Board Meeting: September 28, 2016


Board of Horizons K-8 School

Date: September 28, 2016



Facilitators:   John McCluskey

Timekeeper:  Kelly Garrison

Process Observer:  Franny McHale


Welcome and C C C (Cares, Concerns, Celebrations):  The ¾ classes just finished Camp Timberline. All school sharing for Outdoor Education will be shared in two weeks. Horizons will be hosting about 10 principals from around the state to do instructional arounds (Elmore model). A parent Board member proposed we try to limit Board meeting duration to 2 hours instead of 2.5 hours.


Call to Order: Frank Bruno, Shannon Hassan, John McCluskey, Peter Hegelbach, Nichole Houser, Anne Hudson, Jill, Siegel-Stone, Franny McHale


Approval of minutes:

The Board reviewed and discussed the August 11, 2016 minutes. A correction was made to the Principal’s report regarding number of students testing to date.

M & S: Motion to approve the August 11, 2016 minutes. Motion approved.


Principal’s Report


Finance Review:

John updated the Board on the spreadsheets and answered Board questions on specifics.


    • FY 16 Budget actuals
    • FY 16 Program Summary Highlights
    • FY 17 Actuals
    • FY 17 Expenditures for faculty consideration


Action Item: John will bring a Reserve report to the October Board meeting


Development Committee Update:

Kelly reviewed the most recent Development committee meeting. The Back to School night report was discussed. The committee also discussed how direct donations are a focus because there will be no auction this year. The ask per student will be $375 this year. Julie created the draft of the donation request letter. Jill suggested an artistic approach to family donation requests. The committee also discussed the parent liaisons be involved in fundraising. The Longview Fund dinner was discussed. The Longview Fund will be focused on staff development. A suggestion was made that Skylines could highlight teacher accomplishments. Colorado Gives is another possibility for donations. The committee is also seeking grant writers for the school. The 8th grade trip coordinators are planning some fundraising, including the 8th graders hosting the fall dance and parent’s night out, jogathon, raffle items, etc.


Old Business:


  • Filling the Board Secretary role

M&S: Anne Hudson has nominated herself as Board Secretary. Motion Approved. Anne Hudson will serve as Board Secretary for the year.

  • Nichole has agreed to join Finance Review as faculty board member
  • Still need faculty board member on Development Committee if possible
  • Last year’s Capital Improvement via CDE and overage expenditures. This was discussed in the budget report. Funds need to be spent by the early spring.
  • School Wide Priorities for 2016-17
    • K-8 curriculum alignment
    • K-8 SEL curriculum
    • K-8 Portfolio process – more information coordinated by teachers to be available to parents prior to conferences.
    • K-8 Instructional rounds and instructional best practices.  School wide book study.
    • Critical Path Discussion:


The Board continued the discussion of how to identify the Critical Path of the Board this school year. A proposed task could be to determine a summary statement of the function of the Board. Suggestions?  Board role in supporting fundraising/development efforts?

One suggestion is that the Board be a policy based Board. John reviewed the flowchart of how various committees, faculty, Board, and Council all relates to each other. One discussion is that the Council meetings could be less frequent.

Action Item: Add ‘Role of Council’ to the next Council meeting Agenda.

Action Item: John and Andrea will review previous work on the role of the Board.

Action Item: The Board will add agenda item for October to work on Board role summary statement.

New Business:

  • Summer camp update and review.  Continue?  Stipend?  Payrate for instructors to $25?  The pay rate increase for instructors would challenge the ongoing viability of the school. The program was at break even again for the second year.

M&S: Motion to discontinue the Summer Camp program. Motion Seconded. Motion approved to discontinue the Summer Camp program.

  • Operations Mill Levy via BVSD Board: Schools can apply for Mill Levy funds for janitorial expenses. Details are not fully known yet.
  • 110 Year Policy Change regarding benefits : John reviewed details of how this impacts the school. BVSD would like for us to be aligned with the benefit policy change. The Board is inclined to keep a policy of providing benefits to employees in the last year of employment.
  • Annual Leave payout.  72 hours of annual leave is available to full time employees. Currently if the days aren’t taken, they are paid out as substitute teacher payout. There is a significant amount of administrative work around coordinating this. Some schools do ‘use it or lose it’ policy. Most schools say they will not pay it out by the end of the year. What is Board policy consideration on this matter? Are we aligning with payroll policies of the district? One advantage to ‘use it or lose it’ is encouraging teachers to take their time off.

M&S: Motion to keep annual leave payout same policy. Motion seconded. Motion to keep the annual leave payout the same as the current policy was approved.

  • 3K increase in para line: This is an increase in funding available to provide extra Para support where individual students may need extra support.

M&S: Motion to keep meetings at 2 hours. Motion approved. Meetings will be kept at 2 hours.


  • Action Items were reviewed
  • Process Observer comments. People were attentive, intentional, and understanding of each other’s needs. Conflict resolution was addressed appropriately. Could be helpful to have key documents printed.
  • Next meeting is October 13th

M&S: Motion to close. Motion approved. The meeting closed at 8:25pm

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