Council Meeting: April 16, 2015

6:30 Introductions

6:40 Council agreements, procedures, concordance, minutes

6:50 Open Forum/Announcements

● Colorado Wilderness Rides and Guides: 10% discount for Horizons families who sign up! Proceeds

support local non­profits. See Erica Baruch for flyers.

● Volunteer Appreciation Day is tomorrow, April 17! Come and enjoy our appreciation of you!

● 3⁄4 Performance of Dr Seuss’ The Butter Battle Book on April 29th and 30th

● 7⁄8 ArtsFest Performance Thursday, April 23 @ 6:30­8:30

● Bike to School Day is Wednesday, April 22: ride your bikes, scooters, skateboards etc

7:00 Discussion/Presentation Items

● Faculty update on Music and Movement

○ Reminder: Council funds went toward music/movement last year… here’s what we’re up to:

■ 3⁄4: Using budget on Ellen and Alice teaching music, circus, and dance as well. 1hr/day

■ 5⁄6: packed majority of that $ into “rotations” all students have 14­15 hrs of marimba or

■ 7⁄8: music: Tiffany co­teaching songwriting, movement= hiking, climbing, biking,

for twenty days during this movement and music focused month!

keyboards, movement: volleyball instruction and circus arts

snowshoeing, etc during Friday expeditions, and on Tuesday mornings during our

team­building active time.

■ 1⁄2: dance with Paige, instruments for May performance

■ K: Alex does weekly active­rec time, music = sing­along, circus performances

○ Philosophical conversations about our “specials” programming have been a focus at our

faculty meetings. Statements regarding our offerings will be published in next year’s Horizons


○ Devil’s Advocate: having licensed music and PE teachers could offer more structure through

the physical

○ I’m happy: I love that my kids have been introduced to life­long pursuits like tennis, hiking, etc.

But, what about music? Should we have a progression of musical skills over time?

○ Balancing Act: keeping small class sizes means maybe giving up the traditional model

○ Diversity Aware: if we pursue a more diverse demographic, we can’t count on parents

providing extra­curricular activities outside of the school day.

○ Call for Community action: this conversation won’t go away anytime soon, but I’d invite

everyone to jump in or suggest experts in the community to teach here.

○ A&S: don’t forget how much happens in A&S! And three­recess/day!

○ Visual: we need documentation or visuals to help share what we do do here! Let’s publish

○ As we look at funding for these “specials” we’re having ongoing discussions about our

○ On A&S: how can we make sure our younger students are choosing a variety of focus in A&S

○ Harvest community strengths: could parents supplement our need for varied experiences?

● Faculty Update on Council Attendance:

○ A few months ago, a proposal was made to reconsider faculty attendance at Council.

○ We are honoring sustainability in our staff: every team will be represented at every council,

● Moolah Update:

○ 50% of Horizons families have donated this year (~$80k!)

○ Auction: ~$45k­$50k

● Staffing Update:

○ We posted a Teacher on Special Assignment position for next year (TOSA); it’s a shift in what

● 2015­2016 Calendar Update: still a “draft” but here’s the gist:

○ Fall conferences: 10/28­10/30

○ Spring conferences:

what we’re doing! More info in Skylines?

programmatic and budgetary needs for next year at the faculty level.


but not every teacher must attend every council.

that position has looked like in the past. But, we’re excited to meet candidates!

■ 7th & 8th grade conferences will be earlier! Feb 10­12

■ K­6 conferences: 3/16­3/18

○ K­4 is over on instructional minutes, we’re considering a K­4 PD day on 2/12

○ End of year date: BVSD ends on 5/26, Horizons ends on 5/27

○ Outdoor Ed Dates:

■ 7⁄8 = Sept 28­Oct2

■ 5⁄6= Sept 8 ­ Sept 11

■ 3⁄4 = ??

■ 1⁄2 = Sept 9th & 10th

● Board Candidate Introductions:

○ Want to be a board member? Letters of introduction will be announced at May Council.

● Garden Committee Proposal and Plans:

○ Background: 5 years ago, we started raising money and making plans. GOCO grant put

○ Our design plan will be coming out soon, but before that can happen, we need final approval

garden construction plans on hold. But… we’re back in business!

from Council!

○ PROPOSAL : Can the Garden Committee have access to 2⁄3 of the allotted budget to begin

● Summer Camp Update:

○ Our program is up and running, lots of word­of­mouth publicity needed.

○ Registration is open through the website, we have 20 spots filled, need about 80 more.

● Community Reports:

○ Community Group:

getting quotes from contractors? YES! Thumbs up?

■ We’re planning the Spring Carnival! Thursday 5/21

■ See Kim if you’d like to volunteer at the Carnival!

■ Tuesday 4/21 will be the first Carnival craft day

■ Wednesday 4/22: 5­8 Parents night out @ Agave

■ PROPOSAL : Can we use budgeted monies to pay for a bouncy­castle @ the carnival?


○ Diversity Committee:

■ Survey results: lots of students and parents have responded to the survey. Faculty and

staff should continue to respond!

○ District Parent Committee:

■ Lots of conversations at the district are about the BOND oversight

■ Math presentation (aimed more at high schools)

■ Student data privacy and security questions are on the rise

■ Parents are sometimes confused about where to go for information (school website vs

classroom website etc)

■ Also: a conversation regarding bullying

● We aren’t on the top of the list to get BOND monies

○ District Advisory Committee: No report

○ Green Team:

■ Trip track program is a hit! But funding is almost out.

■ We need $261.00

■ Zero Waste assemblies the week of May 1st.

● PROPOSAL: Ten % of our cost will be funded by us!

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