Board Meeting: Sept 12, 2019


Horizons K-8 School

September 12, 2019

6 pm-8 pm

Facilitator: Lucas Ketzer 

Minutes: Karen Wolfer

Timekeeper: Beth

Process Observer: Lucas

Call to Order:  

Board Members:  Present: Lucas, Karen, Beth, Paul M., Alex, Tyler, Teran, Paul R., Geary   Absent: Julie, Peter

Observers:  Carol, Denise, Imogene, Alison

Announcements:  Jim has resigned to make numbers of teachers and parents represented even.

Public Comment:  


Imogene Salva appealed for additional time added to her 0.49 FTE to bring her to 0.50 at least for benefits, etc..  Gave several supportive facts. 

Carol appealed to be brought up to a FTE that allows her benefits, etc.  In addition, she offered a letter with a motion from June 8, 2017 that discussed step increase in salary for part time teachers.  Supportive facts based on PERA, etc. Read a letter from Karen D. and Christy S., our school literacy interventionists asking for 0.5 to be commensurate with the rest of BVSD.

Denise wanted to add the fact that if we approve Carol’s proposal, it would apply to all groups of employees and not just faculty.  

Welcome and C C C (Cares, Concerns, Celebrations)

Bylaws update

Approval of Agenda: 

Lucas moved.  Tyler Second. Passed

Approval of Minutes:  

Lucas Moved to approve.  Seconded. Discussed whether there was enough detail.  In two months, when we have a secretary elected, we can be more specific.  

Take off guests.  Clarify that Teran and Paul M. were here.  Passed.  

M&S:  Lucas, Tyler

Discussion Board Handbooks were handed out.  Hope and Shanda did the creation of the books.  

 Head of School Report:

Charter Renewal – Lucas and Karen are working on the documents.  Board members will be asked if they want to be part of the renewal process, especially regarding governance.

Transition to HK8 run aftercare.

Outdoor Ed.

Superintendent wanted to let us know 4 Board of Education seats are available.

Referendum regarding TABOR

House Bill – does HK8 board want to have a show of support?  Possibly not now while we are in renewal. 

Sustainable draw down for the budget.  

Other charter schools are very interested in how our renewal goes.  

District is looking at how we are sustainable financially.  

  HK8 Conflict of Interest Policy:  Board members were asked to sign and turn in a copy.   

Addition of Another Parent Rep:  Paul M.  Motioned.  Second Alex.  Passed.

Board Elections:  

By-Laws state –  Parent Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary.   Council has to approve these elections.  

Difference between Executive Committee and Offices.

Discussion about who should be named to these positions.

Tyler moved to have Paul M. as Chair.  Seconded. Passed.  

Moved to place other members in positions.  Seconded. Passed.

Chair:  Paul M. – pending Council approval.

Vice Chair: Paul R. and Alex

Treasurer:  Tyler

Secretary: Geary

Executive Committee:  Suggested:  HOS and Parent Chair.  One more Faculty. One more Parent.

Nominated: Lucas, Paul M., Beth and Paul L.

Moved and Seconded.  Passed.

Finance Committee:  Tyler recommends to have someone in the community who is in the field and would be willing to help/serve (not a part of the committee, but consult).  Does not need to be on the Board.  

Tyler and Lucas are official.

Joan, Denise, Jim can attend.  

Option to add others later.

Motion.  Seconded.  Passed.

Development Committee:  Resources.  Fund Raising.  Moola, Auction, etc.  

Karen W. and Alex

Moved. Seconded. Passed.

Faculty Committee:  At least 5 and HOS.  Faculty Board can serve this until elections. 

Faculty can decide how these seats are filled, then it will be voted on at Council.  September 19th.

Charter Renewal Committee:  




Paul R. 

(Open to add Peter/Julie if they would like to be part of it.)  Ask if any other staff members would like to be part as well.  

Motion.  Seconded.  Passed. 

FTE Discussion:  Was in the minutes last time to address this again.  

Potential ways to solve the .49 problem.  It is perceived as cutting corners. Decision making in faculty meetings is difficult as these staff members do not attend and decisions are made without their input.  Tyler abstains from comment and voting.  

Proposal is to move 5 faculty members from .49 to .6  This would allow teachers to attend faculty meetings, attend meetings with staff, attend and plan performances, etc.  This would cost approx. $78,000.

One option for this would be to use the budgeted monies from one area to use here.  

Draw Down that is being suggested… this would add to this.

Concern that this money came from fundraised monies.  Can we continue this funding going forward? Can we tell with a 5 year plan, the sustainability of this move?  

Proposal of a sub-committee to consider this issue? 

What do we need to know to make this decision?  

Guidance from Board for Lucas and Denise to make this decision.  Money that is not from Council?

What the FT position would look like. Would .6 be enough or will it need to be more later?

Motion to table this for more information.  Seconded. Approved.

Motion to extend meeting 15 more minutes to 8:30.

Request from Public Comment:  

Policy for calculating the steps on the salary scale when a staff member was below 0.5? 

FRC discussed this.  Suggested that a .5 would be considered a half a year.  

Traditionally part time people were given a full step.

A teacher who leaves the school and returns does not receive the full steps.  

Staff members voiced discomfort being part of this conversation.  

The change would affect all staff members to be fair.  How would this change the budget?

Could we retroactivate it to 2017 when it was adopted?  

Discussion of current policy.

Two separate issues:  

Does a teacher who leaves and returns to HK8 come back at the step they left?

Does a part time teacher get a full year step for a year of service?  What is the threshold?

Motion:  Can we solve the question of re-hiring former HK8 teachers at the step they left at? 

Still need the 5 year forecast.

Lucas will come up with new language for this policy going forward.


We will need to do some work with the By-Laws that we are using now to make sure it is what we want to make part of our application.  

Nurse Para:  Request to increase from 34 to 35 hours per week to align nurse para hours to when students.  

Move effective October 1 until the end of the year. 

Art Teacher:  From 20-25 hours per week. Faculty request. ⅞ team wants to offer an art elective during the week. One year only.  

Concern that with the other conversations regarding time and money.  

Adjourned at 8:53

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