Board Meeting: September 7, 2017


Board of Horizons K-8 School

Date: September 7, 2017



Facilitators:   Lauren Tracey and Frank Bruno

Timekeeper:  Kelly Garrison

Minutes: Denise DellaRocco

Process Observer- Kate Grant

Welcome and C C C (Cares, Concerns, Celebrations) :

Jaime asked about adding agenda item regarding TAG and whether or not we are in compliance. Moved to next meeting so that Lauren will have greater information, can respond.


Call to Order:  

Lauren Tracey, Kelly Garrison, Frank Bruno, Peter Hegelbach, Jamie Schlomberg, Monica Fitzgerald, Julie Dye, Shannon Reid, Jim Freund, Jill Siegel-Stone, Kate Grant.

Also: Joan Truesdale, Geary Layne, Denise DellaRocco  

Board reaffirmed the Bylaws 3.8b concerning concordance when accepting motions.


Approval of Agenda:

M&S acceptance of agenda for 9/7/17 – approved

Approval of Minutes:

August 2017

M&S acceptance of minutes for 8/17/17 – approved

M&S Approval of Board Committees Board committee charters; Board committee jobs- Approved   (Bylaws 3.9)


Executive committee: Chair – Lauren Tracey  Co-Chair Frank Bruno

                                     Faculty Chair – Peter Hegelbach  Vice Chair: Monica Fitzgerald


Finance Committee: Lauren Tracey, Jaime Schlomberg, Traci Bushnell, Joan Truesdale, Denise DellaRocco, Lynn Pence


Development Committee: Kate Grant, Teran Sitner, Kelly Garrison, Julie Dye


Faculty Committee: 5 members incl. Principal; Jim Freund, Lauren Tracey, Peter Hegelbach, Shannon Reid, Kate Grant (section 3.2 c)


Approval of officers:

M&S – Approval of Secretary- Julie Dye – approved


M&S – Approval of new board members- Shannon Reid, Kate Grant and approval of resignation of Beth Coleman, Julie Cohen-  approved


Action items:

  • Proposal for Board 101 training – 3 hours additional board meeting – volunteer to schedule
  • Proposal term limits for faculty- no change to current practice, annual board discussion as to rotation of faculty to board service
  • Formation of Principal Evaluation team- rules, procedures, name, objectives & responsibilities  
  • Introduction of team drive; proposals and approvals document
  • Discussion: BVSD emails for board members – website contact info, can we get a board email address to go to all members?
  • Horseback riding & Insurance
  • Compensation committee – needs to meet Jim Freund, Frank Bruno, Jill Siegel-Stone, and Lauren Tracey; invite to Denise Della Rocco
  • Board hiring policies – review by compensation committee – draft & approval for subsequent
  • Employee handbook reviewed Melissa Barber, not ready for board approval
  • Copy of Bylaws distributed & Board President’s Handbook (CDE publication)
  • Finance Review Report
  • Hired S. Krauth as a ¾ para, S. Landrum Long Term Sub- SpEd
  • Approved to post ⅞ SpEd para



M&S: With 2 hour limit of meetings, at 15 minute minutes prior to the end of 2 hours timekeeper proposes items that need review and what can be tabled from agenda, agree to stay past 2 hours to address urgent matters- approved

M&S: Formation of principal evaluation design team- Peter, Frank, Monica, Jill- approved

M&S: all parent board members to have bvsd email accounts during board tenure that will expire – approved

M&S:approval to hire

    • Recommendation to hire: Jeff Bushnell, Spanish K-8 (exposure) with an additional .09 for a total .49FTE – approved


Action items to follow up:

TAG follow up, how is HK8 moving forward?

Process observer notes

Next regularly scheduled meeting is Thursday, October 12, 2017

Adjourn at 8:20 pm

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