Board Meeting: September 15, 2014

Facilitators, co­chairs: John and Danny

Time Keeper: Kevin

Location and Time: Horizons K­8 Hub, 6:30 pm

Call to order:

Liz Meador, Laurie Braunstein, Kevin Holst, Danny Conroy, John McCluskey, Orion

Poplawksi, Jim Freund, Ron Wawrzynek, Beth Coleman, Phil Taylor, Nel Woller. Minutes

Keeper, Denise DellaRocco

Guests: Andrea Foote, Denise Caroll­Washburn

Cares, Concerns, Celebrations, 6:37pm: Large Horizons presence at Pride Event downtown

Boulder. Outdoor Ed celebration, John did a tour of every site in one day!

6:40 Secretary’s Report: Approval of Minutes August 2014 Approved as amended.

6:50 Principal’s Report: Do The Math, students who need to go back to the beginning to

rebuild foundation.

7:00 Committee Report:

Finance Review Committee:

Motion to approve Financial Processes and Internal Controls Document as amended,


Motion to approve Phil Taylor as interim Treasurer, approved

Step 1: We should gather proposals for support from CPA firms, creating reports to help our

audits and real time tracking of expenses/budget, a CPA?

Step 2: What does BVSD offer us through the services we pay in, we need to clarify?

Step 3: FRC will evaluate the bids, bring a recommendation to the board for review at the next


Development Committee:

Document to help create a pitch for our Moola Campaign. $55,000 by December. Help create

clarity, lots of committee members fired up, full of momentum. Baseline fundraising amount,

$115,000 transferred from Council to Fund 11. Historically show where fundraised money


7:45 New Business:

Mission, Strategic, Agenda and Strategic Plan tab (#4) in Board Member Handbook

We have been hitting goals from last year, develop a calendar that creates a K­8 schedule,

common PD days, multiage across the board. We need time on this agenda (governance and

sustainability). Action plan 2014­15 includes 7 items of which a couple examples are, use

National School Reform Faculty website for team meetings, participating in statewide and

Boulder County conversation regarding best practices sponsored by BOCES. Strategic

agenda is how to continue to grow and develop and the action plan is how to achieve them.

What are the metrics, goals? Dates measurable, by the end of Q1? How are we checking in

about them, what’s the process to achieve them?

Add to next agenda, Board Goals for the Board.


Update on 1023, what we need for tax exempt status. Conflict of Interest Policy came from

the IRS.

Motion to adopt Conflict of Interest Policy and signature page, approved


Process for finding Board Treasurer. What is the role, job description from the executive

committee. Put a call out to the community announcing vacancy and request resumes,

ExCommittee meets to determine best candidates, conducts formal interviews, and

recommendation comes to board for approval.


New Hires:

Evening custodian, 32 hours

Paraprofessional in 1⁄2 with Jeanne’s Room

motion to make Aftercare assistant paid $15.49 for a fixed rate, not a step. approved

Both New Hires APPROVED

Commitment Letter on agenda for next meeting.

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