Enrollment: record number of siblings applying for K: 26 out of 35 slots. Also record

number of oopses that we caught and fixed from the district, and kept our kids. Kindergarten at

18, 1-8 at 19-20 in a class. We are taking all siblings that have applied, and that’s wonderful!

Look forward to welcoming new families when the time comes. (More than 168 families applies

for those 9 K spots.)

○ We all give Much Thanks to Hope for all the work you do during this time!

○ Rosemary – thanking Middle School team for hours put into Arts Festival. Another thing I love

about this school is the part of choice and the variety of things that the students get to choose

from. If you’d like a DVD, they are available.

● Parent Community group (Brooke, Gina, Sharon, Judy) Last Friday had community meeting to come

and brainstorm. Got more than 100 ideas. Excitement was obvious. Purpose was to instill community.

Social was the biggest one of ideas. Kind of in beginning of the process. March 15 is the next

meeting. Will start to tackle some of the ideas. Parents are thirsty for parent education. When we

are looking at writing or things like that, they would love to know about transferring it to the home.

List is tallyed and on Google Doc. They can share it with others who are interested.

● Certificate of Occupancy in hand! (John) We are legally in the school. Got it yesterday. Construction

folks disappear fast. We have a 2 year warranty. We have 2 new fob entrances for staff. Cafeteria

and in front of Hope and Kelly’s office new cork going in. Also baskets over fire system in cafeteria in

case balls or something hits them. Very close to being completely done. Next start a GDoc for

warranty issues.

● Council Board Parent Member election: Laurie Braunstein


○ Much thanks to Ellen Moeller who has to step down from the Parent Council Board.

● GOCO grant update (Cece) Looking for service support for the grant application. Donation of

professional services, in-kind matching services for support on the grant. All we need is a letter. If you

know anyone who can support this, let us know.

○ Hope thanks Cece for all her work. Huge undertaking. Also suggests ShareFest to help out with

this. Also inmates from Boulder County Sheriffs Office?

○ Is grant enough money to do the playground? Or is it a phase of it? It will be beginning part of

natural area in inner courtyard with sand river and mound and beginning of natural playspace in

addition to a play structure extension, and maybe safety surfacing. Another phase will have

ADA accessibility.

● Kristy – Friend just published a kids book about boy who loves to wear dresses and his experiences with

other kids and their responses and how he deals with it. She will put it into Skylines. Called Roland

Humphrey is Wearing What?

● Sharon: Basketball Season finished last night. Both teams made it to the playoffs. Only lost by 1-2

points in the last game. Entertained the whole auditorium to the very last shots. Thanks so much to

everyone. It was a great way to meet everyone.

○ Could they continue the tradition of playing the staff? Yes – let’s schedule that!

● Band/Instrument opportunity is coming: starting on Fridays 1:15-2:15, with 2 instructors. Violin, cello,

viola, saxophone, alto sax, trumpet, baritone, clarinet, xlyophone, there’s this, and this, etc. It’s for

beginners to start an instruments. Next year we will have an intermediate group too. Costs $100 for 10


Discussion Items

● Open enrollment policy change – A proposal will be made to adopt a new open enrollment policy.

Handout at meeting detailing suggested changes. Current policy available , page 6

○ Lots of discussion – Discussion centered around the definition of a Horizons Employee for the

purposes of receiving Open Enrollment preference. Currently all Horizons employees, regardless

of hours employed and length of service are eligible for an OE priority. Suggested change that

the OE preference is extended to licensed faculty in non-temporary positions from their first

year of employment onward, and to non-licensed staff (eg paras, office, custodial) working 10

hours/week or more, in their 2nd year of employment onwards. This would mean that if a

temporary employee was rehired as a permanent employee, they would not be eligible to

receive this benefit until effectively their 2nd year at Horizons. However, if current practice

continues a temporary employee receives OE preference and by the time their child starts at

Horizons, that employee would no longer be at Horizons (unless they are re-interviewed and

re-hired for a “permanent” position). Suggested 10 hour/week minimum for non-licensed staff

since this is typically the minimum number of hours worked by paras. Eligibility from 2nd year of

employment encourages continuity and consistency of non-licensed employees.

○ Will bring back one more time to the next meeting after discussing at another faculty meeting.

Proposal tabled until a future Council meeting.

● Start calendar discussion for 2013/2014. In the ideal world, we could approve the entire calendar at

one time. However families need to be able to plan their summer and teachers need to know when to

come back to work, so there will be a proposal for start/end dates. This will allow for written

feedback to be gathered from Council relating to the days off within the school year, and for that part

of the calendar to be approved at a future Council meeting. – A proposal was made for the start and

end DATE for school year to be August 22nd, 2013 and May 30th, 2014 in alignment with BVSD


oCouncil asked for written input on calendar wishes, e.g. conferences moved from April to Feb,

shorter conferences, no school on Veterans day, shorter Thanksgiving break – leave written

feedback on calendar and different start/end of day time

● All Council Visioning activity and Five Years From Now share out (Tabled)

8:30 Adjourn

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