Council Meeting: February 19, 2015

● We did some get to know each other activities led by Paige A.

● Council Agreements, etc.

● Open Forum

○ Get your Auction Tickets! (Can be bought from Hope or RevTrack)

○ Community group morning of crafting Friday AM w/Debbie

○ Sign up for volunteer options for the auction

○ Come sew with kids in Julie’s room

○ Gratitude

● Update from Council Planning Committee (Paige A)

○ they are beginning the process of new ways to make our time in council

○ how to bring in the folks who might not be able to be present

○ Next meeting Monday 2/23 at 2:30PM (will go into Skylines)

● “Specials” activity

○ Paper on each table with specials (Spanish/Movement/Art/etc.)

○ Place for parents to write their wants for their kids

○ Teachers can reference these as further decisions are made regarding

○ Parents will note grade level noted

○ Teachers are also invited to participate by mingling, listening to

○ World Cafe = Table hosts will summarize from the first group

Help spread the word and purchase tickets as soon as possible

even more meaningful and increase participation



■ See posters for parental comments

■ Each idea has a monetary value attached to it

■ What do we lose to add things?

■ Important to weigh everything out

■ Can we tie some of these goals to the moola campaign/auction?

This makes it more tangible for parents.

■ Make sure that whatever we do that it is sustainable.

■ Is this activity for input or does the council body has decision

making authority on curriculum?

● to try to help folks communicate their thoughts

● follow up with faculty decisions for this year/next year

● parents would like to understand the decision making


■ What role might parents play in creating additional opportunities

(after school, A&S, for example) for the things we don’t have the

funds to support? Or contractors (like the band/orchestra

program presently).

■ What’s the most effective way to disseminate information about

specials = communication via website, emails, links back to

website, kids; maybe there could be another council about

councils; maybe updates on what is fading in/out of practice;

maybe something basic about scheduling at each grade level

(not necessarily the deep thinking behind it)

■ We appreciate the “grace” parents are giving us within this new

grade configuration (we may have focused first on academics

and now we’re investigating the specials that are integral to our

work ­ input will help teachers over the next couple of weeks with

faculty decision around specials

■ Curriculum decisions around how the school operates really lies

in the realm of teachers AND parent input is truly valued as we

make decisions.

■ Gratitude to Council Planning Committee for their work in helping

us have this conversation

● Budget Report (Andrea)

○ Our budget comes from 2 places

○ Budget Proposal 2015­16 is to keep $70K reserve in the council fund

■ District fund 11 budget from state

■ Council fund budget

rather than continue to give reserve back to district to hold onto for us

(concordance reached)

■ might be able to earn dividends

■ money raised by parents (private money) had been put into

publicly managed fund

■ our council reserve would grow

■ 501c3 designation has been received this week!

● Committee reports

○ Community Group:

○ Diversity and Inclusion

■ flower making Friday 3/20

■ 3/9/15 6:30­7:30PM College planning

■ online resource library in progress

■ website is not quite live (next week)

■ please see DI tab on website for latest interest article

■ upcoming survey (parents/teachers/7­8 students)

● Board Member Vacancy (terms expires in June) and we need to replace; look

for announcement in Skylines; bios will be posted and we will decide

○ Do we wait it out?

○ Do we take it to the board for board to recommend to fill the one parent

○ Vacant board position will be voted on in next Council. Please send


John a letter of interest to be included in Skylines

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