Board Meeting: September 10, 2015

Facilitators, Co-Chairs: John and Andrea

Time Keeper: Andrea

Location and Time: Horizons K-8 Conference Room, 6:00 p.m.

Call to Order:

John McCluskey, Orion Poplawski, Jim Freund, Ron Wawrzynek, Nel Woller, Andrea Foote, Beth Coleman, Shannon Hassan, Anne Hudson, Nichole Houser

Board Discussion:

Welcome and Board Member Introductions,

Discussion of Board Priorities and strategic vision.

  • Action Item: October Board Meeting Agenda to include discussion of action plan for developing strategic vision for Horizons K-8.

Board member roles and elections:

M & S: Motion to Approve the following elected positions. Motion approved.

Co-Chair: Andrea Foote

Parent Vice Chair: Kevin Holst

Faculty Vice Chair: Jim Freund

Secretary: Anne Hudson

Treasurer: Andrea Foote

Executive Committee: Jim Freund, Andrea Foote, Kevin Holst, John McCluskey

M & S: Motion to Approve the Executive Committee. Motion Approved.

The Board discussed the role of the Executive Committee


  • Action Item: October Board Meeting Agenda to include review of document “Horizons K-8 Board Job Descriptions” identifying roles of Board Members.

Board Committee Formation:

The Board reviewed committee roles as outlined in the document “Horizons K-8 Board Committee Charters”

Board members to direct the following committees:

Development: John McCluskey, Shannon Hassan

Finance Review: Andrea Foote, John McCluskey, Kevin Holst

Technology Review: Orion Poplawski, Katie Miles

Compensation: Ron Wawrzynek, Jim Freund, Beth Coleman, and Orion Poplawski


  • Action Item: Andrea Foote and John McCluskey to discuss committees at September Council Meeting.

Board Discussion:

The Board reviewed the document “Horizons K-8 Budget Summary”

The Fiscal Year 2014-2015 Audit has been successfully completed.

The  Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA) hiring process was discussed. Three candidates were interviewed. The hiring committee has made a recommendation for hire of Jaclyn Tardy as TOSA.

M & S: Motion to approve hire of Jaclyn Adley. Motion Approved.

Update on 1/2 Position:

1/2 Instructor Elizabeth Hershoff is on a 3 month medical leave. The school will hire a long term temporary substitute teacher for this position to cover the 3 month period. After three months, the position will be re-evaluated and re-posted as needed. If reposted, the position will be considered a full time, temporary position through the end of the 2015-2016 school year.

Three candidates  for the temporary 1/2 Position will be interviewed on Friday, September 11.

M & S: Motion to approve the First and Second Grade, Multi-Age Classroom Teacher, Long Term Substitute position. Motion Approved.

Hiring Approvals:

The Board approved hiring of the following candidates for vacant positions:

M & S: Motion to approve hire of Julie Litt, .35 5-8 Math

M & S: Motion to approve hire of Jenny Green, 3/4 ParaEducator

M & S: Motion to approve hire of Teran Sittner, 7/8 Social Studies

Currently there is one vacant ParaEducator position at 5/6 grade level.

M & S: Motion to Adjourn. Motion Approved.


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