Council Meeting: April 3, 2013

● Introductions and Council Procedures

○ Concordance and Communication Policies

○ Open Forum

■ CCC = Cares, Concerns, Celebrations (another way to think about Open Forum

from John)

■ Judy: week of next Council meeting Book Fair in the Hub

■ Jim: this Thursday, 6:30­7:30ish 16 Middle­school acts in the Variety Show.

Come and see them all!

■ Cece: Group of wonderful kids will be leading GOCO grant site visit Tuesday,

April 23rd

■ Carin: Fundraising update: Plea to all of us to ask our communities to participate

in the auction. We set a goal of raising $10,000 more than we have in the past,

because we need it. We raised $50k in the past, and we are trying for $60k this

year. But knowing that our community is finite, try to ask other people that you

know to come also. We are also still looking for volunteers to work at the auction ­

we depend on volunteers ­ there are still tasks to fill. Kateri adds that we have

REALLY GREAT auction items. There will be deals to be had. At the front

entrance there are ads to see some of the items that will be offered. Also keep

looking for more items. The rest of the catalog will be posted online by tomorrow.

There will be more put on display, especially keep a look out for all those

wonderful getaways that we have this year!

■ John: as you know from budget updates from Ron, we are still in a tenuous place ­

these monies will be really critical for the current and future operations of the

school We really appreciate your support. Plus it’ll be lots of fun. You don’t actually

have to show up to bid. You can email the info to your neighbor, your in­laws, etc,

and volunteers will bid on their behalf!

■ NIcole: on Tuesday after action, 16th, the 2/3 performance will be really fun!

■ Rosemary: Plea from Melinda Kassen, who has been doing Council Budget. Her

son is graduating and we cannot keep her around any longer. We are looking for

another parent or staff to fill that position. If anyone would like more info, speak to

Rosemary or Ron and they would be happy to fill you in. We try to elect that person

at the April meeting. Tracy says it’s the best position!

■ Rosemary: K/1 show DVDs available.

■ John: a neighbor came by the other day. Thought about August 17 pre­labor labor

day. She lives locally and is planning a block party for the neighborhood and

wants to have a square dance with a caller, and would coordinate it with the same

day as our work day.

● Discussion Items

● Bylaws Update: Information will be presented to the community regarding the proposed

amended bylaws. A proposal to adopt the new bylaws will be made at the April 18th Council

Meeting. There will be a Q&A in preparation for concordance.

○ Wanted to get them organized and understandable by a “normal” person

○ In addition, we need to incorporate as a non­profit

○ Kevin and his law firm are working pro­bono to prepare for non­profit incorporation and

crafting the language in the by­laws

○ John, Cece, Nel, Jim, Sally, Ron, Rosemary, Kevin, on by­laws committee. Joe Davis

from Sherman & Howard L.L.C. has provided pro bono legal work in preparation of the

new documents.

○ <links here for by­laws; from April 4 email from Rosemary McKnight>

■ Bylaws Committee Report_2013_final_final.pdf

■ Horizons K­8 Bylaws ver5.pdf

■ Attachment to Articles of Incorportation_ver5.pdf


○ Will have move for concordance on April 18

○ Recent legislation in CO requires Charter Schools to be incorporated as non­profit

○ Now will be Horizons K­8 School, Inc

○ Will be asking for approval for bylaws, articles of incorporation, and seeking charitable

status 501(c)(3)

■ will take a 6­8 month wait from IRS for 501(c)(3) tax­exempt or charitable


○ Any changes will have to be approved by BVSD through our charter, but they want this to

happen. We will inform them, so that this doesn’t “surprise them.”

○ As a nonprofit, do we have a fundraising obligation?

○ Conflict of interest discussion about salaries, etc

■ This will likely be a formality ­ we are checking this

■ In order to be a charity, some amount needs to be raised, but any amount that

comes from government agency is covered, so since most of our monies comes

from the government, we should be fine

■ charitable funds cannot be used to benefit individuals

■ employees of non­profits have to be insulated

■ making sure final decisions about faculty/employee pay must be made by parent

members so that financial benefits are not a conflict of interest

■ mainly trying to avoid having staff in situation of having staff approve the budget

that funds their salaries

■ who will approve salaries?

● recommendation from finance review

● final approval by board with faculty member recusing themselves

● this is solely a district budget issue

● Council would still approve council budget part

■ Makeup of board would change to be 5 parents and 5 faculty members plus 2

at­large directors who aren’t required, but could be there (they are neither faculty

or parents)

● parent board member could not be more than 20% employed by the

● also job of Board would change

school (small scale employee)

○ in past, mainly interviewed and hired

■ is there a conflict of interest if teachers aren’t voting? do we have to change to 5/5


● felt that it’s a little draconian ­ too much for parents to make decision with

● want to get close enough with faculty involved and presenting info and

no faculty input

staying in discussions, therefore it’s important to keep it 50/50 so that

while faculty are in on the discussion there is still an even split

■ what is problem with faculty being more?

● another reason we looked at: parents asked about uneven council board

● but now we can’t fail to approve a budget because one person is holding

make­up in past: In concordance model we said we didn’t need even

balance because each voice/vote counts

out; we need an “escape clause”; we’ve got to have something like a

“super majority” clause in the by­laws so that we can move ahead and

pass a budget in these cases. If there is a majority vote, and even board is


IRS will look at this and we may lose our tax­exempt status

have a different make­up, like the old 6/4 makeup of faculty/parents

● main issue and main reason for a 50/50 split is a legal / tax­exempt issue;

● Could still have committees of this board, like a hiring committee that could

■ In the past we have been on the BVSD payscale, and haven’t had to have salary

budget decisions in the past. But this would be required even if we were still on

BVSD payscale

■ Also about governance issues separate from operational issues

● Basically operational things like hiring, etc can be covered in committees

■ Could we change 5/5 to another number? Yes but it’s the 50/50 split that we want.

■ Who would be on the board? right now we have one from each team, who

wouldn’t be on it?Example: each team, but not the lead teacher

● goal of one per team, but not a requirement in the current by­laws

● without lead teacher, who is asked to manage some of the district budget

● lead teacher could still be in the whole part of the discussions, attend all of

and the makeup of those could be different for each

information, but not asked to be part of the final decision making for that

the meetings, but just would not be in the final vote.

○ would be surprised that much would change

○ lead teacher could still serve as “staff” to the board, and could

possibly know more about the budget than the board would. That is

very typical of many large non­profits.

● also have to follow Open Meeting Law.

○ could go into executive session, but could not make decision in

○ yes discussion could still happen in executive session

executive session

■ Finance committee has never had budget kicked back to make changes,

because we have a lot of input. I think we will still have a lot of input and be open

to everyone. This district budget recommendation will now go to the council board

instead of faculty, but I don’t anticipate it becoming a fight because it hasn’t in the


■ Also, having our own tax­exempt number will be a benefit for getting grants in the


■ Thinking about at­large positions? John has been on boards with at­large

positions. It’s good to get people who really care about giving back, and could

connect us. Also, alumni can help out, and granting organizations.

■ Thanks for the help to Joe Davis at Sherman & Howard

● Calendar: Update from John

○ Very brief. Faculty will meet this Friday to talk about some possible changes

○ We voted at the last meeting about same start date, end date as BVSD.

■ Also from DAC. District busing. District spends a lot more than other districts. Will

go back year after next to 3 staggered start times.

● Open Enrollment: A proposal will be made to adopt an amended Open Enrollment

policy. A draft of the proposed amended policy is at the end of the agenda. Please see­R.pdf (page 6) for the current policy.

○ Rosemary summarized the discussion from the minutes of January 17 and February 21

○ Sally summarized most recent proposal: Notice that it has changed back to include the

○ Is the 10 hour intended to apply to the first bullet point too?

○ Timing question of new hires?

○ PROPOSAL: as wordsmithed and written below

“visiting” or “temporary” employees.

■ It hasn’t happened much in the past

■ We hire the best that we can. We hope they might stay. We want to sustain them

as much as possible. That has been our practice, that we want their child to stay

on if they can stay. It helps us get the best people. Especially now that we are not

paying the same rate, this will help us get the best candidates each year.

■ Temporary is temporary. Actually we are all temporary, We all only have 1 year

contracts. We all renew our contracts every year.

■ No ­ it is not supposed to apply to that.

■ usually new hire will have to wait until fall open enrollment period, and child starts

the next summer

■ No concordance first time around

■ ideas?

● to exclude “temporary” employees

● number of teachers children could reach some “percent” so that community

could feel there is an opportunity to get it

● discussion of non­faculty/staff, we are changing their benefit; we should

● also consider making sibling preference equal to teacher preference

● motion related to setting up a committee with reps from the appropriate

● Horizons is a publicly funded charter school to serve BVSD student

● It is confusing to tell Council that all faculty positions are temporary.

● Are we going away from core­values of school? Teachers founded school

● Not everyone feels heard in this process

● Co­chairs decide Concordance has not and will not be met. This issue will

apply it equally to staff and faculty. it’s a benefit to staff, faculty and parents,

and it should be applied equally

○ if we want a 1 year wait period, let’s apply it equally

○ remove 2nd year from staff, add .5 FTE to faculty, and make

siblings equal also

stakeholders, i.e. faculty, staff, parents, to look at the whole policy and

come back to council with a recommendation.

population with very few spots. we get families with siblings who can’t get

in for some years and that’s hard on families. We should be logical in the

policy. No logic in offering a preference to temporary employees. when we

tell a 1­year­temporary hire that this is a 1 year position we are clear that

the job is only available for one year.. If someone accepts the job with that

knowledge, why give their child a place for this exception? The child would

not get admission to the school until after the temporary hire had left.

One­year temporary hires to cover eg a leave of absence are told their

position is for 1 year only. If a longterm position opens up, they have to

re­interview for the re­advertised position. Longterm “permanent” faculty

have the expectation that their contract is annually renewable depending

on funding and performance.

○ Would want to add “temporary” exception to the first bullet. So that

“permanent” employee could benefit.

and we want teachers who feel comfortable being here.

○ As per the bylaws co­chairs can decide when concordance cannot

be met

not be tabled and brought to a 4th meeting, because we need to move on

with bylaws and calendar. This is moved to council board. This will be an

open meeting and will be announced to the community.

● 8:00 Subcommittee Reports (Please limit reports to 5 minutes or less)

■ Finance Review… planned to present at April 18th Council meeting

■ Fundraising ­ Auction update … presented at open Forum

■ DAC, District Advisory Committee ­ will present on Apr 18th

■ DPC, District Parent Committee ­ will present on Apr 18th

■ Grants Committee ­ GOCO update … presented at Open Forum

■ SEAC, Special Education Advisory Committee ­ ­ will present on Apr 18th

● 8:30 Adjourn

Policy regarding Open Enrollment preference for Horizons Employees

Open Enrollment ­ Employee Preference Clarifications

Enrollment preference, in accordance to BVSD policies, will be given to students who meet the following criteria listed:

To students who are children of employees of the school

In order to be eligible for this preference, employee is defined as:

∙ Be a faculty member in the first or subsequent year of employment in a licensed faculty position,

∙ Be a staff member in the 2nd consecutive or subsequent year of employment, employed at least 10 hours a week

throughout the school year

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