Council Meeting: April 17, 2014

6:30 Welcome and Introductions

About 55 parents in attendance; all instructional staff in attendance; all faculty board members in

attendance; all parent board members in attendance.

6:40 Council Procedures – Concordance, Council Board, Communication Agreements

Facilitators: Danny Conroy and John McCluskey

Minutes: Liz Meador

6:45 Open Forum – Council members may share up to two minutes of information relevant to

our community

● Horizons Summer Programming Exploration Committee (HSPEC) ­ new committee

forming to explore revenue generating ideas that would occur during the summer break.

This group will be a committee of the council, and will be reporting back to the council

with ideas.

● Formation of School Garden Committee ­ Starting a garden here at the school in order to

create a garden to table program. Adam Brink will be leading a committee and will be

recruiting members.

● Council Board Membership (6 parents and 6 faculty comprise the board, as well as 2 at

large members who are not current Horizons community members). The next meeting

is May 12 at 6PM in the Hub ­ all are welcome to attend.

(Individuals eligible who are completing second year as a parent of a Horizons student)

○ Current candidates for seats:

○ Danny Conroy

○ Laurie Braunstein

○ Ron Wawryznek

○ Kevin Holst

■ Orion Poplawski

■ Andrea Foote

■ Phil Taylor

■ Others by May 1

● Faculty Board members (completing their third year at HK8) will be decided on by faculty

by May 9th. Bio’s to be submitted by May 1st.

We know that characteristics of an effective board, such as shared vision and shared values, have

a positive effect on the whole of the organization. Thanks for considering this as a service to our


● Auction Thank you!!!! Hope

● Dance for Freedom fundraiser ­ fighting human trafficking in Delhi. Sat. April 26 at Unity

Church, Dance performance, Indian food. Horizons students raised $1100 for this cause

via the showing of the movie Girls Rising.

● Production of Footloose ­ Nalani and Jordan Galloway will be in the production.

● Bolder Boulder wave of Horizons students ­ April 18 is last day to register. See previous

issue of Skylines for details

● Bike to School Day is Tuesday

● Spirit Week next week will culminate in a basketball game on Friday

● Horizons book fair next week

● 2⁄3 performance on Thursday

● Thanks for creating the space for kids to participate in a national day of silence last week

in support of LGBT kids who have been bullied in and out of school.

7:00 Committee Reports

● Board Report: Danny Conroy

The next board meeting is May 12, 2014 ­ see minutes on the web site for specific details.

● Development (Fundraising): Kathy Hagen

Auction was a huge success ­ raised almost $53000. Thanks to the Skokan family from the Black

Cat, to the band The Rents.

● Finance Review: Council Budget and District budgets: Ron Wawrzynek

The next Finance Review Committee meeting is May 6, 2014. Council will approve the

supplemental budget for next year at the May meeting. Horizons board approves the district

budget. We need to get as much real info as possible into the budget now, so please let John or

any Finance Committee member know if you have a committee that needs/anticipates funds. This

committee will be looking for parent members for next year.

● District Parent Committee (DPC): Shannon Hassan

Monthly meetings are held to discuss parent concerns and to get input in district proceedings.

Current discussion revolves around Social Emotional Learning and the whole child approach.

● Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC): Judy Florian and Sarah Garrison

● Diversity Committee: Erica Baruch

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee began work on our charter, which we will present to Council

in May. The Committee also discussed potential professional development and other activities for

next year that may have small associated costs. Thus, along with our charter, the Committee will

present to Council a budget request for the 2014­2015 year at the May meeting.

(Principal), Liz Meador (Assistant Principal), Lynn Pence (MS), Sarah Brooks (MS), Elizabeth

Hershoff (K), Christy Shoemaker (Literacy Specialist), Aaron Johnson (parent), Carin Chow (parent)

and Erica Baruch (parent). The Committee encourages interested community members to join us at

our next meeting on Monday, May 5 from 3:45pm­5:15pm in the Horizons’ conference room.

● Community Group: Kim P., Brooke B

Report on progress on charter as well as upcoming events for the community. Next monthly

meeting will be held April 25, followed by May 23 meeting, both held in cafeteria.

7:30 14­15 grade configuration Q and A

Presentation by Faculty

8:20 Proposal regarding change to Parent Board membership tenure

Amend 3.2(b) AKA The Hope Amendment

Propose to insert the following language and replace sentence beginning as “Each director so

elected . . . . “: At time of his or her election, each director shall be assigned Class A or Class B,

○ No report

Current members of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee include John McCluskey

and an effort shall be made to keep each class of directors of equal size. Each director shall

hold office for a term of two years, except that for the initial board at the May 2014 Board Meeting.

Directors in Class A have their term expire in 2015 (and every two years after) and Class B term

expires in 2016 (and every two years thereafter). The term shall commence on the first day of

the Fiscal Year and ending on the last day of such Fiscal Year, and thereafter until such

director’s successor shall have been appointed and qualified, or until such director’s earlier

death, resignation, or removal.

“except that for the initial board elected at the May 2014 annual meeting of the Members”

Initial Class A/B determination will be made as follows:

Vote at the annual meeting and parents receiving top 6 votes receive board positions (normal process). Have

the directors self select for Class A or Class B and if it does not work out even draw names out of a hat to

make the Class A/B equal. For example, if only two directors select Class A (one year term) draw names

from the other 4 for the third Class A slot.


8:30 Close

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